The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Jan. 28, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday, Jan. 28, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are humor from one of the former ambassadors who served in Korea and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

Lee Kyung-sik


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Humor from former Ambassadors in Korea:

The following humor was contributed by a kind-hearted and generous-minded former ambassador to Korea from a Central Asian country:

Height of social networking:

A nurse updated her status in Facebook

"Got my periods today "

18 doctors commented

"Thank God!"



Kyodo: Pyongyang May Fire Long-Range Missile Within a Week

North Korea is said to be preparing a long-range missile launch, which may come as early as within a week. Japan's...

S. Korea Working to Secure China Cooperation on N. Korea Sanctions

Speaker Set to Submit Assembly Law Revision to Revive Fast-Track Legislation

VOA: 2,000 N. Korean Escapees Arriving in Thailand Every Year

Gov't to Penalize Public Institutions Not Adopting Merit-Based Pay

Gov't to Improve Currency Convertibility to Make Developed Markets List

KOSPI Rises as Oil Prices Jump

RFA: N. Korean Vendors Resisted Strong Crackdown

Seoul Dismisses N. Korean Claim on Detained Missionary

N. Korea Vows Closer Ties with Friendly Nations Against Int'l Sanctions

US Backs President Park's 5-Party Talks Proposal

US Urges N. Korea to Halt Missile Launch

Kyodo: Pyongyang May Fire Long-Range Missile Within a Week


Yonhap (

N.K. could conduct long-range missile launch in a week: Japanese news report

North Korea could conduct a long-range missile launch as early as in a week, a Japanese news report said Wednesday, in what would be serious defiance against the international community just a few weeks after its fourth nuclear test.

Rising star eyes Olympic football glory

After enjoying a coming-out party at the Asian Olympic men's football qualification tournament, South Korean forward Hwang Hee-chan said he hopes to be part of the Summer Games, too.

S. Korea seeking to expand financial ties with Iran

South Korea is moving to expand financial ties with Iran following a landmark nuclear accord that lifted international sanctions on the oil-rich country, market watchers said Thursday.

Home-backed bank loans grow at record pace in 2015

Home-backed loans from South Korean banks grew at the fastest clip in five years in 2015 due mainly to a surge in demand for homes and unrelenting rental fees, the financial watchdog said Thursday.

S. Korean banks' high loan ratio may pose grave risks: report

South Korean banks' excessive dependence on loans for profit could pose a serious risk to the banking sector should a sudden rate hike force households to default on their debts, a report said Thursday.


The Korea Herald (

In diplomatic flurry, Park considers Iran visit

President Park Geun-hye is considering visiting Iran amid growing concerns that South Korea is lagging behind its neighb...

Tax agency opens probe into 30 offshore tax evaders

Korea’s tax authorities said Wednesday they have launched a full-fledged investigation into 30...

US, China spar over North Korea sanctions, South China Sea dispute

The United States and China sparred Wednesday on how to deal with North Korea's ...

Student sit-in shields ‘comfort woman’ statue

On Wednesday morning about 10 students in their 20s woke up to another morning in the biting co...

Korea clinches Olympic soccer berth

South Korea clinched a record eighth straight Olympic men’s football berth on Tuesday w...

Pregnancy delay

Quarantine authorities in some South and Central American countries are recommending that wo...

Policy dilemma

South Korea has been facing a dilemma, alongside their Chinese counterpart, in their economi...

Avoiding psychiatric treatment linked to Korea’s high suicide rate

Avoidance of psychiatric treatment and alcohol abuse are significantly linked to South Korea’s...


The Korea Times (

Tax agency probing 30 offshore tax evaders

The National Tax Service (NTS) said Wednesday that it has started an intensive investigation targeting 30 individual and corporate offshore tax evaders. The probe comes as part of its extended efforts to bring the underground ec...

Sex slavery deal stalls on statue 

A month has passed since the governments of South Korea and Japan reached an agreement to resolve ...

