The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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July 20, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Monday, July 20, 2015

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post notices, humor from Korean business dailies and a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media

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The Korea Post notice:

How much do you know about genuine Sansam (real wild ginseng)?

Genuine Sansam (wild ginseng) is believed in Korea to have many times the medicinal efficacy of the regular ginseng, and especially to increase man’s potency of men and woman’s capacity.

This is why the price of real wild ginseng is very, very high, and even today a 100-year-old Sansam sells for tens of millions of Won while a six-year-old top-quality ginseng of the same size is available for mere several thousand Won a root at ordinary market.

According to the Academy of Korean Studies, Simmani (the wild ginseng hunter) enters the intractable mountains difficult of access by ordinary people for discovering wild ginseng from Cheoseo (end of summer [August 23 this year]) to Ipdong (beginning of winter [November 8]) and before they do this they avoid many things to keep themselves clean so that they do not ‘offend the Mountain God.’

Genuine wild ginseng is found growing only at a special spot deep in the intractable mountainous terrain denying access to man, where the humus soil is made with fallen leaves accumulated for hundreds of years and humidity is maintained at an optimal level for the rare medicinal plant in spite of the worst dry season.

Due to such particular surroundings, the wild ginseng is known to have a special medicinal efficacy good for many diseases?such as loss of energy, weak brain functions, diabetes, cancer, hypertension, diseases of the heart, and various other adult diseases.

Sansam is also known to be effective in reducing the ill effects of menopausal symptoms, mental stress, anemia, ageing of the eyes, metabolism, strengthening of the immunity system, controlling the growth of cancerous cells and lowering the sugar level of the blood. The Saponin content in Sansam is believed to keep the Cholesterol at an optimal level and help the creation of clean blood--thus helping the prevention of hypertension. The Malton content in in the genuine wild ginseng is known to be good for recovery from fatigue and prevention of the ageing of the body.

A very rare opportunity for the Excellencies to learn the truth about genuine wild ginseng:

The Korea Post is organizing a tour of the Hamyang County for the ambassadors and spouses in a one-night-two day program to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2015 Hamyang International Wild Ginseng Festival on Thursday 30th-Friday 31st, July 2015. KTX VIP Train will be used.

Excellencies might not wish to miss this rare opportunity as it has come for the first time in 12 years.

For more details and photos, please visit /news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=1004.


Today’s humor:

Seoul Kyungje

A teacher was doing a study testing the senses of first graders, using a bowl of Lifesavers.

The children began to say:

"Red... cherry."

"Yellow... lemon."

"Green... lime."

"Orange... orange."

Finally the teacher gave them all honey Lifesavers.

After eating them, none of the children could identify the taste.

"Well," the teacher said, "I'll give you all a clue. It's what your mother may sometimes call your father."

One little girl looked up in horror, spit her Lifesaver out and yelled:

"Oh, my God! They're assholes!!!"

Hankuk Kyungje

Beauty Contest

When the last of the 12 girls walked out the personnel expert, who had been invited to help the company pick the right one, turned to the CEO.

“There you have seen the perfect examples of various girls. Now you can choose one of them. The first girl said the obvious thing.

The second girl was suspicious. The third was cagey. The fourth looked brainy….”

The CEO didn't hesitate to interrupt the invited expert.

“I'll take the last girl… the good-looking blonde with big boobs and shapely bottom.”



S. Korea's Top Nuclear Envoy to Visit China

South Korea's top nuclear envoy Hwang Joon-kook will visit China on Sunday to discuss North Korea’s nuclear development.

