Female employees account for 28 pct of S. Korea's public institutions
Female employees account for 28 pct of S. Korea's public institutions
  • Kim Su-a
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Female employees accounted for less than 28 percent of the workers at South Korea's state-funded firms and institutions, lagging behind the government's target of 30 percent, a report said Wednesday.

Out of 327,675 people working at 351 public companies, 27.7 percent, or 90,761, were women last year, according to a report by Rep. Park Joo-hyun.

The Korea Construction Management Corp. marked the lowest female proportion at 2 percent, followed by the Korea Coal Corp. and the Korea Gas Technology Corp. with 3 percent each.

On the other hand, health and welfare-related agencies topped the list as the IOM Migration Research & Training Center reported 81 percent of its staff as being women, the highest number among public agencies.

The Korea Women's Development Institute came in next with 77 percent, along with the Korea Childcare Promotion Institute and the Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service.

By size, the Korea Railroad, which has 28,441 workers on its payroll, said 9 percent of its employees were women, with 18 percent for the Korea Electric Power Corp. that has a staff of 21,449.

The South Korean government has set the target of female employment in the government ministries and state-funded agencies in a bid to remove ceilings for women and promote equal opportunity. (Yonhap)

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