Investment opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic
Investment opportunities in the Kyrgyz Republic
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Market reforms, privatization, free trade regime, free economic zones

Kyrgyzstan - a country of majestic mountains, pristine nature, rich culture and hospitable people. Kyrgyzstan - a country with rich natural resources and great potential. Kyrgyzstan - the land of opportunity.

For 23 years of independence, Kyrgyzstan has overcome the way that many developed countries have overcome half a century. The country managed a lot to achieve: the democratization of social and political life, the liberalization of business conditions, foreign trade activities, customs procedures, membership in international organizations and unions.

Kyrgyzstan gives its businessmen free trade, open up opportunities for the development of production and access to international markets, and opened access to its market. On a number of factors Kyrgyzstan has advantages among the CIS countries in terms of investment attractiveness. In particular:
? Implementing a program of market reforms and macroeconomic stabilization;
? Actively work on the privatization of the telecommunications, energy and transport sectors;
? Operates a full-fledged free trade regime, the system of free exchange and unimpeded movement of capital;
? Liberal investment regime, all sectors of the economy are open to investors;
? Kyrgyzstan’s free economic zones, providing favorable conditions for business.

The most attractive for investment are mining, manufacturing, tourism, and processing sectors.

Investment potential of the mining sector of Kyrgyzstan
The Kyrgyz Republic has large mining and processing enterprises. At the same time, according to international experts, with a relatively small area and good geological exploration, mineral resource potential of Kyrgyzstan until used poorly. According to international financial institutions, the mining sector in Kyrgyzstan annually could generate revenue of more than 1 billion US dollars and become the locomotive of the entire economy of the country.

Investment potential of renewable energy sources in Kyrgyzstan
Kyrgyzstan is one of the leading countries in the CIS on the potential of renewable energy. Most suitable for the development and practical use in Kyrgyzstan are development of electric power supply through the use of the energy of small watercourses, power of solar and wind power. Experts estimate the overall potential of renewable energy in Kyrgyzstan is about 840 million tons of oil equivalents per year, while actually used about 0.2%. Calculations show that theoretical reserves can replace up to 50.7% of the demand for fuel and energy resources consumed today.

Investment potential of the tourism in KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan since ancient times one of the Central Asian civilization and is an important hub on the busy international highway, diplomatic and cultural communications between the East and the West. Occupying a prime geographical location on the trade routes, it absorbed the cultural achievements of the East and the West.
Currently, Kyrgyzstan is becoming more attractive for fans of extreme sports, eco-tourism, hiking and bike tours, as well as for people interested in the history of countries located on the Silk Road.

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