Incheon Airport under fire over security hole 

Incheon International Airport has been under criticism for its loose security with the recent illegal entry into the country of two Chinese travelers. 

Webtoons emerge as source for dramas, films 

After the huge success of “Misaeng,” a 2014 TV drama based on cartoonist Yoon Tae-ho’s comic of th... 

Music to jazz up 2018 PyeongChang Olympics 

Violinist Chung Kyung-wha will try her hand at jazz at the PyeongChang Winter Music Festival next ...

Workers ready to swap pay cut for boss message ban 

Employees are willing to forgo about 10 percent of their wage if they are spared from work-related... 

Ewha aims to meet future industrial needs 

Marking the 130th anniversary of its founding, EwhaWomans University is set to embark on various ...


DongAIlbo (

Seoul to reconnect two historic mountains to restore ecosystem

Mount Inwangsan (338 meters), which straddles over Jongno-gu and Seodaemun-gu in Seoul, backs up the Gyeongbok Palace. When the J…

SK Wyverns offers record salary for non-FA lefty ace

South Korean professional baseball team SK Wyverns have boosted the self-esteem of its lefty ace Kim Kwang-hyun with a hefty sala…

Seoul’s Itaewon to create QuyNhontheme street

A street under the theme of QuyNhon City in Vietnam is set to open in Seoul. Seoul’s Yongsan ward office said on Wednesday it wi…

Science ministry plans to promote ICT’s convergence with industries

The government has decided to promote "intelligence information technology" this year. It has also decided to support convergence…

President Park seeks visit to Iran in 1st half

President Park Geun-hye will visit Iran, which is embracing economic boom after lifting of international sanctions that followed …


ChosunIlbo (

Korea to Ease Visa Requirements for Chinese Visitors

The government is determined to attract more Chinese visitors by easing visa requirements. The Justice Ministry said Wednesday it will lower the age requirement for multiple entry visas from the current 60 to 55 on Thursday. >> Full Text

Foreign Carmakers Compete Furiously on Jeju Island

Jeju is quickly emerging as a desirable market for foreign carmakers as living standards on the southern resort island rise. Many affluent Koreans from the mainland are moving there, while more and more Chinese investment is pouring in. >> Full Text

Most Suicide Victims Send Warning Signals

Most suicide victims send warning signals to people close to them, but most of their families fail to notice them, a study by the Ministry of Welfare suggests. The study interviewed 151 relatives of 121 adults who took their lives between 2012 and 2015. >> Full Text

Korea Qualifies for Olympic Football Tournament

Pair Who Sneaked Through Airport Security 'Looking for Work'

U.S. to Send Attack Drones to S.Korea

Alibaba to Sell Package Tours to Korea


HankyorehShinmoon (

2015 economic growth rate of 2.6% falls shy of government target

Expectations of continuing weak exports and domestic consumption herald a 2016 where growth stays stuck below 3%

The South Korean economy’s growth rate for 2015 was an estimated 2.6%, falling well short of the administration’s target of 3%, recent statistics show.Clearing the 3% bar is also looking unlikely for 2016, with low interest rates and additional supplementary budget monies yielding only a weak recovery to date.

South Korean industry faces pressure from China, despite improved competitiveness

South Korea has increased its global competitiveness in four leading industries, but China is narrowing the gap, a new report says.South Korea’s competitiveness has improved in three out of four of its leading export industries (all but steel and metal), according to a report titled “An Analysis of South Korean and Chinese Competitiveness and Recommended Countermeasures.”

