[KHNP] WANO CPR Team conducts corporate peer review of Kori Nuclear Power Site
[KHNP] WANO CPR Team conducts corporate peer review of Kori Nuclear Power Site
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WANO CPR Team conducts corporate peer review of

Kori Nuclear Power Site

DATE: 2013.11.22

The Kori Nuclear Power Site (Head of Site Young-il Lee) of Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. (KHNP President & CEO Seok Cho) announced that it was receiving corporate peer review (CPR) for the operation management of its plants from the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO), a world nuclear regulational organization, from November 20-22.

In the three day-long WANO CPR, four international experts with more than 30-year careers in nuclear power plants from the UK, the U.S., Taiwan and Slovakia had one-to-one interviews with executives in a total of five areas: leadership management, monitoring and supervision, support from the main office, human resources management and communication.

In the initiation meeting held on the 20th, Stuart Crooks, the leadership/management representative, said, “The purpose of our visit is not to monitor and evaluate power plants but we intend to provide our advice and opinions based on our international experiences to support the site to address issues. We would like to talk with the site’s employees and managers so that we can listen to their various opinions.”

Young-il Lee, Head of the Kori Site, said, “We welcome you to the Kori Nuclear Power Site. This site is a historical place with the oldest domestic nuclear power plant and it is also a huge nuclear power site where plants are being operated and constructed. We would like you to make an objective evaluation of our site so that Korean nuclear power plants, which are currently under way of change initiatives, can make a step forward, and I hope you can obtain much useful information about the projects of the Kori site.”

On the second day, the WANO CPR team visited the Kori Observatory and the Shin-Kori Plant 1 where they listened to vivid voices from the field while viewing the spent fuel storage, emergency diesel generator and main control room, and they showed much interest in Korean standardized nuclear power plants.

The WANO CPR team’s first visit to KHNP will make an in-depth review of the Kori site’s operation management capabilities through interviews with the employees, and assess the corporate culture, strengths and weaknesses of the site required for safe operation of nuclear power plants in an objective view and then submit the result to the main office.

Once the best practices and weaknesses of the Kori site are identified through the WANO CPR, the site will strive to improve its weaknesses and is expected to make a leap into a global premium nuclear site with much enhanced safety.

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