Why stay away from the mouth-watering fresh strawberries
Why stay away from the mouth-watering fresh strawberries
  • By Feature Editor Kim Hyung-dae
  • 승인 2023.04.20 11:22
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Nonsan Strawberry Festival

By Feature Editor Kim Hyung-dae
The Nonsan Strawberry Festival was held in the Nonsan County of Chungcheongnam-do Province, the largest strawberry production region in the Republic of Korea. It was held in at the Nonsancheon Stream and Strawberry Field on March 8-12 this year.
The rich soil, clean water and air of the locality give the region a perfect environment for growing excellent-quality strawberries.

It has been making its mark as a strawberry producer for 90 years, including 50 of which had full-scale production and shipment.
The festival here helps elevate the regional economy and also functions to establish better communication among cities.

Also, the festival is considered one of the most well-known festivals in the central province of Korea, Chungcheongnam-do, attracting a lot of Korean and foreign visitors.
The festival takes place in the vicinity of Nonsan-cheon Stream and strawberry fields, and features various experiential programs such as strawberry picking, strawberry cake-baking, strawberry jam-making, and other strawberry products events.

Eating the tasty, juicy straw berries in the strawberry fields in Korea:
It’s strawberry season in Korea, as if you didn’t notice the bucket-fuls being sold in the markets and from trucks driving through your neighborhoods everywhere right now.
When the people were growing up, they loved having strawberry plants that they could pick their own strawberries from and luckily in Korea.
There are strawberry festivals where you can do just that.
Nonsan is Korea’s largest strawberry producer and the city welcomes people from near and far every spring for the Nonsan Strawberry Festival which takes place to the delight of many people from within Korea and without.

Nonsan City Mayor Baek Seong-hyun
Nonsan City Mayor Baek Seong-hyun

Visitors can taste some of their delicious strawberries freshly picked from the strawberry fields nearby as well as other goodies all involving those delicious sweet seductive strawberries that greet the visitors each spring.
The organizers offer the visitors many interesting personal experience programs:
Strawberry harvesting experience: An experience where you can harvest and taste Nonsan strawberries in the production area.
Strawberry dessert cafe: A cafe where you can enjoy pretty and sweet desserts made of strawberries.
There also are strawberry promotion and sales, cultural performances, helicopter exhibition, food truck, craft experience, strawberry cake making, meta bath event, and many more!

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