South and North dramatically reach an agreement
South and North dramatically reach an agreement
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The high-level inter-Korean talks at Panmunjom finally reached an agreement 55 minutes after mid-night on Aug. 25, 2015 after 54 hours’ ‘marathon meeting’ since the two sides started the talks at 6:30 p.m. on Aug. 22.

Based on this agreement, Chief Presidential Secretary Kim Kwan-jin published the details of the joint statement of the South and North at 2 a.m on Aug. 25, 2015. This was disclosed by Presidential Spokesman Min Kyung-uk at Cheong Wa Dae at a press briefing early this morning:

Details of the joint statement follow:

1--The South and North agree to hold a government-level meeting either in Seoul or Pyongyang at an early date to improve the relations between the two sides and discuss matters concerning various fields.

2--North Korea has expressed its regret over the incident of explosion of land mines in the South Korean side of the DMZ inflicting injuries to the soldiers of the South Korean side.

3--South Korea will stop its loudspeaker broadcasting toward North Korea along the entire stretch of the DMZ effective 1200 hours on Aug. 25, 2015?as far as no abnormal incident occurs.

4--The North Korean side agreed to withdraw the quasi-state of war time.

5--The South and the North agreed to arrange a reunion meeting for the separated families between the north and south before or after the Chuseok Fool Moon Festival of this year (September 27, 2015) and to continue the reunion meeting and for this purpose to have an inter-Korean Red Cross meeting at the beginning of September.

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