OBC launches ‘Premier OB Weizen,’ first beer of Brew Master Selection
OBC launches ‘Premier OB Weizen,’ first beer of Brew Master Selection
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OBC announced on June 18, 2015 that it launched the ‘Premier OB Weizen,’ a German orthodox wheat beer, which is the first product of the ‘Brew Master Selection’ developed by veteran brew masters at AB InBev.
Meaning beer brewed with wheat in German language, the term ‘Weizen’ is used for Bayern-style wheat beer only. The ‘Premier OB Weizen’ launched in Korea is the first product developed by veteran brew masters at AB InBev, the world’s largest beer brewer.
At the event of launching the ‘Premier OB Weizen’ brewed by German traditional brewing method held on June 17 at Nine Tree Convention in Cheongjin- dong, Seoul, President Frederico Freire of OBC said, “In the future, we will launch diverse types of ‘Brew Master Selection’ in a series developed by veteran brew masters at AB InBev with differentiated base materials, method of fermentation, alcoholic content, taste and calories.”

The launching event was also attended by German brew master, Stefan Muller, who took part in developing the premier weizen and he explained the German weizen.
Muller noted, “As a precious liquor enjoyed by aristocrats since the Middle Age when wheat was rarer than barley, German weizen is sufficiently attractive to modern people who pursue premium in terms of depth of base materials and taste as well as completeness. Starting with the ‘Premier OB Weizen,’ we will steadily introduce orthodox beer products that can satisfy preference of consumers, under the name of ‘Brew Master Selection’.”
As it is brewed using top fermenting yeast carefully selected by OB Beer’s brewing technology research institute and German veteran brew masters by adopting German traditional brewing methods, the ‘Premier OB Weizen’ is also called ‘white beer’ as it has translucent milky- white color that represents Hefe Weizen.

Using wheat malt produced in Germany (50%) and barley malt produced in Europe (50%), the ‘Premier OB Weizen’ is unique in taste by providing strong and rich taste and smoothness in swallowing.
The price of ‘Premier OB Weizen’ is higher by around 16% than popular beer brands, but it is lower than imported premium beers. OBC expects that the ‘Premier OB Weizen’ will be sold at 1,490 won per 355ml-can at major supermarkets.
Meanwhile, weizen products brewed in German traditional brewing method had been distributed in Korea by some small and medium-sized beer companies, but ‘Premier OB Weizen’ is the first major brand launched in the local market. And President Frederico Freire even gave himself a Korean name ‘Kim Dong-hun’ as a manifestation of his commitment to taking superior position in the market.

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