‘Red Monkey’Will bring you good luck
‘Red Monkey’Will bring you good luck
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The zodiacal sign for this year (2016) is ‘Red Monkey’ and in the New Year the people in Korea present their comments (normally nice words) on the Animal of the Year. Few people in Korea present a negative view on the animal because they mostly want to wish well for the people they know born in that year.

So this year, the Red Monkey is supposed to bring you good luck, longevity and everything that is good?apart from the common understanding and appreciation of the animal.
Monkey is the ninth among the 12 zodiac animals starting with Rat and followed by Cow, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Cock, Dog and Pig?in that order.
Monkey in Korea is often used as a warning for the people to be careful and not to make mistakes. The most commonly used traditional wise-saying of the Korean people using money is: “Even the monkey will fall from the tree.” Needless to say, this means, “Even if you are a master in your field, you must be careful lest you should fail.”
However, traditionally in Korea monkey stands for longevity, fecundity, high office, cleverness and skillfulness. However, monkey is mentioned also for short temper, craftiness and trickery. Here are the other zodiacal animals and their traits:
Mouse: Prudent, honest, frugal, intelligent and self-reliant.
Cow: Sincere, trustworthy, frugal, hard-working, persevering, having a strong sense of responsibility.
Tiger: Brave, generous, trustworthy, reform-minded and strong.
Rabbit: Prudent, resourceful, hospitable, intelligent, sociable, generous and thorough.
Dragon: Energetic, attractive, strong, vigorours, lucky, intelligent, generous and extrovert.
Snake: Clever, intuitive, charismatic, soft-hearted, romantic, altruistic, romantic and condescending.
Horse: Popular, cheerful, realistic, energetic, witty and sociable.
Sheep: Gentle, generous, kind, understanding, peaceful, sincere, fortunate and generous.
Monkey: As was mentioned earlier, living long, wise and skillful.
Cock: Faithful, hard-working, imaginative, honest, adventurous, creating something out of nothing.
Dog: Devotive, trustworthy, strong, industrious, generous, and known for a strong sense of responsibility.
Pig: Courteous, fair, sincere, trustworthy, strong, active, gentle and peace-loving.

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