NIS Employee Found Dead, Suicide Note Disclosed

Minor Opposition Party Selects Shim Sang-jung as New Leader

S. Korea's Top Nuclear Envoy to Visit China

Rival Parties Lock Horns over NIS Hacking Allegations

Foreign Media: Samsung Merger to Boost Heir Apparent's Corporate Grip

Gov't to Launch Consultative Body to Best Utilize AIIB

Domestic Shares Edge Down

Sankei: Fierce Power Conflict Between Two Leading N. Korean Officials

South-North Per Capita Income Gap Widens by 21.4 Times

Assembly Speaker Proposes Inter-Korean Talks Between Parliament Leaders

'US Force Reductions May Lead to Misjudgment by N.Korea'

DMZ to Hold Briefings at Congress, UN

Ex-Japan PM: Tokyo Robbed Korea of its Sovereignty

Cases of Heat-related Illnesses Increase 5 Times

Online System for Eco-label Certification Ready

Seoul Returns Silla period Buddha Statue to

Names of US Soldiers Killed in Korean War to

National Park Service to Promote 'Slow

Agricultural Ministry to Lift Ban on Livestock Movement

Typhoon Nangka to Affect Korean Peninsula Friday

NIAS Discovers Method to Raise Success Rate when Producing Cloned Canines

Nexen Slugger Hits 30 Homers for 4th Straight Year

S. Korean Fencer Jung Seung-hwa Wins Bronze at World Championships

S. Korean Delegation Holds Disbanding Ceremony


Yonhap (

NIS agent denies link to civilian surveillance in apparent suicide note

The spy agency employee recently found dead denied in his apparent suicide note that the intelligence body used its controversial hacking program on civilians, police said Sunday.

Police earlier disclosed part of the will left behind by the employee of the National Intelligence Service (NIS), surnamed Lim, who was found dead in a car on a mountain road in Yongin, some 50 kilometers south of Seoul, on Saturday.

S. Korea's MERS cases, death toll remain flat

South Korea was apparently nearing an end to the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) outbreak as no additional cases have been reported over the past 15 days, officials here said Monday.

Israeli PM denounces Iran nuclear deal as repeat of N. Korean mistake

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday denounced the landmark deal on Iran's nuclear program as a repeat of the mistake with North Korea, claiming that the deal paves Tehran's path to a nuclear arsenal.

U.S. Army chief warns troop cut could make N. Korea 'miscalculate'

The U.S. Army's planned troop reduction, driven by budget constraints, could send a wrong signal to North Korea and lead the provocative communist nation to make miscalculations, the Army chief has warned.

N. Korea spurns S. Korea's offers for dialogue

North Korea rejected South Korea's recent offers for talks Monday, claiming Seoul should first give up its confrontational policy toward Pyongyang.

N. Korea spurns S. Korea's offers for dialogue

N. Korea's leader casts ballot in local elections

Spy agency employee found dead, hacking program men..

S. Korea invites North to int'l security talks in S..

S. Korea's MERS cases, death toll remain flat

Seoul shares get off to flat start

S. Korea opens mini-sized derivatives market

Domestic flight passengers up in H1 despite MERS

S. Korean Chella Choi earns first LPGA win

Police to hire detectives to protect cultural assets

Sunday's weather forecast

U.S. second lady meets with female Buddhist monks..


The Korea Times (

S. Korean Chella Choi earns first LPGA win

Another LPGA Tour event, another South Korean champion.

This time, it was Chella Choi earning her first LPGA victory at the Marathon Classic in Sylvania, Ohio, on Sunday. Choi defeated fellow South Korean and overnight leader Jang Ha-na with a par on the first playoff hole at the par-71 Highland Meadows Golf Club to take home the winner's check of US$225,000.

Beware of guilty food pleasures on Saturdays 

Koreans eat more fast food and other high-calorie foods on Saturdays than on other days of the wee...

Talks on extra budget may drag on 

Negotiations on the government-proposed extra budget bill are likely to drag on amid disputes over the main opposition party’s proposal that the government ra... 

Korea's top nuclear envoy visits China 

Hwang Joon-kook, South Korea’s top envoy for talks on denuclearizing North Korea, left for China S... 

Rep. Sim elected as chairwoman of Justice Party 

Rep. Sim Sang-jeung, a two-term lawmaker and former floor leader of the Justice Party, has been el...

Woman faces arrest for poisoned soda 

Police have asked the prosecution to request an arrest warrant for an elderly woman suspected of killing two people and critically injuring three with pestici...

Hanwha, STX Engine responsible for bid-rigging 

The Supreme Court has ruled on Sunday that it was proper for the anti-trust watchdog to fine Hanwha and STX Engine for their price-fixing in a submarine const...

