"I'll be there for those who are accused of crimes due to corporate interrogation and misunderstanding"
"I'll be there for those who are accused of crimes due to corporate interrogation and misunderstanding"
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An interview with lawyer Kim Hyun-sik of K&J Law firm.


Lawyer Kim Hyun-sik of K&J Law firm
Lawyer Kim Hyun-sik of K&J Law firm

Question: What field of expertise does Representative lawyer Kim Hyun-sik specialize in among the various fields that lawyers are involved with? What is the reason.

Answer: Lawyers can have two areas of specialization if they meet certain requirements such as a minimum number of cases to be solved and the completion of more than a few dozen hours of training as required by the Korean Bar Association. And there are lawyers who work in two specialist fields, I can add other cases and specialize in those fields, but I specialize only in criminal cases using my experience and know-how, an employment lawyer who our law firm are developing expertise in other areas.

Criminal cases have a special nature that requires more concentration than other cases, and especially with arrest cases, the prosecution also has to decide quickly whether to indict them, so the case proceeds urgently within a short period of time. Criminal cases that undergo criminal investigations or proceed with charges are naturally premised on infringement of human rights because they are a response to public power that has compulsory oversight over a person's body and property, Therefore, it is an area that requires the right of counsel to protect the human rights of investigative suspects as required by the Constitution. That's why I'm doing a criminal specialty that helps victims or suspects with know-how and experience.

Q: Was there a particularly memorable criminal case.

A: I remember a particular murder case among the criminal cases I was in charge of. When I was a public defense lawyer, I defended a man who killed a girl with whom he had an affair without choosing a criminal case. The incident was a crime in which a man who broke up with the victim unilaterally stabbed her dozens of times with a knife in the kitchen. What was bizarre about the killing was the dozens of stab wounds and the last stab to the face, and he ran away with the knife still in her face. Two days after he fled, he was arrested and taken into custody before a criminal trial, the man confessed to all of his crimes, but he still had anger over the breakup. I was surprised to hear that he was sorry that he couldn't stab more, so it was extremely difficult to shield and defend his case as a lawyer.

Q: Lawyer Kim Hyun-sik is a criminal expert, but your law firm provide a lot of corporate consultation, so how is it related to corporate inquiries and criminal cases.

A: I'm a criminal justice lawyer, and representatives of companies run the company, which is usually accompanied by criminal judicial risks or individual judicial risks for the company. I actually get cases of intentional attacks such as sex crimes, we respond to the criminal risks of the overall representatives of companies, with the need for a competent law firm, and provide some form of corporate consultation, prevent legal risks in advance. As the focus mainly is placed on the company's main business, we provide a lot of corporate advice (covering items such as criminal risks, contract reviews, civil litigation responses, corporate mergers, labor contracts and concurrent positions of company employees, and confidentiality obligations etc.)

Q: At what point do you feel that you are an expert in your field.

A: They say for a specialty as a lawyer, one has to work in that field for more than a decade, I think that experience and know-how can be built up as an individual lawyer, and it is important in terms of professionalism and reliability. However, as a lawyer, I think lawyers have to be able to deal with general civil cases, divorce, and personal bankruptcy, so even if it is a criminal case, lawyer have a good understanding of linked economic crimes or corporate crimes.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a lawyer.

A: When I protect people's bodies, property, remedy their injustice, win, or receive their gratitude I feel rewarded, and as a lawyer, I am not only doing civil and criminal mission work, but also have a wider range of activities than other occupations. The constitutional value of human rights is becoming more important in the current society than was recognized by existing laws, and as the culture of companies changes, the scope of lawyers' work, including the compliance officer system, is becoming more diverse by legislation.

However, as lawyers, seeing as some clients do lie about the case and tell only the facts in their favor, and as they proceeded, they found out that there were other facts behind it, I'm often disappointed in people. And there are cases where you have to work even though you know that there are enough criminal charges, or when you have to work according to the Constitution and laws even though it is a cruel crime, there are cases where you generally have a hard time working on them.

Lawyer Kim Hyun-sik won the 25th Consumer Brand Awards in the legal category.
Lawyer Kim Hyun-sik won the 25th Consumer Brand Awards in the legal category.

Q: After working as an employment lawyer, I am now acting as a representative lawyer running a law firm, what is the difference.

A: As an employment lawyer, I only had to serve as an employment lawyer, whether it was a given request or advice, but now as a representative lawyer, I think of a strategy to achieve the purpose of the lawsuit first when dealing with each case. In particular, there is a high possibility of losing the lawsuit while facing the truth of the case in counseling, but the change is that we persistently seek other methods such as grasping the weakness of the opponent's logic and bringing the opponent to the negotiating table

Q: What role do you want to play in society in the future.

A: As a criminal lawyer, and as a representative lawyer for a law firm, I'll be there consistently for those who are accused of crimes due to corporate interrogation and misunderstanding. However, when I worked in Yeongyang, Gyeongsangbuk-do, I taught multicultural families with the Multicultural Family Support Center, and I saw their loneliness and innocence while interacting with people who got married to Korea. As discrimination against foreigners such as Southeast Asia and Africa, including 200,000 multicultural families, is prevalent, legislative maintenance is needed, I have a plan to provide legal support necessary for immigration procedures or adaptations to these people in Korea.

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