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기사 (전체 1,601건)
Tokyo authorizes second shipment of materials under export restriction
The Japanese government has authorized a second shipment of an industrial material under its export restrictions to South Korea, i...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-08-20 09:15
S. Korea calls in Japanese diplomat over Fukushima water discharge plan
South Korea called in a Japanese diplomat Monday to demand Tokyo's explanation on its reported plan to discharge into the Paci...
Son Da-som  |  2019-08-20 09:14
Details for Dokdo defense drills yet to be fixed: ministry
South Korea is still reviewing the timing and the scale of semiannual maritime defense drills to be held on and around its eastern...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-20 09:11
Moon urges N. Korea, other parties to seize rare dialogue opportunity
President Moon Jae-in called on North Korea and the United States on Monday to seize the current chance to achieve denuclearizatio...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-08-20 09:06
U.S. cites close ties with S. Korea, Japan amid reports Pompeo sided with Tokyo
The United States is committed to maintaining close relationships with both South Korea and Japan, the State Department said Frida...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-18 07:43
President Moon makes nice remarks for the future of Korean-Japanese relations
President Moon Jae-in made some nice words about Japan on the Liberation Day of Korea from Japan on Aug. 15, 2019. This was sheer ...
Lee Kyung-sik  |  2019-08-16 14:17
Moon: S. Korea will hold Japan's hand if it chooses dialogue, cooperation
President Moon Jae-in said Thursday that South Korea will "gladly hold" Japan's hand if the neighboring nation chooses dialogu...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-15 12:29
‘Korea’s export will surpass Japan in a few years’
Professor Kim Dae-jong of Business Administration at Sejong University in Seoul appeared on the MBC News Special Talk Program on A...
Choe Nam-suk  |  2019-08-14 17:06
Moon sees Korean economic fundamentals as strong, urges vigilance against fake news
President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday the fundamentals of the Korean economy remain strong despite heightened economic uncertainty an...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-14 09:21
Moon sees Korean economic fundamentals as strong, urges vigilance against fake news
President Moon Jae-in said Tuesday the fundamentals of the Korean economy remain strong despite heightened economic uncertainty and called for vigilance against potential negative ...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-14 09:18
Another new missile highlights N.K.'s focus on conventional weapons amid nuclear talks
North Korea showed off yet another newly developed missile last week, indicating that the regime has been focusing on the moderniz...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-13 09:30
Trump: Kim Jong-un wants to resume nuclear talks after Seoul-Washington joint exercise
U.S. President Donald Trump said Saturday that North Korean leader Kim Jong-un expressed his will to restart negotiations on its n...
Cho Kyung-hee  |  2019-08-11 07:50
S. Korean, U.S. defense chiefs to hold talks over tough tasks
The defense chiefs of South Korea and the United States were set to meet in Seoul on Friday to discuss regional security and other...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-09 09:11
Trump says U.S.-S. Korea talks on defense payment begin
U.S. President Donald Trump tweeted Wednesday that talks to get South Korea to increase its contribution to the upkeep of U.S. for...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-08 09:14
Chairperson Narbayeva of the Senate of Uzbekistan meets President Ban Gi Moon of GGGI
Chairperson Tanzila Narbayeva of the Senate of Oliy Majlis (parliament) in Uzbekistan paid a first visit to the Republic of Korea ...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-07 17:30
S. Korea, U.S. to begin joint military drills Monday
South Korea and the United States will stage joint military drills as scheduled despite warnings from North Korea, the South Korea...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-08-05 09:09
PM says Japan 'crossed line' with removal of S. Korea from whitelist
Prime Minister Lee Nak-yon on Saturday blasted Japan for its decision to remove South Korea from a whitelist of trusted trading pa...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-04 08:37
U.S. recommends S. Korea, Japan seek 'creative' solutions to trade dispute
The United States "recommends" South Korea and Japan seek "creative solutions" to resolve a growing trade dispute between the two ...
Kim Do-kyun  |  2019-08-03 08:00
‘Korea is an important trading partner to Pakistan but tariff is high’
A joint discussion on a roadmap of Preferential Trade Arrangement (PTA) was held between Pakistan and South Korea to beef up bilat...
Paul Kim  |  2019-08-02 14:41
N. Korean military's fishing boat 'mistakenly' crosses sea border into S. Korea
A fishing boat apparently operated by North Korea's military has been towed into a South Korean port for investigation after "...
Park Byung-uk  |  2019-07-29 09:14
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