The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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July 17, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, July 17, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices, humor from Korean business daily and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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The Korea Post notice:

How much do you know about genuine Sansam (real wild ginseng)?

Genuine Sansam (wild ginseng) is believed in Korea to have many times the medicinal efficacy of the regular ginseng, and especially to increase man’s potency of men and woman’s capacity.

This is why the price of real wild ginseng is very, very high, and even today a 100-year-old Sansam sells for tens of millions of Won while a six-year-old top-quality ginseng of the same size is available for mere several thousand Won a root at ordinary market.

According to the Academy of Korean Studies, Simmani (the wild ginseng hunter) enters the intractable mountains difficult of access by ordinary people for discovering wild ginseng from Cheoseo (end of summer [August 23 this year]) to Ipdong (beginning of winter [November 8]) and before they do this they avoid many things to keep themselves clean so that they do not ‘offend the Mountain God.’

Genuine wild ginseng is found growing only at a special spot deep in the intractable mountainous terrain denying access to man, where the humus soil is made with fallen leaves accumulated for hundreds of years and humidity is maintained at an optimal level for the rare medicinal plant in spite of the worst dry season.

Due to such particular surroundings, the wild ginseng is known to have a special medicinal efficacy good for many diseases?such as loss of energy, weak brain functions, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, diseases of the heart, and various other adult diseases.

Sansam is also known to be effective in reducing the ill effects of menopausal symptoms, mental stress, anemia, ageing of the eyes, metabolism, strengthening of the immunity system, controlling the growth of cancerous cells and lowering the sugar level of the blood. The Saponin content in Sansam is believed to keep the Cholesterol at an optimal level and help the creation of clean blood--thus helping the prevention of hypertension. The Malton content in in the genuine wild ginseng is known to be good for recovery from fatigue and prevention of the ageing of the body.

A very rare opportunity for the Excellencies to learn the truth about genuine wild ginseng:

The Korea Post is organizing a tour of the Hamyang County for the ambassadors and spouses in a one-night-two day program to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 Hamyang International Wild Ginseng Festival on Thursday 30th-Friday 31st, July 2015. KTX VIP Train will be used.

Excellencies might not wish to miss this rare opportunity as it has come for the first time in 12 years.

For more details and photos, please visit /news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=1004.


Today’s humor:

Hankuk Kyungje

Doctor's Pastime

The medical doctor who works for a general hospital was relaxing in his living room after supper when the phone rang.

He heard the familiar voice of a colleague on the other end of the line.

“What’s up?” he said.

“We need a fourth guy for poker,” the colleague said.

“I’ll be right over,” the man answered.

As he put down the phone, his wife asked, “Is it serious?”

“Oh, yes,” the doctor said gravely. “In fact, there are three doctors there already.”



Koreas Fail to Reach Deal on Gaeseong Wage Dispute

The two Koreas have failed to reach a deal over the Gaeseong Industrial Complex workers' wage dispute.

S. Korea Hoping to Declare MERS-Free on Aug. 15

NIS Argues Against WikiLeaks over Lawyer Hacking

Preliminary Candidate Registration for By-Election Begins Friday

Global IBs: China is Biggest Risk for S. Korean Economy

ADB Lowers Korea's Growth Forecast to 3%

KOSPI Crosses 2,080; KOSDAQ Marks Year's High

Koreas Fail to Reach Deal on Gaeseong Wage Dispute

Koreas Hold Talks on Gaeseong Wage Dispute

Inter-Korean Joint Committee Resumes Meeting

Parliamentary Defense Committee Head Suggests China's Nuclear Umbrella for N. Korea

Defense Committee Chairman Proposes Chinese Nuclear Umbrella for N. Korea

S. Korean Intelligence Hacked Lawyer's Computer

Top Court Overturns Lower Court Ruling on Ex-Spy Chief's Election Meddling

'End of MERS will be Declared Per WHO Standards'

Long-stay Foreigners Top 400,000

National Park Service to Promote 'Slow

National Museum of Korea Publishes English

Eurasia Express Passengers Headed to Berlin

Agricultural Ministry to Lift Ban on Livestock Movement

Typhoon Nangka to Affect Korean Peninsula Friday

NIAS Discovers Method to Raise Success Rate when Producing Cloned Canines

S. Korean Fencer Jung Seung-hwa Wins Bronze at World Championships


Yonhap (

Samsung C&T starts crucial shareholder meeting on merger

Samsung C&T Corp. began an emergency shareholder meeting Friday to vote on a proposed merger with another key unit of Samsung Group, a move seen as aiming to smoothen a leadership change in South Korea's richest family.

