Department stores give up-to 50% discount on subscription sales
Department stores give up-to 50% discount on subscription sales
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For Lunar New Year gift sets

The department stores are offering the consumers big discounts, some as much as 50%, in their subscription sale of the Lunar New Year gift sets.According to sources at the department stores on Jan. 8, 2015, wild mushrooms and fresh vegetables from the high-land regions of Gangwon Province are popular but their price increases are anticipated due to reduced harvest this year. However, in the case of raw ginseng and deodeok (condonopsis lanceolata) roots are getting the consumers’ attention as the harvest was good last year and the quality is good.

Fruits, too, are good in quality and plentiful in quantity thanks to the good weather for them. There was no serious dry spell last year. Apples are popular and so are Hallabong oranges and Cheonhyehyang Jeju oranges.
The fish is a little expensive because of poor catch deriving of the rising temperature of the sea water and this is especially so with Gulbi (dried croakers). A 40% price increase is expected in the case of the dried croakers.
Dried persimmons are in plenty of supply thanks to the good harvest. The dried persimmon sets are expected to be sold for 50,000 to 100,000 won per box. Increase is expected in the sale of dried persimmons.

In the case of alcoholic beverages, high-class whisky, single-malt whisky and traditional Korean wines are expected to sell well due to the drop in the amount of sale of the Japanese Sake and Chinese liquor and wine.
Lotte Department Store started offering up to 50% discounts in the sale of a total of over 50 different items, including fruits, meat, nuts and health foods.
The GMS Goryeo cultivated wild ginseng liquid (20ml x 20 bottles), which is originally priced for 110,000 won, was discounted to 54,000 won. A French WR wine No. 10, which is originally priced for 98,000 won, is discounted to 54,000 won. The Deodeok roots gift sets are sold for 10% discounted price of 90,000 won. The Moseulpo Jeju hairtail fish is sold for 225,000 in a 10% discount sale.
The Lotte Department Store this year expects to see a 10% increase in the sale of Hanwoo beef and 20 to 50% in Gulbi (dried croakers). In the case of the farm products, the Store thinks that the prices will go down by 10 to 20%.
Food MD Manager Im Tae-chun said that there are increased number of customers who purchase the Lunar New Year gifts in advance and that the subscription sales are popular among consumers because they could purchase them at reasonable prices.

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