Byeonhoin ('Defense Lawyer') draws 5 million people in 12 days
Byeonhoin ('Defense Lawyer') draws 5 million people in 12 days
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'Kim Geun-tae the Fool'

A latest movie, Byeonhoin (literally, 'Defense Lawyer'), drew 5 million viewers in 12 days. It features national security cases where innocent students and professors were tortured by the law enforcement officers of the general-turned dicta...torial President Chun Do-Hwan during his 7-year rule. Chun did it to silence the people opposed to his takeover of power by a military coup. They served prison terms under Chun's government.
These people thus 'convicted' were all found innocent and recovered their honor and rights during the governments of former President Kim Young-sam and the late former Presidents Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun (from 1993 to 2008). They formed a special committee to reinvestigate the cases and set things straight.
Some of the judges and prosecutors allegedly involved in the persecution of the innocent people are known to be active today.
It is not easy to admit the past wrongs and be a new person.
Perhaps with the sole exception of 'Kim Geun-tae the Fool' who was himself one of the most suffered victims of the tyrannical Chun regime.
Kim Geun-tae made a very, very small mistake, but he confessed it publicly, which actually no one would. Here he got the adorable nickname from the people, 'Kim Geun-tae the Fool,' which is considered by many as the best medal of honor bestowed upon by any Head of State of any country in the world.
Three days ago Saturday December 28 was the second anniversary of his passage. Rest in peace and have the eternal life in the other world, dear 'Kim Geun-tae the Fool.' We all love you!

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