Cheil Industries shareholders OK merger with Samsung C&T

Shareholders of Cheil Industries Inc. voted for a proposed merger with its sister company Samsung C&T Corp. on Friday, a move aimed at clearing the way for a once-in-a-generation leadership transfer at South Korea's top conglomerate.

S. Korea reports no new MERS cases for 12th day

South Korea reported no additional cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) for the 12th straight day Friday, with no fatalities occurring in a week, the health ministry said.

U.S. urges N. Korea to learn from Iran deal

A top American diplomat urged North Korea on Thursday to learn from the landmark Iranian nuclear deal, negotiate away its nuclear programs and enjoy the benefits of denuclearization.

Japan's role in Korean Peninsula contingency would be to provide 'logistical support': Japan JCS chief

Japan's role in the event of a Korean Peninsula contingency would be to provide "logistical support" even if the country's controversial new security legislation passes through parliament, the country's military chief said Thursday.

U.S. urges N. Korea to learn from Iran deal

Koreas fail to settle wage row at joint factory

S. Korea's top nuke envoy due in China

U.S. to keep pressing North Korea amid Iran deal: U.S. env..

Koreas open talks to resolve wage row in joint fact..

Innocean struggles on Seoul market debut

Cheil Industries shareholders OK merger with Samsung C&T

Samsung C&T starts crucial shareholder meeting on merger

Seoul shares open higher on Wall Street gains

Emma Stone professes her love for K-pop

Lions lead KBO at All-Star break for 4th consecutive seaso..

Psy uninjured after car accident in China

S. Korea's largest genre film fest kicks off in Bucheon

'Sexy' not on Apink's agenda for now


The Korea Times (

Top court sends ex-spy chief case to high court 

The Supreme Court referred the case of former National Intelligence Service (NIS) Chief Won Sei-ho... 

Commercializing palace draws fire 

Three million won ($2,610) for a one-night stay at an adjacent hall of an old palace? That is what...

Fighter upgrade talks hit turbulence 

The nation’s project to upgrade its 134 KF-16 aircraft faces difficulties due to cost escalation. 

Dongwha breaks ground for used car complex 

Dongwha M Park, the used car business unit of Dongwha Group, broke ground for its third used car c...

Tobacco companies are liars: US expert 

Knowing the health risks of smoking, tobacco companies make their products as addictive as possible and lie about the whole thing, a U.S. health expert said T... 

Municipalities join hands to revive tourism 

Municipal governments and the private sector are making all-out efforts to boost the sagging touri...

Man cleared of patricide charges 

A local court has suspended the jail term of a 19-year-old man indicted on charges of beating his father to death, saying it was not clear whether the beating...

'Stepparents should not be discriminated against at school' 

The nation’s human rights agency said Thursday that schools should not discriminate against stepparents during school activities, despite national laws that d... 

N. Korean IOC member will visit Seoul in October 

Chang Ung, a North Korean representative to the International Olympic Committee (IOC), plans to vi... 

Special pardon to include tycoons 

President Park Geun-hye and the new leadership of the ruling Saenuri Party agreed Thursday to gran... 

Doosan Infracore suffers deepening slump 

Doosan Infracore is being dragged into a deepening slump as its financial records worsen because o...


The Korea Herald (

Samsung C&T starts crucial shareholder meeting on merger

Samsung C&T Corp. began an emergency shareholder meeting Friday to vote on a proposed merger with another key unit of Sa...

Park mulls tycoon pardons

President Park Geun-hye said Thursday she would consider granting special pardons to a wide ran...

Hangang weir blamed as key culprit for green tide

A decades-old weir set up in the Hangang River in Seoul is in hot water over what environmental...

How robotic surgery can contribute to women’s health

The idea of undergoing a surgical procedure for the first time can be overwhelming for many, es...

NIS in hot water amid hacking allegations

South Koreans’ distrust of the National Intelligence Service escalated Thursday after allegations arose ...

Denuclearizing N. Korea

The conclusion of a deal to curb Iran’s nuclear program this week has raised hopes it might...

Intelligence hacking

The nation’s top intelligence agency has denied using a hacking program purchased from an I...

