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Jeju Government plans to turn Jeju into world’s first carbon-free island by 2030
Question: Jeju's Government is moving ahead with a “Carbon Free Initiative by 2030," an initiative designed to turn Jeju new i...
Kim Su-a  |  2017-06-27 16:51
Jeollanam-do wins much-coveted top award in job creation
By Prof. Song Bang-whanThe southwestern province of Jeollanam-do of theRepublic of Korea stunned everyone late last May winning th...
Song Bangwhan  |  2016-09-19 15:41
'Pyeongtaek will be one of Korea's most attractive and dynamic cities’
On the occasion of the 21st Pyeongtaek Citizens’ Day, The Korea Post had an exclusive interview with Mayor Kong Jae-kwang of the C...
이경식 기자  |  2016-07-19 11:05
Gimcheon fast looming as most thriving, advanced, innovative city
As one of the most thriving cities in Gyeongsangbuk-do Province, Gimcheon is transforming into an advanced innovative city. With 1...
이경식 기자  |  2016-03-25 17:06
JDC builds global education city, large resort, healthcare town and a sciene park on Jeju
The Jeju Free International City Development Center (JDC) is moving full steam ahead for the globalization of Jeju. The JDC is per...
이경식 기자  |  2016-01-15 14:02
Dangjin City makes robust growth in economy and population
As a port located in the west coast region of Korea, Dangjin City has been achieving robust growth in economy and population for y...
이경식 기자  |  2016-01-14 12:07
Multiple panels, plethora of topics
The 2nd annual World Conference on North Korean Studies (WCNKS) was held from October 12 to 15, 2015. Hosted by the Ministry of Un...
이경식 기자  |  2015-11-25 17:19
Mungyeong to develop eco-friendly agriculture and tourism industries
As an urban-rural complex mid-sized city, Mungyeong is actively transforming its major industry from agriculture into the sixth industry. Leveraging its remarkable achievements and...
이경식 기자  |  2015-09-30 09:21
Dangjin to dedicate Seongmun Industrial Complex late this year
After 24 years of its launch, the project of constructing the Seongmun National Industrial Complex in Dangjin City will be complet...
이경식 기자  |  2015-04-24 14:32
Goheung pushing ahead with three key strategic industries
As the center of the aerospace industry in Korea, the Goheung County government recently unveiled ambitious programs for developin...
이경식 기자  |  2015-03-02 16:06
Yangpyeong leads the development of eco-friendly agriculture
Yangpyeong County, surrounded by several mountains and rivers, has been leading the development of eco-friendly agriculture. Indee...
이경식 기자  |  2014-12-04 18:16
Dangjin eyes an industrial hub, salubrious city in the country
Newly elected and inaugurated Mayor Kim Hoing- Joing of Dangjin City admitted that there is a lot of room for improvement in Dangj...
이경식 기자  |  2014-12-03 15:28
Goyang City to build a Goyang Global Economic Network
Goyang City is working hard to promote the “Goyang Global Economic Network” in a bid to accelerate its development in various fiel...
이경식 기자  |  2014-12-03 14:36
RDA to strengthen agricultural cooperation with Asia, Africa, Latin America
The Rural Development Administration (RDA) hosted a three-day event in Iksan between September 15-17, in celebration of the reloca...
이경식 기자  |  2014-12-03 10:38
Busan Port Authority hosts Busan International Port Conference 2014
Following the first conference held in 2013, the Busan Port Authority, which operates the fifth largest container port in the worl...
이경식 기자  |  2014-11-26 18:07
Yangpyeong county villages were honored with Presidential Award
Two villages in Yangpyeong- gun (county), Gyeonggi Province have been awarded the coveted Presidential Award in the government-spo...
이경식 기자  |  2014-11-26 14:08
Haeundae offers a lot of attractions including beaches, festivals, BIFF
Manhattan of Korea! San Francisco of Korea! The Seaside City that Rivals the World’s Three Most Beautiful Ports! This is a multitu...
이경식 기자  |  2014-11-11 13:10
More government agencies need to be relocated to Sejong City
Sejong Metropolitan Autonomous City remains dedicated to building a city in which all citizens feel happy. Sejong Mayor Lee Chun-h...
이경식 기자  |  2014-10-06 16:22
Without the priceless sacrifices of your country, there would be no Republic of Korea today
Without the noble sacrifices made by the chivalrous soldiers of your esteemed country during the Korean War (1950-3), there would ...
이경식 기자  |  2014-09-11 10:04
Magok: ‘Green next-generation industrial R&D complex in the heart of city’
Located at the gateway of western part of Seoul, the Magok Industrial City is a knowledge-based advanced industrial complex combin...
이경식 기자  |  2014-07-28 16:39
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