Hyundai Steel debuts ‘H-Solution’ to introduce future-oriented vehicle materials
Hyundai Steel debuts ‘H-Solution’ to introduce future-oriented vehicle materials
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At this year’s Shanghai Motor Show

By Vice President Park Byung-wook with Son Da-som and Paul Kim

Hyundai Steel, largely known as the front runner in the steel industry in Korea and around the world, has recently put out a new product called an ‘H-Solution.’ This comes in the wake of what they called an “H Core” back in 2017.

“H-Solution” means services that encompass a broad range that includes improvement competitiveness in product quality, function, service, and pursuit of environment-friendly management of production facilities.

H-SOLUTION and H-SOLUTION EV launched by Hyundai Steel at the '2019 Auto Shanghai’

At the Shanghai Motor Show on June 16, Hyundai Steel debuted future-oriented ‘H-Solution EV, and won a considerable acclaim from the visitors.

Hyundai Steel has developed and introduced the H-Solution EV to debut the company’s technological potential on future-oriented motor vehicle materials.

Hyundai Steel has ambitious development and growth potential and plans.

According to Chairman and CEO Yoo-cheol Woo of Hyundai Steel, “Engineering the future beyond steel” is the motto of his company.

CEO Woo says that Hyundai Steel devotes consistent efforts to delivering products and services to their customers with a value that is “beyond their expectations.” Here are further details concerning the CEO’s view of the company:

CEO Ahn Dong-il of Hyundai Steel

Since then, Hyundai Steel is known to have overcome various challenges guided under the notion that the development of the steel industry constitutes Korea’s competitiveness.Hyundai Steel was founded in 1953 as Korea’s first steel business organization.

Over that same time, Hyundai Steel has greatly contributed to the economic development of Korea.

In 2010, when Korea’s first privately funded integrated steel mill was completed, Hyundai Steel emerged into the global steelmaker market with a globally competitive product portfolio.

Above all, Hyundai Steel’s role in the Hyundai Motor Group is pivotal as it stands as the backbone to the Group’s resource recycling chain--“from molten iron to automobiles.”

Production facility of Hyundai Steel in Dangjin

Iron melted in a blast furnace is processed to be part of new cars, which at the end of their lifespans go into an electric arc furnace where they transform into H piles or reinforcing bars. This organic recycling of resources enhances energy efficiency, thereby contributing to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Going forward, according to the company public relations materials, Hyundai Steel is assigning its R&D efforts to develop products that can create new market demand to introduce customers to products of quality exceeding their demands.In order to continuously develop and improve its competitiveness to sustain growth while meeting evolving customer needs in the ever-changing industry’s business environment, Hyundai Steel announced its new Vision 2025, that reads: “Engineering the future beyond steel,” which conveys its commitment to delivering innovative products and services that have different values far beyond customer expectations.

Production facility of Hyundai Steel in Dangjin

To that end, Hyundai Steel is fostering globally competent talents and building a communicative corporate culture where people work together based on mutual trust and a shared vision. Everyone at Hyundai Steel will devote their energy and wisdom to making the company a centennial steelmaker that can maximize customer value.

Thank youAlong this journey, your continued support will further our efforts to making Hyundai Steel a globally respected steelmaker for harnessing the infinite possibilities of steel.

About the business range of Hundai Steel:

Established as Korea’s first steelmaker in 1953, Hyundai Steel has paved the way for sustainable growth by boosting blast furnace business as a new growth engine in addition to its existing electric arc furnace based operation. We will continue to prepare for a greater future with a vision of 'Leading the New Era of Steel'.

Hyundai Steel Logo

As a steel mill specialized in automotive materials, Hyundai Steel is heavily engaged in the development of next generation steel for future automotive industry. Since the groundbreaking ceremony at the Dangjin integrated steel mill in October 2006, the first and second blast furnaces are commissioned in January and November 2010 in order. Then, the completion of blast furnace No. 3 in September 2013 enabled us to become a comprehensive global steelmaker with a total crude steel production capacity of 24 million tons including 12 million tons from blast furnaces and 12 million tons from electric arc furnaces. Furthermore, merging with cold rolling division of Hyundai Hysco in December 2013, we have now established the one-stop production system integrating all production processes from raw materials to finished products.

Hyundai Steel workers visited senior citizen who live alone in the southern part of Pohang City for housing improvements and daily necessities.

ProductsHot rolled steel sheet, Cold rolled steel sheet, Heavy plate, ERW Pipe
Industries in DemandAutomobile, Shipbuilding, Construction

Hyundai Steel possesses the largest domestic production capacity and best technology in electric arc furnace area, which produces molten iron with scrap metals. While the electric arc furnaces at Incheon, Pohang and Dangjin sites can produce up to 12 million tons of molten steel per year, we have developed the largest number of world-class premium products in Korea through more than 60 years of electric arc furnace technology and continue to actively respond ever changing steel demands by continuous investment on R&D.

ProductRebar, H-sections, Heavy Machinery
Industries in DemandConstruction, Shipbuilding

Hyundai Steel will further strengthen its competitiveness with special steel production which boasts high intensity and abrasion resistance materials for automotive engines and transmissions. The special steel plant which takes up 236,000㎡ of land at Dangjin Steelworks is under construction and expected to produce one million ton of high purity special steel annually by introducing cutting-edge precision rolling equipment and making the best use of our existing infrastructures and molten iron from blast furnaces. The Special Steel Division will enable us to take the initiative in consolidating national economy by localizing mostly imported special steel products.

ProductSpecial Steel Bar, Wire Rod
Industries in DemandAutomobile

Hyundai Steel is dedicated to developing materials that can make automobiles lighter and safer by utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as TWB (tailor welded blanks), hydroforming, and hot stamping. Our products are manufactured with cutting-edge technologies aimed at making automobiles more lightweight for improved fuel efficiency, reinforcing shock-resistance for enhanced safety, and bringing the strengths of each raw material to life. Our products are contributing to ensuring the safety of automobiles and to increasing fuel their efficiency and lowering their emissions ? a leading cause of climate change.
ProductSTailor Welded Blanks (TWB), Hydroforming, Hot Stamping
Industries in DemandAutomobile

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