Amb.Kitau of Kenya sets up Korean Business Center
Amb.Kitau of Kenya sets up Korean Business Center
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With a view to building a Korean Village in Kenya

Former Ambassador Ngovi Kitau of Kenya in Seoul, now back in Kenya, is establishing a Korean Business Center in Kenya and ultimately he plans to set up the first Korean village in Kenya and in Africa. The Korean Business Center is the first step and it will later be incorporated in the Korean Village in Kenya. This was disclosed by Amb. Kitau in an email interview with The Korea Post.

Amb.Kitau was one of the strongest Chinhanpa (pro-Korean figure) while in Korea and has had a wide contact with Korean people of all walks of life?promoting the close ties of relations, cooperation and friendship between the peoples and governments of Korea and Kenya.
According to Amb.Kitau, the Korean Business Center is a five storeyed building situated in the heart of Westlands, the financial hub of Nairobi, the capital of Kenya otherwise known as the Green City in the Sun. The building is currently known as AMEE ARCADE, Westlands, Nairobi and it can be viewed from its location from Google map.

He said: “We will change the name later to Korea Business Center. The plan is to create a platform where any Korean who wants to do business with Kenyans can visit or operate from. The same thing applies to Kenyans who want to do business with Koreans.”
The building has several shops and offices of various sizes and 76 parking slots. The rental rates range from US$1.5 to US$2.5 per square feet depending on required size and floor. The first Korean cafe is scheduled to open in May 2015.
Amb.Kitau has attached the sketch of Amee Arcade and the concept paper of Korean Village in Kenya prepared by the Multiculture museum for your review and necessary action.
For further details, please contact:
Ambassador Ngovi KITAU,
+254 722 511805,
Nairobi, Kenya.

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