The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Oct. 16, 2015

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Friday, Oct. 16, 2015

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Here are Korea Post notices, a roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media this morning:

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The Korea Post news:

After persecutions during Joseon Dynasty, Japanese colonial rule

Traditional Korean Mugyo (shamanism), dates back to 4,348 years, now has heyday

When one is asked what the traditional Korean religions are in Korea, one will answer, “Yu-Bul-Do,” meaning “Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism.” Some will even say “Yu-Bul-Seon” but here “Seon” is more or less similar to “Do” (Taoism).

The answers are all wrong.

The traditional Korean religion is Mugyo (巫敎) which some translate as “Shamanism,” but which properly means SaengSaeng (生生) implying “Benevolence for All” vis-a-vis Sang Saeng (相生) or “Mutual Benefit.”

Confucianism and Taoism came from China and so did Buddhism which originated in Pakistan (Nepal or India as some claim). Christian religion came later. Mugyo was developed in ancient Korea which then included a part of Siberia as well as the Manchurian region of China (/news/view.html?smode=&skey=Mugyo&x=12&y=13&section=162&category=182&no=1079)

Mugyo in Korea, according to JisikBaekgwa (Encyclopedia of Knowledge), shares its roots with the shaman religion of the Ural Altai nations of Mongolia, Manchuria and Japan.
The Korean Mugyo dates back to the Era of Dangun (the legendary progenitor of the Korean nation) 4,348 years ago, and has mixed with Buddhism and Taoism, and has been living with the Korean people for over four millennia of years. The Korean Mugyo flourished until the beginning of the Joseon Dynasty 1392 when the kings started persecuting Mudang (shamans). The persecution continued also during the colonial rule of Korea by the Japanese Empire from 1910 to 1945 as part of its plan to root out any trace of national identity of the Korean people.

Korea’s liberation from Japan in 1945 did not bring any good news to the Korean Mugyo because in the midst of influx of Western ideas, science and knowledge, the Korean Mugyo was looked down upon and labeled as a superstitious belief.

However, beginning with the rapid economic development and growth beginning in the 1970s under the late President Park Chung-hee, a sense of self-respect and national identity started growing and an endeavor started to recover the lost identity and traditional culture of Korea.

In this process, the Korean Mugyo was given a re-evaluation with the result that the government designated some of the Mugyopractioners (shamans) as Human Cultural Assets.

Against this backdrop, the number of Mugyo practioners have grown by leaps and bounds.

Records indicate that the number of Korean Mugyo practioners were only 2,600 during the Period of King Sunjong (1907-1910) of the Joseon Dynasty, but continued to grow and totaled 12,380 in 1937 in spite of the severe Japanese suppressions. In 1960, fifteen years after Korea’s Liberation from Japan, the number jumped to 21,930 and then to 40,000 in 1965.

Now the number of Korean shaman practioners total over 300,000 according to a recent official announcement of the government-approved GyeongsinYeonhap-hoe (Federation of Korean Folk Religious Organizations).


The Korea Post notice:

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A round-up of the latest news published by the Korean media:


President Park Touts S. Korea-US Alliance at Pentagon

Anchor: Ahead of her summit with U.S. President Barack Obama slated for Friday, President Park Geun-hye visited the Department of Defense in Washington. After...

US Refuses to Transfer Jet Technologies

BOK Cuts Economic Growth Outlook for Next Year

President Park Touts S. Korea-US Alliance at Pentagon

Park Reaffirms Airtight S. Korea-US Alliance at Pentagon

Saenuri Adopts State-Designated History Textbooks as Party Platform

Park Calls for More Trade, Investment between S. Korea, US

BOK Cuts Economic Growth Outlook for Next Year

Audi Volkswagen Korea to Recall 2,200 Cars over 2-Year-Old Defect

Historians Visit N. Korea for Relics Exhibition

Unification Minister: Institutional System Necessary to Achieve 'Healthy Peace'

Red Cross Pres., VP to Lead S. Korean Participants in Reunions

White House: Park-Obama Summit to Address FTA, N. Korea, Climate Change

US Refuses to Transfer Jet Technologies

38 North: N. Korea Continuing Development of Submarine-Launched SLBMs


Yonhap (

Park: S. Korea's entry into TPP to bring benefits to U.S.

President Park Geun-hye said Thursday that South Korea and U.S. companies will stand to benefit if Seoul joins the world's largest trading bloc.

Trade ministers of the U.S. and 11 other nations reached the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal earlier this month, which accounts for about 40 percent of global gross domestic product.

