'Roofless Museum Seongbuk-dong''s charms
'Roofless Museum Seongbuk-dong''s charms
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From 18:00 to 22:00 on the 22nd and 23rd, the 'Roofless Museum Seongbuk-dong' area

'Roofless Museum Seongbuk-dong''s charms can be seen at night!

- Seongbuk-gu and Seongbuk Cultural Centre hold '2023 Seongbuk-dong Cultural Property Night'

- From 18:00 to 22:00 on the 22nd and 23rd, the 'Roofless Museum Seongbuk-dong' area

- Cultural assets and cultural facilities open at night, performances by Seongbuk-gu artists, various experiences and exhibitions, explanatory tour programmes, etc.

Manhae Han Yong-woon Shimwujang ▲ Choi Sun-woo's old house ▲ Gubonwon of the Korean Martyrs' Religious Order

Lee Jong-seok Villa ▲ Sunjam Complex ▲ Hanyangdo Castle Cultural Properties ▲ Seongbuk Sunjam Museum

Seongbuk-dong Yehyangjae ▲ Seongbuk History and Culture Centre ▲ Museum Wave (Woori Old Stone Museum), etc.



- Performances by artists with ties to Seongbuk-gu, institutions and organisations throughout the city

Seongbuk Gugak Association ▲ Seongbuk Theatre Association ▲ Dongdeok Women's University Department of Practical Music ▲ Hansung University History Content Track, etc.

- Seongbuk Art Association, Hansung University art students display and sell works depicting Seongbuk-gu

- Independent bookstores also participate SeongBooK Market, Flea Market

- Seongbuk-dong's local business community also participates Discounts at restaurants and cafes from 11th to 23rd

Hosted by Seongbuk-gu, Seoul (Mayor Lee Seung-ro) and organised by Seongbuk Cultural Institute (Director Kim Young-il), 'Seongbuk-dong Cultural Night - A Night of Literature and Art' will take place from 22 to 23 November from 18:00 to 22:00 in Seongbuk-dong.


Seongbuk-dong is called a 'roofless museum' because it is scattered with numerous cultural heritage sites from the Joseon Dynasty to the modern era, including Hanyangdo Castle, Gansong Art Museum, Shim Woo-jang, and Gil Sangsa Temple, and the traces of the residence and activities of renowned artists such as Han Yong-woon, Choi Sun-woo, and Jeon Jeon-pil remain.


The Seongbuk-dong Cultural Property Night was started in 2017 as an event to showcase this aspect of Seongbuk-dong. During the nocturnal event, cultural assets and cultural facilities are open at night, performances by Seongbuk-gu's cultural artists, various experience and exhibition programmes, and explanatory tours are held.


Cultural facilities such as Manhae Han Yong-woon Shimwujang, Choi Sun-woo's old house, Gubonwon of the Korean Martyrs' Clerics, Lee Jong-seok's villa, Sunjam Complex, Hanyangdo Castle Cultural Properties, Seongbuk Seonjam Museum, Seongbukdong Yehyangjae, Seongbuk History and Culture Centre, and Museum Wave (Woori Old Stone Museum) will be open at night during this Seongbukdong Cultural Heritage Night. If you make a reservation, you can enjoy a nighttime tour with a commentary on the cultural assets.


Performances by artists with ties to Seongbuk-gu, such as the Seongbuk Gugak Association, Seongbuk Theatre Association, Dongdeok Women's University's Practical Music and Hansung University's History Content Track, as well as a ballet performance by national intangible cultural property holder Cho Young-sook, will also be held throughout the city.


There are also a variety of experiences organised by institutions and organisations with ties to Seongbuk-gu. There will be an art market where art students from the Seongbuk Art Association and Hansung University's Faculty of Arts will exhibit and sell works depicting Seongbuk-gu, as well as SeongBooK Market and Flea Market, where independent bookstores will sell books.


As the event is held throughout Seongbuk-dong, the Seongbuk Tram, a mobile experience centre, will also be operated. It moves between the main streets of Seongbuk-dong and cultural properties in Seongbuk-dong. You can conveniently enjoy the nightlife by getting off at a cultural property or cultural facility stop.

Event Main Street → Sunjam Complex, Choi Soon-woo's Old House → Korean Martyrs' Clerical Order Gubonwon, Lee Jong-seok's Villa → Yehyangjae → Shimwujang → Seongbuk History and Culture Centre → Woori Old Stone Museum → Hansung University Entrance Area


Businesses in Seongbuk-dong have also joined in. A discount event for restaurants and cafes is being held from 11-23 November. For reservations and more information, visit the Seongbukdong Cultural Property Nighttime Nuri website at https://www.sbnightroad.com/kor/main/.

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