A college at SNU will introduce 'honor code' 

A college at Seoul National University (SNU) plans to introduce an unsupervised exam system next year. 

Safety guidelines keep Twizy off road 

Twizy, an ultra-compact four-wheel electric vehicle produced by Renault Samsung Motors, is unlikel... 

Samsung Heavy likely to see staggering loss 

Samsung Heavy Industries is projected to post huge losses in the second quarter of the year after... 


The Korea Herald (

NIS agent's suicide note denies hacking allegations

A spy agency official who was recently found dead had denied allegations that the state-run intelligence agency surveill...

Remembering the history of women’s resilience

In 2001, seven years before South Korea’s abolishment of the male-dominated family registratio...

Samsung speeding up leadership transfer

Samsung Group’s leadership transfer to the next generation is speeding up on the heels of Frid...

After MERS, Korea to beef up health expertise

The Health Ministry plans to appoint a health expert in a key leadership role in the wake of th...

Trump calls McCain 'loser'

WASHINGTON ― Donald Trump, known for his incendiary rhetoric on the 2016 campaign trail, lobbed his late...

Selecting a justice

The Supreme Court recently unveiled a list of 27 candidates to succeed a justice who is to r...

Japan’s security legisl...

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has stayed firm on his path toward enacting controversial...

S. African envoy calls for compassion on Mandela Day

The United Nations General Assembly in 2009 proclaimed Nelson Mandela’s birthday, 18 July, as ...

Lotte eyes Audi dealership business

Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin South Korean retail giant Lotte Group plans to enter t...


DongA Ilbo (

Protest rallies remain to be noisy at night despite noise control

Tuesday marks the first anniversary after standards on noise from protest rallies were reinforced due to revision to executive ordinances under the Assembly and Protest Act. However, noise at the site of protest rallies... 

Controversy over Queen Elizabeth’s 1933 Nazi salute footage

A U.K. newspaper has published a video footage of British Queen Elizabeth II performing a Nazi salute (dotted line) as a young girl, causing a controversy among the public. Buckingham Palace has admitted the Queen...

Gov`t to set a plan to support returnees to farming, rural areas

Public support to people returning to farming and rural areas, which were provided independently by the central government and provincial governments, will be implemented under a comprehensive plan at the national...

US, Cuba reopen embassies in 54 years

The U.S. and Cuba will open embassies in Havana and Washington, each other’s capital, on Monday. The reopening of embassies is in accordance with the U.S.-Cuba agreement on the normalization of diplomatic relations...

Tiger Woods misses cut in two consecutive majors

Tiger Woods (picture) has missed the cut in two consecutive majors for the first time in his life. In the second round of the British Open at St. Andrews’ Old Course (par 72), Scotland, on Saturday, Woods shot 75 for a...

Samsung’s minority shareholders defeat global hedge fund

It was a narrow victory. The result shows that Samsung C&T Corporation was highly likely to lose had it not been for minority shareholders. After all, Samsung C&T’s strategy to visit scattered minority shareholders in...

Controversies over N. Korean leader’s call for ‘highest-level’ talks 

Ki Sung-yueng, Son Heung-min as promising Korean soccer players 

New year’s wishes change over time 

Samsung’s mobile phone beats Apple to top ACSI 

Actor Lee Jung-jae reported to be in a relationship with Daesang heiress 

N. Korean leader shows willingness to hold inter-Korean summit 

U.S. military base in Yongsan bans civilian drones, model aircrafts 

Japanese police on 14-year manhunt for cruel murderer


Chosun Ilbo (

Names of U.S. Soldiers Killed in Korean War to Be Read

The names of 36,574 American soldiers who were killed during the 1950-53 Korean War will be read out loud from July 25 to 27 to mark the anniversary of the armistice that ended fighting. >> Full Text

U.S. Army Chief Warns of Troop Cuts

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno warned last Friday that U.S. Army reduction plans could 'embolden" other countries. The U.S. Army on July 9 announced a reform plan to cut troops from the current 490,000 to 420,000 over four years. >> Full Text

