‘Old Boys’ of The Herald Media have reunion annual hiking
‘Old Boys’ of The Herald Media have reunion annual hiking
  • Lee Kyung-sik
  • 승인 2016.10.21 13:10
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The Korea Herald and Herald Kyungje (Korean business daily)

By LeeKyung-sik

Formercultural editor of The Korea Herald

Incumbentpublisher-chairman of The Korea Post

Overa total of 40 former executives, editors and reporters of the English-languagedaily, The Korea Herald, and theKorean-language business daily, HeraldKyungju, had a reunion mountain-climbing in the vicinity of theCheonggye-san Mountain south of Seoul on Oct. 15, 2016.

The‘less-old’ and energetic members of the ‘Herald Old Boys Club’ went all the wayup to the higher ground of the Cheonggye Mountain, while the old and weak onessettled with having lunch together at a restaurant at a village at the foot ofthe Mountain.

Thereunion meeting of the Herald ‘Old Boys’ exchanged their experiences with oneanother that had happened since their last reunion at the end of last year whenthey had their reunion dinner at the Seoul Press Club with both the former andincumbent leading members of the Herald Media.

Speakingat the reunion meeting on last October 15, Chairman Yun Ik-han said that allthe ‘Old Boys’ of the Herald Media spent the best part of their lives togetherand that the rich experiences they gained while working together at The Herald were invaluable and that itwould be amiss to let such assets unused.

Excerpts from his speech follow:

AmI glad that once again we are all together!

BecauseI am the chairman of the Club I am asked to make the speech first. I amthinking that we could perform the role taking turns so that everyone could geta chance to speak.

Itwould not be easy realistically, however; so I would settle for my speakingfirst. So, what I am going to speak, I would like to solicit that all the OldBoys here and also those who have not been able to make it here today wouldthink that I am speaking for them as well as on my own behalf.

Everyonepresent here, I would say, spent the best part of their lives together with The Herald, sharing the sorrows as wellas joys at a special place of work called the media. This is why, we all felt that what we did was rewarding inaddition to making our living.

Whatwe gained from such an environment where we spent our youthful time together isa great asset. Such assents are so precious that I would say that they shouldnot be left unused. If we recollect these assets today and use them then theywould become our new assets.

Yes,it is true. These assets are too important and precious to be left unused.

Iwould say that the degree of our happiness hinges on how we share our good timetogether as well as good health and forming the basis of all this is the warmfriendship shared among ourselves.

Thisreunion today also has its purpose in part in trying to rekindle the desire touse these assets.

Ihear that the Old Boys of The Herald,who have not had the luck or chance of joining the reunion, regret that theyshould have made more effort to learn the information concerning the reunionmeeting so that they might not miss the meeting in the future.

Itis true that people could have misunderstanding in the past and that one mightnot have wished to meet another depending on the different persons.

Ifone would have the chance of meeting with such a former colleague, I am surethat the reunion meeting of the Old Boys of TheHerald would prove truly a precious occasion?possibly rekindling their oldfriendship.

Iwould like to stress the importance that our Reunion meeting could provide arare opportunity where the members could embrace one another again in search ofa one notch-higher level of happiness in our life.

Iwould say that I will make every effort possible to make our Union meeting onethat all the members would eagerly look forward to attending--counting thedays. I hope that I have spoken for all the members who have not had a chanceto speak. I would be happy if I have adequately spoken for them?no matter towhat extent.

Onceagain, I would like say, “It is really good to see you all again!”

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