Chairman Yu has immense interest in the happiness, welfare of all peoples as well as Koreans
Chairman Yu has immense interest in the happiness, welfare of all peoples as well as Koreans
  • Lee Sam-sun
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Leader of the World Cleansing Mind Welfare Foundation

By Cultural Editor Lee Sam-sun

Chairman Yu Jae-hack of the World Cleansing Mind Welfare Foundation (WCMWF), a noted traditional Korean religious leader and a Chinese-character calligrapher of Korea, is hosting an exhibition at the Insa-dong Art Gallery in Jongno, Seoul in a five-day running on Nov. 29-Dec. 3, 2019.

A calligraphic work of Chairman Yu named Ye which means ‘decorum, etiquette, compliments, appreciation’ and various other connotations representing the traditional politeness on the part of the people, especially the Orientals.

On the final day on Dec. 3, Chairman Yu is hosting a reception for the leading figures of Korea from the cultural, social, political and various other segments of Korean society, including the governors and mayors of major provinces, cities and counties. In particular, Chairman You is also inviting the ambassadors of the interested countries of the world with their spouses, who might take interest in Korean (Oriental) culture, particularly in Hanja (Chinese character) calligraphy.

Photo shows Chairman Yu and Ambassador Thura Thet Oo of Myanmar (third and fourth from right with Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post and Publisher Choi Deuk-ha of Korea Consumer News (left and right, respectively).

The food and beverage at the reception are provided by the catering service team of the Seoul Millennium Hilton Hotel. Chairman Yu of the WCMWF is also referred to among his believers as Seong Hwang (성황 in Korean Hangeul and 聖皇 in Chinese characters), literally meaning ‘Sacred Emperor.’ There is one thing which Chairman Yu has been paying great attention to and it is a grand exhibition of his unique brushing writing series of Ye (예 or 禮 in Chinese characters). In Japan, it is called Rei.

Calligraphic work of Chairman Yu entitled Sesim. Literally, it means ‘cleasing of the mind’ which is a widely spread notion among the Orientals that one should have a clean mind.

So, all the works on display at the exhibition are on the theme of Ye. Ye translates in English ‘Good manners’ and/or ‘Etiquette’ but in fact Ye covers a much wider range of meaning and connotations. Perhaps against this backdrop, Chairman Yu has started working on his Ye series of brush writing. Chairman Yu’s works are highly appreciated by many noted personalities of the Republic of Korea, including former President Kim Young-sam, Prime Minister Lee Soo-sung, other prime ministers, ministers and leaders of various segments of Korean society.

Calligraphic work of Chairman Yu entitled Gaesun meaning “Opening of the Mind,” which is also one of the important Oriental values.

On the work and activities of Chairman Yu, former Prime Minister Lee once remarked, “What the artists of the world should pursue is the spiritual world of the souls and peace.” Then he said “I wish that Korea will be a country free from wars and the three countries, namely Korea, China and Japan, will live in peace like blood-sharing brothers.” Chairman Yu has a large religious estate at Hwansan-ro, Gunbong-myeon, Okcheon-gun. Chungcheongbuk-do Province, where are prominently displayed three large stone images of Buddhist leaders and that of Dangun Wanggeom (Progenitor of the Korean Nation), which the Western World classifies as the legendary founder of Gojoseon (Ancient Joseon [Korea]).

Calligraphic work of Chairman Yu entitled Sesdimdo which literally means “How to have a cleansing mind.” It is a mind completely devoid of greed, want and/or any other form of ‘wanting somemeting.’

Dangun is known in Korea as the ‘Grandson of the Heaven’ who is believed to have founded the first Korean kingdom in 2333 BC. The earliest recorded version of the Dangun legend appears in the 13th-century Samguk Yusa, which cites China's Book of Wei and Korea's lost historical record Gogi (or Ancient Historical Chronicles). On Sept. 15, 2018, Chairman Yu hosted a National Unification Grand Art Exhibition at Hanguk Misul Gwan (Korea Art Gallery) where the works of Korea, China and Japan were put on display on the theme ‘Supplication for Peace and Unification of the Korean Peninsula.

Daeil Building where the office and calligraphic gallery of Chairman Yu are situated on Jongno 2-ga in the heart of Seoul on the left of the famed Pagoda Park of Seoul, venue of the Declaration of Korean Independence Movement on March 1, 1919.

Chairman Yu is known to have had close association with notable Korean poet, Midang Seo Jeong-ju. Asked to introduce his relations with Poet Seo, Chairman Yu said: “Poet Seo and I practiced asceticism together in 1950 and we exchanged many ideas on poetry on many different occasions. When I wrote a poem, he offered me his evaluation of my work. Poet Seo also presented me with some of important poems.

Location map of Chairman Yu’s office in the Daeil Building on the west of the Pagoda Park in Seoul.
President Kim Young-sam (left) warmly receives Chairman Yu Jae-hack of the World Cleansing Mind Welfare Foundation and the World Humankind Cleansing Mind Movement.
Chairman Yu (seated sixth from left, front row) poses with the civic figures attending the Opening Ceremony of the Art Gallery affiliated with his organization.
Photo shows former Prime Minister Lee Soo-sung and Chairman Yu Jae-hack of the WCMWF and the WHCMM (11th and 15th from left, respectively) with the leaders of the artistic, civic and religious organizations at the opening ceremony of the Korea-China-Japan Calligraphic and Art Exhibition.
Stone image of Dangun Wanggeom, the legendary founder of the Kingdom of Gojoseon (Ancient Korea) dating back to 2333 B.C. Dangun is the spiritual founder of Korea in the minds of the Korean people, more so in the Republic of Korea (south) vis-a-vis North Korea where religion is controlled by the state.

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