Korean-Italian cooperation grows in science and technology
Korean-Italian cooperation grows in science and technology
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Interview with Science Attache Francesco Canganella at the Italian Embassy

Not many people in Korea, even those involved at institutional levels, are aware that relationship between Italy and Korea is extremely good and that they take strong interest in many issues, particularly culture, business and science. This was disclosed by Director Prof. Francesco Canganella of the Science and Technology Office at the Embassy of Italy in Seoul at a recent interview with The Korea Post. He said, “About science and technology, cooperation is improving slowly but with a positive trend and, worthy of mentioning, with a continuous action looking forward to upcoming and excellent initiatives. Excerpts from the interview follow:

On many issues, the Science and Technology Office of the Italian Embassy in Seoul will continue in 2015 to support and supervise bilateral exchanges, agreements and joint projects. Such a work will mainly address basic sciences, as well as innovative ST research activities that potentially could lead to significant economical and industrial advantages for both Countries.

Q: What is your view cooperation between the two countries in science and technology?
This strategy follows the widely accepted idea that collaboration instead of competition is the best strategy to achieve best results throughout optimization and synergy of human and financial resources, an unthinkable way until a few years ago. By this approach it might be possible to reach effective and remarkable targets even within either mid- or long-terms, including the periods of financial crisis.

Q: Please introduce the Italy-Korea Science Club:
The Italy-Korea Science Club is a new bilateral activity launched by the Science and Technology Office of the Italian Embassy in order to foster bilateral cooperation as well as cultural exchange between Italy and Korea. It is really the first initiative of its kind in terms of ST cooperation between a European Embassy and South Korea.
The Club will be composed of both Italian and Korean scientists that have already collaboration underway or would like to have some. Other people with general interest in science and technology are of course welcome to join.

Q: What are the meeting schedules of the Club?
The monthly event will be hosted by the Residence of the Scientific Attache’, Prof. Francesco. Canganella, and it is arranged as an informal meeting in which a 30 minutes talk will be given by a voluntary speaker in turn about his area of research. General issues, main topics, key aspects of bilateral cooperation, and potential implications for the common people will be covered.
An Italian buffet-dinner will follow as a get-together opportunity to share current knowledge in science as well as in cultural activities.
The Italy-Korea Science Club event is going to be held the last Friday of each month at 7.00 pm, starting on Feb 27th. About 20 representatives of Korean research institutions will be present at the first meeting this Friday.

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