Pantech Gets New Lease on Life

Ailing smartphone maker Pantech has been given a new lease of life at the 11th hour. Computer equipment manufacturer Optis, which has been preparing to acquire Pantech, said Friday it has reached a final decision to buy the smartphone maker as part of a consortium with communications equipment maker Solid. >> Full Text

More Young People Can't Make Up Their Minds

Defense Ministry Invites N.Korean Official to Seoul Event

Korea Lags Behind Neighbors in Cutting-Edge Industry

Fresh Inter-Korean Talks End Without Agreement

Young Koreans See Job Opportunities Dwindle

N.Korea Blasts Seoul for Letting Fishermen Defect

Want a Good Night's Sleep? Switch Off Smartphones


Hankyoreh Shinmoon (

[News analysis] Vote on consequential Samsung C&T-Cheil merger all came down to 3.2% of stock

Process of succession to Lee Jae-yong now more complete, but he will soon face a series of challenges

It all came down to 3.2% of the total stock - the story of the vote on the merger with Cheil Industries that was brought to the floor at the general meeting of stockholders in Samsung C&T. During the meeting on Friday, stockholders approved the merger with Cheil Industries, the first item on the agenda, with 69.53% votes in favor. This cleared the minimum percentage required to pass a merger motion (two thirds or 66.67% of participating stock) by around 2.86 percentage points.

Human rights activist arrested in apparent political ploy

At around midnight on July 16, messages began going up on Facebook about the issuance of a preliminary arrest warrant for Park Rae-gun, the 54-year-old director of the Center of Human Rights. A member of the standing committee for the group April 16 Alliance, which has been calling for an investigation into the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking, .

NIS sought “focused monitoring” of citizens before last year’s municipal elections

Questions about being raised about the motives and decisions behind the National Intelligence Service’s temporary introduction of devices allowing for “focused hacking” on an unspecified number of targets ahead of the municipal elections in June 2014.According to an examination on July 17 of recently leaked employee email exchanges from the Italian company Hacking Team, the NIS was supplied in April 2014 with a tactical network injection (TNI) program and devices by the company, .

NIS issues statement defending purchase of hacking program

The National Intelligence Service (NIS) fired back on July 17 over allegations that it used an Italian-made hacking program to monitor civilians, saying it plans to present the National Assembly Intelligence Committee with records of the program’s use.“While the usage records for the hacking software remain confidential, we intend to reveal them to the members of the National Assembly Intelligence Committee as an emergency measure to end the current controversy,” .

Samsung Medical Center to reopen if no new MERS cases

The partial closure of Samsung Medical Center is scheduled to end on July 20 if no additional cases of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) are diagnosed. The hospital is currently the only remaining medical center to remain partially closed among the 15 designated for targeted management of the virus. The Ministry of Health and Welfare’s MERS headquarters made the announcement at the hospital on the morning of July 17 .

Bloomberg: South Korea may be in need of some Prozac

“If countries have moods, South Korea may be in need of some Prozac,” said Bloomberg. “The population is aging, labor markets are rigid, innovation is lagging, corporate and household debt is rising and confidence has been hit hard by the threat from an outbreak of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS. All this only a year after a ferry disaster that killed more than 300 people hammered confidence,” the US-based financial wire service said on July 16. .

Overturning of NIS director’s guilty verdict latest episode in Supreme Courts slide

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn an appeals court ruling finding former National Intelligence Service (NIS) Director Won Sei-hoon guilty of violating the Public Official Election Act is part of a ongoing trend of siding with the administration and vested interested on cases with major social ramifications. It’s a phenomenon that some analysts attribute to the court’s increasingly conservative makeup since the Lee Myung-bak administration (2008-13).In an en banc ruling on July 17, .

S. Korean spy agency tried to use US website to implant spyware

New evidence suggests that South Korea’s spy agency, with the help of an Italian hacking company, used the website of the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in an attempt to hack the smartphones of South Korean users of SK Telecom. The attempt was apparently made in early June, at the peak of the MERS outbreak. This example contradicts the agency’s claims that it only used the hacking program against spies operating in South Korea.


