“Happy Yes” volunteers make pushcarts for elderly waste collectors
“Happy Yes” volunteers make pushcarts for elderly waste collectors
  • Kim Su-a
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Supported by Hyundai Steel

“Happy Yes” college student volunteers are now actively involved in social contribution activities for underprivileged people with the launch of a two-day orientation program at Sunning Leadership Center in Yongin southeast of Seoul. About 100 volunteers, who have been selected from colleges and universities across the nation, will serve as members of “Happy Yes College Student Service Group” of Hyundai Steel for a year starting July 2017.

The student volunteers, who have been chosen amid fierce competition, will focus on making pushcarts for senior citizens who collect rubbish like newspapers and magazines to support themselves. They will manufacture one pushcart for each senior citizen, totaling
100 carts, which are safe and easy to drive. The volunteers made small replicas of pushcarts in order to create “perfect” carts to the elderly.

9th Happy Yes College Student Service Group

Going further, the students learned about basic etiquettes of volunteering while attending the orientation program. They also decided to conduct “guerrilla-style volunteering” which will be staged in small groups. The 2017 Happy Yes College Student Service Group will stage a variety of social contribution activities for socially marginal people for five months starting July.

Hyundai Steel is seeking to foster student volunteers who are considerate to their neighbors and want to practice of the philosophy of sharing
through the management of its Happy Yes College Student Service Group. For this group, exactly100 students are selected from colleges and
universities to perform volunteer works around the areas where Hyundai Steel is operated for a one-year period.

Happy Yes was established in 2009 with the mission that “volunteering makes us happy and therefore move along quickly, saying “yes,” without hesitation. The group is drawing lots of interest from students with a large number of collegians applying for Happy Yes every year.

Hyundai Steel is endeavoring to widen the scope of CSR (corporate social responsibility) beyond Korea and into the world. As a first step, the company has constructed a community center in Mandalay, Myanmar. The community center was built as part of the ADP (Area Development Project). Hyundai Steel is planning to support the economic self-reliance of local residents by building infrastructure and developing drinking water in order to provide them with increased opportunities for education and job training, as well as enhanced welfare. Mandalay is now plagued by worsening water quality stemming from serious drought. Hyundai Steel is striving to help improve the living environments of Mandalay as part of its CSR activities.

Sports CSR in China
Hyundai Steel, the steel arm of the Hyundai Motor Group, is now involved in CSR activity in
Chongqing, a major city in southwestern China, by taking advantage of its Red Angels women’s football team. The Red Angels extends constant support to promotion of Chinese girls’ football in terms of athletic training and sports infrastructure. As such, the company intends to play a significant role in advancement of local communities and student sports in China.

Hyundai Steel is performing “Hopeful Home Fix,” a home energy efficiency project designed to improve the quality of life through enhancing the residential environment and home energy efficiency. The Hopeful Home Fix is a typical CSR project, which can give benefits to more than 2 million people in reducing energy costs, easing the environmental problems through greenhouse gas reductions and energy saving, and even creating jobs by practicing corporate social responsibility.

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