[Herald Interview] Organica Day to focus on vegetable detox juice

Just when many Koreans started drinking detox juice and began to realize it’s edible, Organica...

Baesangmyun seeks to revive old liquor culture with brew pubs

Baesangmyun Brewery, South Korea’s leading traditional liquor maker, is growing its brand with...


DongA Ilbo (

Abe administration pushes through collective self-defense law

Japan’s Shinzo Abe administration pushed through the laws related with collective self-defense right that has been on the controversy over its unconstitutionality. In the absence of the opposition parties, the ruling... 

Two Koreas hold first meeting in 1 year

"I hope that today`s meeting will become a welcome rain for the dried-up South-North relationship." (Lee Sang-min, chief delegate from South Korea) "That is a good thing to say. Seeing that our talks proceed well, I...

Korean health authorities contemplate end to MERS

The Korean government is considering announcement of an end to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome outbreak earlier than the recommendations by the World Health Organization. “If setting the time to announce an end...

Hyundai-Kia R&D center develops racing engine

Hyundai-Kia R&D Center showcases an independently-developed racing car engine at a domestic motor sport event. At a 3-day motor sport festival of Korea, China and Japan taking place at Korea International Circuit in...

U.S. senators call for reforms of FIFA at corruption hearing

Members of U.S. Congress called for a U.S.-led, quick and extensive reform of FIFA, the corruption-ridden world soccer governing body, calling it more corrupt than the mafia. The U.S. Senate subcommittee on consumer...

Reason why we have a chill when hearing a scream

When a neck-broken ghost named Sadako crawls out of a TV in the Japanese movie “Ring,” people cannot help but screaming ‘Ugh!’ Screaming is like a sound effect for a horror movie generated by audiences. People have a...

Controversies over N. Korean leader’s call for ‘highest-level’ talks 

Ki Sung-yueng, Son Heung-min as promising Korean soccer players 

New year’s wishes change over time 

Samsung’s mobile phone beats Apple to top ACSI 

Actor Lee Jung-jae reported to be in a relationship with Daesang heiress 

N. Korean leader shows willingness to hold inter-Korean summit 

U.S. military base in Yongsan bans civilian drones, model aircrafts 

Japanese police on 14-year manhunt for cruel murderer


Chosun Ilbo (

Young Koreans See Job Opportunities Dwindle

The number of young people who succeed in finding jobs with major conglomerates or state-run enterprises continues to decline. The number of people aged 15 to 29 who work in big businesses or state-run enterprises declined by 75,000 over the last 10 years. >> Full Text

Chinese Consortium Selected to Raise Ferry

A Chinese state-run company will take a leading role in raising the sunken ferry Sewol from waters off the southwest coast. The Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries said Wednesday that a consortium led by China's Shanghai Salvage was selected in an open bid for the massive project. >> Full Text

Seoul to Send Stolen Korean Buddha Back to Japan

Korea will return an ancient Korean Buddha statue stolen from a Japanese temple to Japan. The Supreme Public Prosecutors' Office said Wednesday the statue, which was stolen from the Kaijin Shrine in Nagasaki Prefecture in October 2012, will be sent back. >> Full Text

Kim Jong-un Meets Exiled Uncle in Pyongyang

'Northern Limit Line' Sails Toward 5 Million Viewer Mark

Kia Launches Revamped K53 Out of 5 Smokers Quit Because of Price Hike

Korea to Face Laos on Path to World Cup Actress Cleared of Blackmail


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

The NIS beefed up its hacking ahead of the 2012 presidential election

Spy agency bought 35 additional phone lines after acquiring a hacking program from an Italian company

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) increased its number of licenses for hacking lines from 10 to 45 two weeks ahead of the 2012 presidential election, it recently emerged. The purchase of 35 additional lines occurred on Dec. 6, 2012, after the NIS acquired a hacking program from the Italian company Hacking Team. The licenses in question were also found to permit continued use and the altering of targets.

Conservative industrial body announces bold inter-Korean economic cooperation

The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) announced seven “major proposals” for inter-Korean economic exchange on July 15, including the establishment of liaison offices in Pyongyang and Seoul by South and North Korean economic groups. .

Results of investigation into US anthrax testing to come within a week

Following the accidental shipment of live anthrax samples to the US air force base at Osan, the US military informed the South Korean government that it would stop its anthrax testing for the time being, sources say. Nevertheless, there are still calls for the US and South Korea to take institutional measures such as revising SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement). .