JoongAng Ilbo (conservative): (

NIS agent dies in apparent suicide

Leaves note claiming the spy agency did not snoop on any civilians

A National Intelligence Service (NIS) agent was found dead in his car over the weekend, after apparently leaving behind a note denying accusations that the top spy agency had been involved in hacking mobile devices and computers of ordinary people through spyware purchased from an Italian company…

New approach needed to shrinking population

The low birth rate has been a worry for South Korea for more than a decade. While the government has put most of its efforts into encouraging couples to have kids…

More tinkering by government to foster startups.

The government will ease regulations on venture capital funds invested in high-potential start-ups and small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs),…

More challenges to merger seen

Samsung may be heaving a sigh of relief after it triumphed over U.S. hedge fund Elliott Associates in its controversial merger last Friday…

One cheer for Choi as economy czar celebrates a year in office

When Finance Minister Choi Kyung-hwan took office in July 2014, expectations were high for the politician-turned-minister with huge influence in the political arena.…

Jill Biden discusses women’s role

Jill Biden, an English professor and wife of U.S. Vice President Joe Biden, emphasized the necessity of female empowerment in society and the workplace…

MERS subsides with no new cases in two weeks

Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS), which claimed 36 lives over the past two months and sickened 186, seems to have been contained …

Narrow focus pays off for 3 asset managers in 1st half

Department stores are convenient for shoppers because of the wide range of products. But for customer satisfaction, they cannot beat specialist shops…

Big changes on horizon for duty free in Seoul

The duty-free industry is undergoing a major transformation as a trio of operators received five-year licenses to open duty-free shops in Seoul…

Dogfight between flag carriers, LCCs goes on

Jin Air, Korean Air’s budget airline subsidiary, announced July 8 that it will be launching service from Incheon to Honolulu by the end of this year.…

Gwangju plans a future post-Universiade games

It’s been long time since the hosting of international sports events was considered a golden goose. It’s more like a money pit.…

Fondest sendoff for manager Kim Eung-yong

At the 2015 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) All-Star Game, the players weren’t the only ones in the spotlight. Former Hanwha Eagles manager Kim Eung-yong…


Maeil Kyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Scholars stress importance of ‘campaign for advanced society observing li..

“The campaign for advanced society observing line should not end up a mere rhetoric and continuous efforts for the campaign with long-term plans will produce results .. ...07.19 16:40

Elliott again to ratchet up attack on merger between Samsung’s 2 arms

Cheil Industries and Samsung C&T approved the plan to merge on Friday, but Elliott Associates heralded a further attack against the proposed merger between the two arm.. ...07.19 16:39

SNU launches microgrid project

The Seoul National University embarked on the migrogrid project for electricity-cutting efforts, the first-ever attempt made by the South Korean university. The Seou.. ...07.19 14:15

GM Korea to supply electric cars for KEPCO

GM Korea will supply its electric cars to Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO). The automaker is set to supply 84 of 105 units of electric cars which KEPCO planned.. ...07.19 12:24

Seoul to seek public urban development for Seongdwi Village

The Seoul Metropolitan Government will seek a public urban development plan again for Seongdwi Village in Bangbae-dong, a large shanty town, where small stone dealers .. ...07.17 17:26

Samsung wins battle against Elliot

A green light was given to the merger between Samsung C&T Corp and Cheil Industries, two units of Samsung Group. This marks a victory for Samsung Group against the US .. ...07.17 17:14

Think tanks cut S. Korea potential growth

With the growth momentum of the South Korean economy waning sharply, it is projected that the nation’s potential growth fell by more than 0.5 percentage points. The p.. ...07.17 15:52

Solid-Optis consortium to take over Pantech

South Korea’s Pantech has emerged from tough times. Solid and Optis consortium announced on Friday that the consortium`s plan was granted by the Seoul Central Distric.. ...07.17 15:39

50 inch level TV overtakes 40 inch level TV in sales

Television screens are increasingly becoming larger, a survey showed. According to the survey by Samsung Electronics of its own TV product sales between January and M.. ...07.17 11:28

More public servants are leaving government

A growing number of government employees are quitting voluntarily before their retirement age because of increasing regulations and pressure on the local officialdom.A.. ...07.16 17:35


The Kyunghyang Shinmoon (

[Editorial] Concerns over a Runaway Abe, Ramming Through the Enactment of the Right to Collective Self-Defense

Yesterday Japan's Shinzo Abe cabinet passed eleven bills and amendments on security including an amendment of the Self-Defense Forces Act, which allows Japan t···

President Park Uses the Ruling Party to Pardon Chaebol Owners

On July 16, President Park Geun-hye expressed her plans to review the pardon of businessmen, such as chaebol owners, in a positive light. The president had pled···

?'The Sewol Will Be Lifted Atop Steel Beams after Inserting Air' ?

