Audi Korea to launch 2015 Summer A/S Service Campaign
Audi Korea to launch 2015 Summer A/S Service Campaign
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Free checkups on coolant, braking syste, 30 other auto parts

Seoul, July 6, 2015 ? Audi Korea (MD. Johannes Thammer) will launch a ‘2015 Audi Summer A/S Service Campaign’ from July 13 to Aug. 13 that provides free checkups for all Audi vehicles ahead of trips for summer vacation and rainy seasons to discover possible defects and ensure safe driving.
During this period all Audi customers are eligible to receiving the free checkup service on 30 requisite auto parts that include coolants, tire as well as braking system and electronic system at any official Audi service center in the country.

Depending on the results of the checkup, if a client agrees to repair a defect in the car which is to be charged, the service center will offer 10 percent discount on the purchase of an original car part that needs replacement (Includes engine oil, brake pad, all types of filter-kinds and supplies). However the discount will not be applied for the cost covered by insurance and for tire replacement.
Also, during this period some of Audi’s official dealer companies will launch an exclusive campaign of their own. The auto parts offered at special discount price may vary according to the dealers so contact official Audi Service Center for more details.
One can enjoy the ‘Audi Summer A/S Service Campaign’ even better with prior reservation. For more information contact Audi’s official service center, visit Audi’s official homepage ( or call Audi’s customer service center (080-767-2834).

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