Study finds Sewol victims were robbed of the right to mourn and remember

“The Sewol tragedy was a sinking of human rights.”An investigative team examining human rights in connection with the sinking of the Sewol ferry came to this conclusion after a five-month-long effort launched last February to record the voices of 45 victims. The team, whose 46 members include human rights activists, social workers, doctors, authors, lawyers, and students, also met with a full range of “invisible victims,” .

After price hike, one of out seven smokers has butted out

With the price of cigarettes increasing by 2,000 won (US$1.74) this year, one out of seven smokers have kicked the habit, a study found. On July 15, the Ministry of Health and Welfare announced that, according to a telephone survey that Gallup Korea conducted with 2,544 adults (19 years and older), the percentage of males who smoke fell 5.8% over the past year, from 40.8% in 2014 to 35% in 2015. This means that one out of every seven smokers have quit over the past year. .

NIS director says snooping software only targeted “overseas North Korean agents”

On July 14, National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director Lee Byung-ho acknowledged to the National Assembly’s Intelligence Committee that the spy agency had purchased hacking software called RCS (Remote Control System), which it is accused of using to place smartphones and computers under illegal surveillance. .

Evidence indicates NIS monitoring was used overseas also

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) used a smartphone monitoring program purchased from the Italian hacking technology firm Hacking Team in China, recent evidence suggests. The revelation, which is the first evidence that the program was used overseas as well as domestically, has many watching for potential diplomatic consequences. .


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

Park will consider tycoon pardons

But ruling party leader says none will go to jailed politicians

President Park Geun-hye promised to consider the ruling party’s recommendation to give high-profile businessmen special pardons next month, the floor leader of the Saenuri Party said on Thursday. Park met with leaders of the Saenuri Party, including its Chairman Kim Moo-sung, at the Blue House…

Supreme Court sends NIS case back for retrial

A final ruling on Won Sei-hoon, the former chief of the National Intelligence Service (NIS) convicted of meddling in the 2012 presidential election campaign…

Human influx turns in Korea’s favor

More people are choosing to stay in Korea compared to the past, government statistics showed, including both natives and expats. Young Koreans…

Posco impresses no one with recovery strategy

A turnaround plan from Posco failed to earn early approval from investors, as shares in Korea’s biggest steelmaker sank to a nine-year low …

Search on for culprit in DSME shock

Mounting worries about the ripple effects of Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering’s financial troubles has sparked criticism and questions over why…

Younger brother seals control of Lotte Group

Shin Dong-bin, chairman of Lotte Group, was appointed chairman of Lotte Holdings in Japan, finalizing a succession process for the retail empire…

City, Asiana woo China’s tourism opinion leaders

Asiana Airlines and the Seoul Metropolitan Government have joined forces to boost tourism in the city, which is having a hard time attracting foreign tourists …

Discounts arrive early at big stores

Suffering from a huge drop in sales as the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome (MERS) outbreak swept the country last month, stores nationwide…

Tokyo pushes security legislation

Seoul urged Tokyo to adhere to the spirit of its postwar pacifist constitution after the Japanese Diet’s lower house pushed through a controversial …

Former Jeolla governor announces NPAD exit

Park Joon-yung, former three-term governor from South Jeolla, announced on Thursday his decision to leave the main opposition party,…

Missing woman, suspect in murder case found dead

The National Forensic Service (NFS) has concluded that a 22-year-old female student found dead Wednesday after being reported missing was strangled to death…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

More public servants are leaving government

A growing number of government employees are quitting voluntarily before their retirement age because of increasing regulations and pressure on the local officialdom. A.. ...07.16 17:35

Opposition lawmakers show dual attitude towards SOC budget

The government’s supplementary budget has been distorted in the National Assembly as lawmakers consider a favor for their electoral districts. The Middle East Respi.. ...07.16 17:19

KDI calls for increased domestic production as domestic added value export..