S. Korea, Japan defense chief to meet in Seoul next week

Defense Minister Han Min-koo and his Japanese counterpart Gen Nakatani will hold talks next week on bilateral issues, including Japan's security legislation that expands the Japanese military's role abroad, the Defense Ministry said Friday.

Biden sidesteps question about presidential ambition with joke, 'I'll answer in Korean'

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden on Thursday sidestepped a question about his presidential ambition with a joke that he'll give an answer in the Korean language.

Park calls for efforts to deal with N. Korean threat

President Park Geun-hye called Thursday for expanding cooperation with the United States in cybersecurity and space to cope with threats posed by North Korea as she met with U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter.

Economic cooperation, N. Korea to top Park-Obama summit: White House

Economic cooperation and North Korea will be top the agenda items for Friday's summit between South Korean President Park Geun-hye and U.S. President Barack Obama, the White House press secretary said.


The Korea Herald (

Park visits Pentagon, hails Korea-U.S. alliance

South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s first visit to the Pentagon on Thursday morning underscored her co...

BOK lowers growth forecast

The Bank of Korea kept the benchmark interest rate unchanged at 1.5 percent and revised its eco...

Convenience stores vie for dominance in lunch box market

The competition for lunch box meals is getting fiercer among South Korean convenience stores as...

Mapping K-pop stars' wealth

The road to becoming a successful K-pop star requires years of unpaid training starting from a...

Israel sets up east Jerusalem checkpoints as...

Israel set up checkpoints Wednesday in Palestinian neighborhoods of east Jerusalem and mobil...

Election map

The failure of a panel commissioned to redraw parliamentary constituencies to fulfill its mi...

Park-Obama summit

President Park Geun-hye, now on a four-day trip to the U.S., will soon hold a summit with Pr...


The Korea Times (

Park seeks US support in space program

President Park Geun-hye visited the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., Thursday. Her visit to the U.S. agency’s first space research laboratory came...

[Breaking] President Park says she is open to meeting with Abe at upcoming trilateral summit 

President Park says she is open to meeting with Abe at upcoming trilateral summit

U.S. refuses to accept S. Korea's request for fighter jet technology transfer 

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter refused Thursday to accept South Korea's request for the transfer of key American technologies necessary for Seoul's "KF-X" ...

Alliance Op-Ed 

Just a few hundred feet from the U.S. State Department is the Korean War Veterans Memorial, where ...

Vote rigging allegation 

The opposition New Politics Alliance for Democracy has decided to let its lawmaker Kang Dong-won quit as a member of the National Assembly’s Steering Committe...

Daejong Film Awards says 'no-show, no award' 

The Daejong (grand bell) Film Awards, Korea’s most revered movie industry awards, is the focus of controversy after a “no show, no award” policy was decreed f...

F-35 technologies crucial for future air warfare 

The U.S. refusal to hand over four core technologies used in making F-35 stealth fighters to Korea has put its indigenous fighter jet development program, KF-... 

PM's remarks on Japanese military trigger backlash 

Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn is under siege after he made remarks during an interpellation session... 

Male hair designer looks overseas 

Kim Song-jeong, 47, began his career in the beauty industry at the age of 23 when he was discharge...

Audi Volkswagen Korea to recall two years after gov't order 

Audi Volkswagen Korea, criticized over the late apology for an on-going emissions scandal here, will belatedly recall some 2,200 vehicles for defects in emiss...


DongAIlbo (

Polygraph to be used to catch the `cat mom` killer

GyeonggiYonginseobu Police Station investigating the "cat mom" murder case in Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi Province announced on Thursday that it will employ a polygraph on the residents of the apartment where the... 

Last division series to see two blue-hat teams locking horns

Whoever the winners are, the 2015 MLB Postseason will be a war of blue hats. As of Wednesday, the Division Series are almost over with one more team to be chosen for the National League Championship, and either New...

Korea Foundation selects 10 next-gen Korea specialists in U.S.

The Korea Foundation on Wednesday launched the Korea-U.S. NextGen Scholars Program to cultivate Korea experts in the United States jointly with the U.S. Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and...

Samsung Electronics unveils second Tizen-powered smartphone

Samsung Electronics released its second Tizen-powered smartphone “Samsung Z3” in Gurgaon, India on Wednesday. It had launched its first Tizen phone Samsung Z1 in the country nine months ago in

January.Tizen is...

Poll suggests 66% of Americans see S. Korea as `reliable partner`

More than 80 percent of U.S. citizens consider the South Korea-U.S. alliance important, a survey has shown. In a survey of 2,034 American adults aged 18 or older polled between May 25 and June 17 by the Chicago Council...

