Grand Hilton Seoul Presents Wonderful Indonesia
Grand Hilton Seoul Presents Wonderful Indonesia
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The Buffet Restaurant and Atrium Caf? at Grand Hilton Seoul are presenting a ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ promotion including colorful dishes prepared by two guest chefs between May 23 and May 29, 2016.

Mr. Agus Surya and Mr. I Made Semawan from Conrad Bali will introduce traditional Indonesian cuisine while handing down their secret method to the chefs at Grand Hilton Seoul. Native Indonesian dancers will also give exciting traditional performances every day during the promotion. Meanwhile, guests will have the chance to win a two-night stay at Conrad Bali Resort & Spa in a lucky draw event.

The Buffet Restaurant will serve exotic Indonesian cuisine such as ‘Kambing (lamb) Jakarta soup’, ‘Empal Balado (pan seared marinated beef in Padang spice)’, ‘Opor Ayam (braised chicken leg in white curry sauce’, ‘Ayam Kemangi (grilled chicken with basil sauce)’, ‘Rujak Buah (spicy fruit salad)’, ‘Iga Bakar Bumbu Ketumbar (spicy grilled pork rib in coriander spice)’, ‘Kambing Bakar (roasted lamb leg with coriander sauce)’ and more.

Moreover, don’t miss out on various traditional Indonesian desserts including ‘Pisang Rai (soft boiled banana with Pandan paste and grated coconut)’, ‘Bubur Injin (black sticky rice pudding)’, ‘Dadar Gulung (Pandan crepes with coconut and palm sugar)’ and ‘Pisang Goring (deep fried banana fritters)’. Hot ‘Pisang Goreng’ is especially delicious fried on the spot at the restaurant’s live station.

The ‘Wonderful Indonesia’ promotion at the Buffet Restaurant is priced at 70,000 won for weekday lunch, 75,000 won for weekday dinner and weekend lunch, and 80,000 won for weekend dinner (taxes and service charges are included).

In addition, all day dining restaurant Atrium Caf? will have a set menu made up of several traditional Indonesian dishes, priced at 65,000 won (taxes and service charges are included).

For inquiries and reservations, please call the Buffet Restaurant 02-2287-8271.

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