The added value exports generated at home in South Korea made up a sharply lower share of the nation’s total exports. This means that even assuming the country’s exp.. ...07.16 17:03

POSCO lays out reform scheme

POSCO, a South Korean flagship steelmaker, has released a reform plan after painstaking deliberation. 25 executives who are responsible for botched investment and mism.. ...07.16 11:14

Samsung to launch mobile payment service Samsung Pay

With the Galaxy S6 being embedded with a plastic credit card, its user does not need to take out a card from the wallet. This is the result of hands-on experience of S.. ...07.16 11:00

Ruling party leaders to propose far-reaching special pardons

The ruling Saenuri Party has decided to directly deliver its opinion during a meeting with President Park Geun-hye at Cheong Wa Dae on July 16 that business leaders sh.. ...07.15 17:27

Netmarble Games meets the press

Netmarble Games, South Korea’s biggest mobile game developer, has announced an expansion plan into the global mobile game market. During its first NTP (Netmarble To.. ...07.15 17:08

FM says gov’t mulls corporate tax hike for larger firms

Choi Kyung-hwan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Strategy and Finance said on Wednesday, “the government is mulling collecting more taxes from larger firms by o.. ...07.15 17:07

Competition heats up among ICT and financial firms for ‘mating’

Competition is getting fierce among information and communications technology companies and financial companies ahead of application for preliminary endorsement of int.. ...07.15 14:39


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

"The Sewol Will Be Lifted Atop Steel Beams after Inserting Air" ?

The South Korean government selected Shanghai Salvage Consortium, comprised of the Chinese state-owned enterprise Shanghai Salvage and a domestic company···

Four KBS Executives Removed after Airing Report on Rhee Syng-man's Request for Refuge in Japan?

On July 15, four KBS executives who aired a report last month that the Rhee Syng-man government sought shelter in Japan were released from their posi···

Batman Series Creator Michael Uslan, 'We Can Find a New Super Hero in Korea's Cultural Heritage and History'

"Everything began the day the Batman TV series first aired in January 1960. I felt a mix of emotions watching the Batman on the screen. It felt good, yet it al···

NIS Director's Lame Excuse, 'Because NK Spies Also Use KakaoTalk...'?

On July 14, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) said, "We purchased hacking programs for twenty people from an Italian security firm in 2012," and ···

?[NIS Hacking Program Scandal] NIS May Have Used a Hacking Device at the Time of the Presidential Election?

Allegations have been raised that the National Intelligence Service purchased a hacking program from an Italian hacking firm, Hacking Team. The intellige···

?[Editorial] President Park Needs to Keep Her Principle, 'Do Not Abuse Pardon Power'?

President Park Geun-hye made her plans for special pardons this upcoming August 15, National Liberation Day, official. Yesterday, in a meeting with Cheon···

?[Reporter's Notes] Koreans and 'Others,' Clear Evidence of Japan's Forced Labor???

Japan succeeded in getting its modern industrial facilities inscribed as a World Heritage Site on condition of acknowledging that there was···

[Editorial] We Cannot Delay Seeking the Truth behind the BBK Issue?

The "fake BBK letter" was a decisive factor in the victory of Lee Myung-bak, the Grand National Party candidate, in the 2007 presidential election. And···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Hyundai Motor Grabs Double-digit Market Share in Brazil

Hyundai Motor achieved a double-digit market share in Brazil’s passenger car market for the first time in its history. According to industry sources on July 16, Hyundai Motor sold 17,517 passenger cars in Brazil last month, with a market share of 10.0 percent. This figure is higher than the previou...

FTC Investigates Corrugated Cardboard Suppliers for Price Collusion Charges

The Fair Trade Commission is investigating corrugated cardboard material suppliers for a suspicion of possible price collusion. According to industry sources on July 16, the cartel investigation bureau of the Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating 18 corrugated cardboard manufacturers loca...

Uzbekistan the Next FTA Partner...Trade Ministry

A Ministry of Trade, Industry, and Energy official said on July 16, "Following the six Central American nations including Nicaragua with which we began free trade agreement negotiations last month, we plan to kick off similar talks with Uzbekistan as well." "Recently we proposed a joint study for an...

NHN Entertainment Gears up to Launch into IoT Market

Following its entry into the fintech business, NHN Entertainment is also set to make forays into the Internet-of-Things market. NHN Entertainment, once regarded as one of leading game publishers, is transforming itself into an integrated IT service company. NHN Entertainment held a new product launc...

Fuel Surcharge for Int’l Flights to Be Lowered in August

A fuel surcharge for international air flights is set to be lowered from August due to the decline in oil prices. On flights to and from the U.S. and Europe/Africa destinations, the surcharge will be reduced to the 17,000-won level, while those for the routes to and from the Middle East and the Medi...