The South Korean government selected Shanghai Salvage Consortium, comprised of the Chinese state-owned enterprise Shanghai Salvage and a domestic company···

Four KBS Executives Removed after Airing Report on Rhee Syng-man's Request for Refuge in Japan?

On July 15, four KBS executives who aired a report last month that the Rhee Syng-man government sought shelter in Japan were released from their posi···

Batman Series Creator Michael Uslan, 'We Can Find a New Super Hero in Korea's Cultural Heritage and History'

"Everything began the day the Batman TV series first aired in January 1960. I felt a mix of emotions watching the Batman on the screen. It felt good, yet it al···

NIS Director's Lame Excuse, 'Because NK Spies Also Use KakaoTalk...'

?On July 14, the National Intelligence Service (NIS) said, "We purchased hacking programs for twenty people from an Italian security firm in 2012," and ···

?[NIS Hacking Program Scandal] NIS May Have Used a Hacking Device at the Time of the Presidential Election

?Allegations have been raised that the National Intelligence Service purchased a hacking program from an Italian hacking firm, Hacking Team. The intellige···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Shipbuilders Take Huge Losses Due to Offshore Plant Projects

Korea's major shipbuilders are incurring huge losses largely because of their rush to take on offshore plant orders. For example, Hyundai Heavy Industries took losses of more than 3 trillion won last year, of which more than a half was due to offshore platform projects. The same is true for Samsung...

Yeongdong Blvd. May Become Traffic Hell as 6 Train Lines Will Be Built

Yeongdong Boulevard, the 4.6-kilometer thoroughfare stretching between Yeongdong Bridge and Irwon Tunnel in Seoul's Gangnam, may soon become a "traffic hell" as the construction for railways is likely to continue until 2040. The central government and the Seoul city government are competing to build...

North Korea's Per-capita Income 1.39 Mil. Won in 2014

The economic growth rate of North Korea last year was estimated at 1.0 percent. The gap with South Korea in terms of per-capita income has thus widened to 1 to 21.4. According to a report "2014 North Korea Economic Growth Rate Estimates" published by the Bank of Korea on July 17, the real gross dome...

June Producer Prices Decline for 11 Straight Months in June

June producer prices have fallen for 11 consecutive months, leading economists to worry about deflation. The Bank of Korea said on July 17 that the producer price index for June 2015 was 101.80, down 3.6 percent from 105.60 for the same month last year. This is a drop in the index for 11 months in a...

Hanwha Compound Merges with Hanwha Next

Hanwha Chemical said on July 19 that it established Hanwha Compound by merging Hanwha Next with the former. The market for chemical compounds such as automotive and electronic parts and construction materials has grown at an annual rate of 6 percent since 2007, primarily because of the rising demand...


AJU Business Daily (

Actress Kim Hee-jung plays Corporal Park Dong-hyuk's mother in 'Battle of Yeonpyeong'

Actress Kim Hee-jung, who appears in a 2015 South Korean film based on a bloody inter-Korean naval skirmish 13 years ago, poses for the camera during a recent interview in Seoul with The Aju Business …

New Cafe Gusttimo store opens in Myeong-dong, Seoul

A new Cafe Gusttimo store opened in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping district in central Seoul, Wednesday. Cafe Gusttimo has menu items, such as Italian gelato, coffee, beverages and desserts, includin…

'Youke' encouraged to visit South Korea

Seoul Mayor Park Won-soon in a red vest, center, waves with a group of Chinese tourists, often referred to as “youke,” in Myeong-dong, a popular shopping district in central Seoul, Thursday. The Chine…

