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Hotelier-educator Ms. Yeo has penchant for Iran, especially womenEspecially Chador-wearing Iranian ladies

Honorary Dean Yeo Mung- ju of the College of Energy and Biotechnology at Seoul National University of Science and Technology, who concurrently is the chief executive officer and chairperson of Boutique Gratia Resort Hotel on the picturesque East Coast of the Samcheok City of the Gangwon Province.
A beautiful lady educator and business entrapeneur, Chairperson Yeo takes strong interest in the promotion of friendship and cooperation between Korea and Iran.

▲Hotelier-educator Ms. Yeo Mung-ju

“I have simply fallen in love of Iran,” said Chairperson Yeo at a recent interview with The Korea Post. “The ladies there look so gentle, modest, intelligent, woman-like, and dignified in the woman way.”
She said that she had a very high respect for and such good impression of the women of Iran wearing the Chador. “They look not only serene but even dignified in Chador,” she admired.
Chairperson Yeo is known to be financially comfortable as the CEO of a number of business organizations, including a tourist hotel on the East Coast, but he has a persistent desire for social service and international cooperation.
Enamored of the Chador worn by the women of Iran as well as the Iran people and culture, CEO Yeo wants to deepen and widen her relations with Iran.
“Why only Iran, while there are other Islamic countries and ladies wearing Chador?” asked The Korea Post.

▲Gractia Boutique Hotel managed by Chairperson Yeo Mung-ju.

“For one thing,” her answer was instant. “I would say that Iran is the first Islamic country as far as I know who truly opened the door to the international community.”
Then she said, “Now that sanctions are gone from Iran, there will be great opportunities for increased cooperation between Korea and Iran and I want to be part of that.”
Chairperson has many titles as well as an educator and a business lady. Here are some of the important positions she holds:
Chairperson of the Gracia Boutique Hotel
Honorary dean of the College of Energy and Biotechnology at Seoul National University of Science and Technology
Vice chairperson of the United Nations Memorial Business Group
Gangwon and Yeongdong Public Relations Ambassadress of the MBC TV-Radio.
Chairperson Yeo graduated from Dong-Pusan College in Busan

▲Gractia Boutique Hotel managed by Chairperson Yeo Mung-ju.

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