AJU Business Daily (

New Cafe Gusttimo store opens in Myeong-dong, Seoul

A new Cafe Gusttimo store opened in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping district in central Seoul, Wednesday. Cafe Gusttimo has menu items, such as Italian gelato, coffee, beverages and desserts, includin…

'Youke' encouraged to visit South Korea

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon in a red vest, center, waves with a group of Chinese tourists, often referred to as “youke,” in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping district in central Seoul, Thursday. The Chine…

S. Korea reports no MERS infection for 8 days; no death added

South Korea reported no new case of infection with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) for eight straight days on Monday, with no death being added, the health ministry said. The total contagion cases were unchanged at 186 since July 6, accord…

SK Telecom's plan on next-generation platform

Models promote SK Telecom's plan to present a "blueprint for next-generation platform" in front of the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) Tuesday, a day before the opening of the three…

Children playing at swimming pool

Children play as they cool down at the Yangjae-cheon outdoor swimming pool in Seocho-gu, southern Seoul, Tuesday. The pool will be opened from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Aug. 31.

An Hyeon-min wins 2015 Ocean World Bikini Contest

An Hyeon-min reacts during the 2015 Ocean World Bikini Contest at Ocean World, Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, Saturday. She won the highest Grand Prize.

Eating samgyetang on chobok

People line up to eat samgyetang, a traditional chicken soup with ginseng, on chobok, the first of the traditionally three hottest days of the year, in front of a samgyetang restaurant in Jongno-gu, c…

Cooling off on hot day

Vivaldi Park's Ocean World in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, is packed with holidaymakers as they attempt to cool off on a hot day on Friday.

South Korean soldiers disinfect refugees camp in South Sudan

Members of the South Korean contingent Hanbit Unit disinfect an area, designated as a protection of civilion (POC), where about 2,300 refugees reside, in Bor, about 170 kilometers north of the South S…



DaumKakao Pushes For UHD Platform…Competition For UHD Broadcasting Market Intensify

DaumKakao is pushing for establishment of UHD video platform. As Daum joins the race following Naver, it seems that competition for preoccupancy of UHD video market w...

China's BOE Is Asking Korea's Major OLED Equipment Companies Tech For Their Technical Cooperation?

China¡?s biggest display company called BOE is actively asking Korea¡?s major equipment companies for technical cooperation to secure next-generation d...

One Can Now Measure Body Fat Through A Smartphone

Process of converging mobile and healthcare is speeding up. Because personal health care products with low risk become exempted from medical equipment, functions that a...

[Conflict Between Samsung And Elliott] Samsung Feels Relieved After Earning National Pension…It Devotes All Of Its Abilities Into Stopping Minority Shareholders From Breaking Away At The Last Moment

Samsung that is pushing for merging Samsung C&T and Cheil Industries took National Pension that is its second largest stockholder as its ally. It is at a point wher...

[Looking At Future Technologies Through Patents] Flexible Power Supply Technology

According to ¡®2014 National Patent Strategy Blueprint¡? report that was published by Korean Intellectual Property Office and Korean Intellectual...

Read the full story


The Korea Post notices:

Proudly introduce the traditional foods of your country:

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that The Korea Post is publishing a Special Report in all its five media units (two in Korean and three in English) to introduce the regular food table of each country.

This is in preparation for the Grand Exhibition of Food Tables of the World to be shown to over half a million people expected to visit the 2015 Namyangju Slow Life Planet Festival on October 8-17, 2015.

Please email to a copy of the regular Food Table of your country for publication in The Korea Post and also at the Exhibition Center of the 2015 Namyangju Festival for a duration of 10 days.

In Korea, the table normally consists of a bowl of rice, a bowl of guk (watery soup), a bowl of Jjigae (stew), a dish of roast fish, a dish of Namul (seasonal greens) and a number of other dishes (small pancakes, steamed eggs, fried bean curds, jelly, etc.). The number of bowls and dishes differ depending on the financial status of the family and on the different occasions. On such festive occasions as Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) and Chuseok (Autumn Full Moon Festival), the number of foods and variety are much larger than at normal time, and each has a specific food item that must not be left out, eg., Ddeokguk (rice cake soup) on the New Year’s Day and Songpyeon (stuffed small rice cake in a half-moon shape. (Please call 010-5201-1740 for further details.)

Send your news releases and feedback:

Send the Embassy news releases to for publication by all its five media units, including one Korean ( and one English ( Internet dailies, which are updated real-time. (Call 010-5201-1740 for further details.)

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