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Bangladeshi envoy seeks closer cooperation with Korea“I have become a fan of TV drama, Descendeants of the Sun”

By Yang Wanseon, The Korea Post staff reporter
Ambassador Md. Zulfiqur Rahman of Bangladesh is a great fan of Korean TV dramas. This was disclosed at a luncheon meeting with Korean reporters he hosted at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul on April 20, 2016 to brief them on various aspects of Bangladesh.
Speaking to the Korean media representatives, Ambassador Rahman said that the meeting was for the purpose of further promoting increased exchange and cooperation between Korea and Bangladesh, especially in the economic field.

▲Ambassador Md. Zulfiqur Rahman of Bangladesh answering a question

Then he said that he has developed a good measure of affection for Korea and its people through Korean TV dramas, especially Taeyang-ui Huye (literally, ‘Descendant of the Sun’) and that he has become a fan of the handsome Actor Sohn Joong-ki and the attractive Actress Song Hye-gyo starring in the KBSTV2 drama.
The remarks attracted approving smiles from the Korean media representatives at the meeting, including President Kim Hyung-dae of The Korea Post.
Introducing Bangladesh to the Korean media representatives, Rahman said that Bangladesh ranked 11th in the world in terms of happiness index and that she was the happiest country in Asia.
Then he said that Bangladesh ranked eighth in the world also in terms of the political power of women and that in the case of education women were entitled to free education up to high school, including textbooks. Gist of further details of his introduction of Bangladesh follows:
Bangladesh, propelled by strong unhindered economic growth and pro-people governance, has been posting silent progress in socioeconomic spheres, bringing its population out of the vicious cycle of poverty. Social investments have been translated into people’s empowerment and gender equality. The Global Gender Gap report 2015 placed Bangladesh at number 8 in political empowerment of women, a feat many developed countries would envy.
ue to geographical distance and lack of direct connectivity, Bangladesh’s transformation has largely gone unnoticed by the Korean audience.

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