S. Korea reports no MERS infection for 8 days; no death added

South Korea reported no new case of infection with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) for eight straight days on Monday, with no death being added, the health ministry said. The total contagion cases were unchanged at 186 since July 6, accord…

SK Telecom's plan on next-generation platform

Models promote SK Telecom's plan to present a "blueprint for next-generation platform" in front of the Shanghai New International Expo Center (SNIEC) Tuesday, a day before the opening of the three…

Children playing at swimming pool

Children play as they cool down at the Yangjae-cheon outdoor swimming pool in Seocho-gu, southern Seoul, Tuesday. The pool will be opened from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. through Aug. 31.

An Hyeon-min wins 2015 Ocean World Bikini Contest

An Hyeon-min reacts during the 2015 Ocean World Bikini Contest at Ocean World, Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, Saturday. She won the highest Grand Prize.

Eating samgyetang on chobok

People line up to eat samgyetang, a traditional chicken soup with ginseng, on chobok, the first of the traditionally three hottest days of the year, in front of a samgyetang restaurant in Jongno-gu, c…

Cooling off on hot day

Vivaldi Park's Ocean World in Hongcheon, Gangwon Province, is packed with holidaymakers as they attempt to cool off on a hot day on Friday.

South Korean soldiers disinfect refugees camp in South Sudan

Members of the South Korean contingent Hanbit Unit disinfect an area, designated as a protection of civilion (POC), where about 2,300 refugees reside, in Bor, about 170



President Chun Young Hyun of Samsung Electronics Questions Possibility Of Chinese Company Buying Out Micron

Head Director (President) Chun Young Hyun of Samsung Electronics¡? Memory Business Department announced on the 15th that there is a low possibility of Chi...

Read the full story

[Exclusive]LG Electronics Reshuffles Executive Personnel…Specialist In B2B And India

LG Electronics announced on the14th that it had carried out transfer of personnel such as India Branch Office Manager, Director of Home Entertainment Foreign Busi...

Read the full story

DaumKakao Pushes For UHD Platform…Competition For UHD Broadcasting Market Intensify

DaumKakao is pushing for establishment of UHD video platform. As Daum joins the race following Naver, it seems that competition for preoccupancy of UHD video market w...

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China's BOE Is Asking Korea's Major OLED Equipment Companies Tech For Their Technical Cooperation?

China¡?s biggest display company called BOE is actively asking Korea¡?s major equipment companies for technical cooperation to secure next-generation d...

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One Can Now Measure Body Fat Through A Smartphone

Process of converging mobile and healthcare is speeding up. Because personal health care products with low risk become exempted from medical equipment, functions that a...

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The Korea Post notices:

Proudly introduce the traditional foods of your country:

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that The Korea Post is publishing a Special Report in all its five media units (two in Korean and three in English) to introduce the regular food table of each country.

This is in preparation for the Grand Exhibition of Food Tables of the World to be shown to over half a million people expected to visit the 2015 Namyangju Slow Life Planet Festival on October 8-17, 2015.

Please email to a copy of the regular Food Table of your country for publication in The Korea Post and also at the Exhibition Center of the 2015 Namyangju Festival for a duration of 10 days.

In Korea, the table normally consists of a bowl of rice, a bowl of guk (watery soup), a bowl of Jjigae (stew), a dish of roast fish, a dish of Namul (seasonal greens) and a number of other dishes (small pancakes, steamed eggs, fried bean curds, jelly, etc.). The number of bowls and dishes differ depending on the financial status of the family and on the different occasions. On such festive occasions as Seollal (Lunar New Year’s Day) and Chuseok (Autumn Full Moon Festival), the number of foods and variety are much larger than at normal time, and each has a specific food item that must not be left out, eg., Ddeokguk (rice cake soup) on the New Year’s Day and Songpyeon (stuffed small rice cake in a half-moon shape. (Please call 010-5201-1740 for further details.)

Send your news releases and feedback:

Send the Embassy news releases to for publication by all its five media units, including one Korean ( and one English ( Internet dailies, which are updated real-time. (Call 010-5201-1740 for further details.)

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