Pres. Park must correct misunderstanding about ‘free ride of security’ in Washington

The person who dealt a counterblow to Donald Trump, a leading presidential candidate for the U.S. Republican Party who has claimed "Korea is free riding security," is a 20-year-old college student, who is a...

Playboy cover without nude photo 

Record breaker Lee Bo-mi fulfills her father`s dying wish 

Social media fuel Israel-Palestine clashes 

Gov’t tracks down high-income professionals’ health insurance payment failure 

Hyundai Motor’s Brazil-tailored HB20 ranks No. 2 in Brazil


ChosunIlbo (

Historians to Boycott Official Textbooks

Historians at major universities have warned they will boycott the government’s plan to reintroduce official history textbooks for middle and high schools by 2017. A total of 109 professors at 10 universities this week vowed not to take part in the government's plans. >> Full Text

Park Meets Top U.S. Officials

President Park Geun-hye on Wednesday visited the Pentagon and met with U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and other top defense officials. They discussed the North Korean missile and nuclear threats, Cheong WaDae said. >> Full Text

BOK Slashes Growth Forecast

The Ministry of Strategy and Finance expects Korea's economy to grow three percent this year, but the Bank of Korea now forecasts a mere 2.7 percent, down from a 2.8 percent estimate in July. The BOK also slashed its growth outlook for next year from 3.3 to 3.2 percent. >> Full Text

More Babies Are Born Underweight

Americans More Positive About Korea Than Ever

Sex Slavery Victims Hold 1,200th Weekly Protest1,800 Koreans Are Super-Rich


HankyorehShinmoon (

History textbooks: a ruling party gamble that could backfire

Experts suggest textbook decision more about Pres. Park‘s convictions than a strategy for 2016 parliamentary elections

The issue of a single Korean history textbook designation is escalating from demonstrations into a fierce national debate.President Park Geun-hye claimed the decision to designate textbooks was made because “history education and political debates should not be allowed to create ideological conflict and divide the South Korean people.” But the rifts and conflict are, if anything, only deepening.

In Washington, Pres. Park working to reaffirm US alliance

President Park Geun-hye arrived in Washington, DC, on the afternoon of Oct. 13 for a four-day diplomatic visit.Key themes for Park’s visit will include the South Korea-US alliance, coordination on North Korea, and expanding cooperation on “new frontiers,” the Blue House said. Sources said a particular focus would be on allaying concerns that Seoul has become too close to Beijing, with plans to show the alliance’s strength through a full schedule of diplomatic events besides Park’s summit with US President Barack Obama on Oct. 16. .

Seoul hoping Washington will change tack on jet fighter tech transfer

Defense Minister Han Min-koo, who is accompanying President Park Geun-hye on her visit to the US, is planning to ask the US once again to transfer key technology for the Korean fighter project (called the KF-X or Boramae).When Park visits the Pentagon in Washington on Oct. 15, Han reportedly will meet with US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter to request that the US government reconsider its refusal to grant the transfer of four kinds of key technologies for the Korean fighter project. .

In S. Korea, historical distortions that Abe could only dream of

Toshio Suzuki sighed deeply when asked for his thoughts on the South Korean government’s recent decision to designate official Korean history textbooks. The 66-year-old retired high school teacher has long been part of the campaign in Japan to oppose government involvement in textbooks. He then said, “Why wouldn’t more and more people in Japan start thinking, ‘So South Korea is one of those countries that teaches students history however it sees fit’?” .

[Analysis] Inter-Korean relations hinge on Pres. Park’s visit to the US

On the afternoon of Oct. 13, President Park Geun-hye departed South Korea for a summit with US President Barack Obama. The summit will take place in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 16.At the meeting, the two leaders are expected to adopt a joint fact sheet on the current status of bilateral relations, which contains a number of measures for cooperation. Reportedly, they are also very likely to issue a separate joint statement regarding the issues of North Korea and its nuclear program.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Gov’t-penned history texts by 2017

Korea will restore state control over history textbooks starting in 2017, the government announced on Monday. The Ministry of Education said Monday that it will take administrative steps to change the regulations governing middle and high school textbooks. According to the plan, history textbooks for middle schools and Korean history textbooks for high schools will be developed and published by the state…

B2B trading is liberated from ActiveX system

The government’s attempt to wean Korean cyberspace off ActiveX and Internet Explorer reaches a milestone today…

