Caring for people is defined as the main duty of the state
Caring for people is defined as the main duty of the state
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The reforms in Uzbekistan are turning the country into a large, developing state

The following article and picture materials have been provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan in Seoul for publication by The Korea Post media, publisher of 3 English and 2 Korean-language news publications since 1985.—Ed.

By Mavluda ATKHAMJONOVA, Deputy of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan

The reforms carried out in Uzbekistan over the past six years are turning our country into a large, developing state in all respects. This, in turn, requires the continuation of the radical changes that have begun at an accelerated pace, bringing them to a new stage.
By 2040, the population of our country will reach 50 million people, more than half will be young people. To create worthy conditions for it, there must be a stable economy, a secure state, effective management and social guarantees.

Taking into account the proposals of our multinational people, amendments and additions are being introduced to the Basic Law. The draft Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan in a new edition was developed based on the opinions and proposals of our people. So what is the difference between the new Constitution and the current one?
For example, the section on human rights and freedoms. In particular, the norms regarding human rights in the new version of the Constitution are increased by more than 3 times. It was defined that human rights and freedoms will become the basis of our laws and the activities of each ministry and agency. At the same time, care for people is fixed as the most important duty of the state and society.
Another important change is that a rule is strictly established that guarantees the freedom of state media – their right to collect, receive and disseminate information. In the current Constitution, only one article 67, relating to the activities of the media, defined the rights of journalists through norms providing for the responsibility for the information they disseminate in certain cases.
From now on, taking into account the current policy of openness and freedom of speech, the growing role of the media in the timely and effective implementation of reforms in society, the state has several obligations to ensure the free activities of journalists. And the number of articles relating to the activities of journalists increased by one. Article 81 guarantees the freedom of activity of the state media, their rights to seek, receive, use and disseminate information.
In general, the new version of our Constitution is updated by 65 percent based on the geopolitical changes and contradictions taking place today in the world, as well as the transformations in our country. As a result, the number of articles increases from 128 to 155, and the number of norms increases from 275 to 434. We all must actively participate in the referendum to be held on April 30 to adopt the constitutional foundations of such a people’s democracy.

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