Aide to notorious swindler is arrested in China

Authorities on Saturday apprehended a key aide to one of the country’s most notorious pyramid scheme con artists…

Shin vows stern control at Lotte

The smile on the face of Lotte Group chairman Shin Dong-bin, which was evident even when he was being drilled by lawmakers…

Local economy cited by Doosan in duty free bid

Heavy industry conglomerate Doosan Group hopes to contribute to Dongdaemun’s economy with a duty free business that will attract hordes of Chinese tourists.…

ETFs provided safe haven

While equity funds in the Korean market were struggling with losses in the third quarter amid the Greek debt crisis and increasing volatility over a U.S. rate hike,…

German president discusses unification

German President Joachim Wilhelm Gauck and President Park Geun-hye discussed the prospects for Korean unification Monday…

Nation’s economy finding its footing

Korea may be turning a corner.After months of gloom, recent data is hinting that the $1.4 trillion economy is beginning to emerge from a slump…

Retail investors switch interest to small stocks

The number of trading transactions by retail investors has shot up this year in the benchmark Kospi market, as investment preference switched…

VW scandal hits taxi plan

The Volkswagen scandal has made consumers skeptical of the possibility of “clean diesel,” impacting both the domestic car market…


MaeilKyungje (neutral-oriented conservative, economic/business): (

Pre-order of iPhone 6S put off

Apple’s release of its latest iPhone 6s series on a pre-order basis has been put off until October 19 after the intervention of Korea Communications Commission which .. ...10.15 19:26

Siemens CEO stresses digitalization in manufacturing sector

Bringing digitalization to the manufacturing sector can take away jobs in the short run, but in the long run, it will bring growth, said Joe Kaeser, chief executive of.. ...10.15 18:37

NPS portfolios biased to South Korea’s top 4 conglomerates

South Korea’s state pension fund has an excessive exposure to the nation’s top conglomerates as over 70 percent of its investment went to the four major business gro.. ...10.15 18:04

Sibling feud at Lotte Group reignites

In another coup attempt, Shin Dong-joo, the defeated sibling in the Lotte Group family feud over the control of Lotte Group, removed his younger brother Shin Dong-bin,.. ...10.15 17:35

BOK cuts GDP growth outlook

The Bank of Korea has repeated its previous pattern of optimism in early part of the year and pessimism in late part, as it trimmed the country’s full-year growth for.. ...10.15 17:33

S. Korean may host Korea Black Friday every year

South Korea considers making Korea Black Friday an annual event to benefit manufacturers, retailers and consumers all together, according to South Korean deputy prime .. ...10.15 16:40

Bid to take over Coway heats up

Competition to purchase a majority stake in Coway, South Korea’s leading water purifier, estimated to be worth over 3 trillion won ($2.6 billion) is heating up with f.. ...10.15 16:03

Korean bankers earn way beyond economic scale and worth: Study

Newly-hired Korean bankers get twice bigger paycheck than their Japanese counterparts regardless of their productivity due to rigidity in wage system in the local bank.. ...10.15 15:39


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

[State Designated Korean History Textbook] "Refuse to Author State Designated Textbook" Resistance Spreads among Academia

After the government's official announcement of state designated history textbooks for middle and high school on October 12, historians continue to declare the···

In a Year the Housing Prices in Seoul Increased 26 Trillion Won, Equivalent to the Budget of Seoul

Gim (45) has lived in a 59m2-sized apartment in Amsa-dong, Gangdong-gu, Seoul on a two-year lease for a deposit of 250 million won. A few days ago before renewi···

[Editorial][Government Pushes ahead with State Designated History Textbook] The President Is Dividing the Nation with the State Designated Textbook

"History education should not separate the people and divide the students with political battles and ideological confrontation." This is not a statemen···

Telemarketers Suffer the Most Emotional Abuse

Telemarketers (who sell products over the phone) suffer the most emotional abuse in South Korea according to a recent survey. On October 13, the Korea E···

[A War on History: Ruling and Opposition Parties Clash] 'Stop the Distortion of History' New Politics Alliance for Democracy Launches a Battle Inside and Outside the National Assembly

On October 12, the government officially declared its plans to distribute state designated history textbooks, and the New Politics Alliance for Democracy···

Inter-Korean Relations Avoid the Worst: South Korea-U.S. Summit on Oct. 16 Still a Variable

Inter-Korean relations have managed to avoid the worst possible scenario as North Korea celebrated its seventieth anniversary of the founding of the Workers' P···

[North Korea's Military Parade] Kim Jong-un Mentions 'People' 97 Times: Trying to Stabilize His Power by Appealing to the People

First Secretary of the Workers' Party of Korea Kim Jong-un claimed to advocate a "people first policy" in his speech at the ceremony on the seventieth annive···


The Korea Economic Daily(

Korea Needs Immigrant-friendly Policy before It's Too Late

Study after study are pointing out that Korean society's closeness toward foreign workers whose number has already surpassed 1 million is holding the whole economy hostage. In today's low birth and accelerating aging society, one of the most practical ways to sustain growth is allowing immigrants. ...

ASK Summits to Offer Guidance to Navigate Choppy Investment Seas

The demand for investment in real estate properties and infrastructure projects by global institutional investors like pension funds, insurance companies, and sovereign wealth funds has increased at a rapid pace. But investors are agonizing over the excessive prices due to too much liquidity flowing...

Surgil Project to Contribute Enormously to Increasing Profit for Lotte Chemical

"Lotte Chemical has a higher variability in profit and stock price than its rival LG Chem as it relies more on commodity items. Still we will stick to our business without trying too hard in expanding product lines as it is always better to do things you do best. In that regard, the Surgil project c...

Samsung Unveils Silver Titanium and Pink Gold Galaxy Note 5

Samsung Electronics announced on October 15 that it will add silver titanium and pink gold version to its premium large-screen smartphone Galaxy Note 5 lineup. The silver titanium model attracted strong media attention when it was unveiled first in New York in August. The silver titanium model featu...

Ssangyong Motor Release Tivoli Diesel in Europe

Ssangyong Motor announced on October 15 that it will launch the sales of the Tivoli Diesel in Europe after holding a media test-driving event. The test-driving event will be held from October 14 to 16 in Frankfurt, Germany. About 80 journalists and agency officials from 14 countries, including Germa...


AJU Business Daily(

South Korea keeps base rate at 1.5% for 4th month

South Korea's central bank Thursday left its benchmark interest rate for October unchanged at 1.5 percent for the fourth consecutive month. The Bank of Korea (BOK) lowered the base rate by a quart…

BOK lowers 2016 growth forecast to 3.2%

South Korea's central bank on Thursday lowered its 2016 growth forecast for the country's economy to 3.2 percent from an estimate of 3.3 percent three months earlier, saying that "the economic…

OCM members visit National Museum of Korea in Seoul

Members of the Overseas Chinese Media Cooperation Organization (OCM) look at the 10-story stone pagoda of Gyeongcheon-sa Temple during their visit to the National Museum of Korea in Yongsan-gu, Seoul,…

Elton John to give performance in Seoul Nov. 27

British singer-songwriter Elton John will give a performance in South Korea in November, the local organizer said Tuesday. The performance, part of his "All The Hits" world tour, will be held on Nov. …

S. Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum's popularity in China rises

South Korean actress Hwang Jung-eum has gained popularity in China as MBC's drama "She Was Pretty" became a hit there, her management agency in Seoul said Tuesday. The number of her followerso…

Girl's Day at 'One K' concert

Members of the South Korean group Girl's Day pose for photographers at the "2015 One K" concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium in Mapo-gu, Seoul, Friday. They are,



Samsung Electronics And Best Buy Will Open 200 ‘Samsung Open Houses’ ...

Samsung is launching ¡®Samsung Open House (SO221H)¡?, which is a store exclusive for home appliances, at Best Buy that is North America¡?s ...

Antenna Parts Industries Emerge As Driving Force

As support of wireless charging function becomes more important to major Smartphones such as Samsung Electronics¡? Galaxy S6 and Note5 and LG Electronics&iexc...

South Korean Research Team Makes World’s First Gap Between Metals That...

South Korean research team was able to succeed in gathering light in a gap between metals that is about the size of an atom (0.1 nm) for the first time in the world....

Sales By Subscription For iPhone6S Begins

Samsung Electronics is going to release Galaxy Note 5 Silver Titanium and Pink Gold models that were not introduced before in South Korea on the 15th and the 23rd respectively. It is Samsung Electronics¡? plan to correspond to iPhone 6S that will begin its sales by subscription on the 19th while continuing favorable trend of Galaxy Note 5&iexc...

KT Reduces Prices Of iPhone 6 And 6 Plus

With a release of iPhone 6S coming near, KT had made an announcement on the 14th that it is reducing approximately $79 (90,000 KRW) from store prices of iPhone 6...

LG V10 Supports Wireless Charging Function

LG Electronics¡? premium Smartphone ¡®V10¡? is supporting wireless charging function by replacing its battery cover. By utilizing the adv...


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