Hyundai Motor profits drop for third straight year

Hyundai Motor’s operating profits declined for a third straight year in 2015 despite the automaker selling 4,963,023 vehicles worldwide.The declining profitability of overseas production and sales is tied to increased marketing costs amid fiercer competition for the US and China markets, along with big drops against the dollar for local currencies in emerging economies like Brazil and Russia,

S. Korean Cabinet proposal would make patriotism a requirement for becoming a government official

The Cabinet passed an amendment to the State Public Officials Act on Jan. 26 that would establish a legal basis for using patriotism as a key measure on the higher civil service examination and other tests to become a government official.The values used as an assessment standard for public officials would include patriotism, responsibility, and integrity, while omitting other categories such as “democracy” and “public interest”


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Call for sanctions on Pyongyang gets pushback

There appears to be a widening schism over punishing Pyongyang for its fourth nuclear test with Japan, the United States and South Korea on one side and China and Russia on the other. In Moscow on Tuesday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov shot down South Korean President Park Geun-hye’s proposal to hold five-party nuclear talks, a move which he said would isolate Pyongyang...

Park planning visit to Iran

President Park Geun-hye is considering a trip to Iran, the Blue House said Monday, as Korea looks for ways to deepen its economic engagement…

Apple rakes in profits but worries about 2016Apple posted its largest quarterly profit of $18.4 billion in the final three months of last year but came up with a grim outlook for the current year,…

Consumer sentiment poor at start of year

A report released Wednesday by the Bank of Korea shows consumer confidence in the overall economy has been worsening since the beginning of 2016…

FSC plans to support loans for those with subpar credit

The Financial Services Commission (FSC) will increase the availability of loans for borrowers with mediocre credit scores by mobilizing 1 trillion won…

Factories cut back on electricity use as economy struggles

For the first time in six years, electricity consumption by industrial users fell in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to the same quarter the previous year…

Taxman is on the prowl for cheaters overseas

An unnamed Korean, according to the National Tax Service (NTS), was living a luxurious life with properties and investments inherited from his father…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Five Characteristics of Park Geun-hye's Diplomacy

One of the questions most frequently asked after North Korea's fourth nuclear test was whether or not our government had a solution to North Korea's nuclear p···

[Economy Grew 2.6% Last Year] Poor Report Card for “Choi-nomics” Despite Stimulus Package

It was long predicted that the real growth rate of South Korea's economy last year would end somewhere in the mid 2% range. The government and the Bank of Kore···

[Editorial] Lack of Order in Diplomatic Decision-Making Exposed with President Park's 'Five-Party Talks Fiasco'

President Park Geun-hye's proposal of "five-party talks" excluding North Korea on January 22 ended as just another incident. Yesterday, a senior official at ···

[After the Comfort Women Agreement] 'We Came to Japan Since Abe Would Not Come to Apologize'

For the first time since South Korea and Japan released their agreement on the comfort women issue at the end of last year, two elderly victims visited Japan to···

Korean Confederation of Trade Unions Go on Strike Today: Government Vows to Respond Strictly to Illegal Strike

On January 22, the government announced its two major measures to ease requirements to allow layoffs of weak performing workers and to allow revisions to employ···


The Korea Economic Daily (

FTC Investigates France's GTT for Unfair Practices

The Korean Fair Trade Commission is currently investigating whether GaztransportetTechnigaz SA (GTT), a French marine engineering company which holds patents in relation to liquefied natural gas storage tanks, is in violation of the fair trade laws. GTT is known among LNG carrier makers as a "Qual...

Shinhan Bank Breaks Mold by Promoting Younger Managers to Office Heads

Shinhan Bank broke the mold by promoting a large number of senior managers in their 40s to the position of branch office heads. The bank announced on January 27 that of the 130 newly promoted branch office heads 90 were in their age younger than 50. In addition, Shinhan reduced the time it takes for...

S-Oil to Supply Diesel and Naphtha Worth 1.4 Tril. Won to Aramco

S-Oil said on January 27 in a regulatory filing that it signed a contract with Saudi Aramco products Trading Co., a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia's state-run oil company Aramco, to supply diesel oil and naphtha worth 1,399 billion won. The expected volume of supply is 12-24 million barrels for diesel a...

2015 GDP Growth Rate Remains below 3%...Lowest in 3 Years

Due to the poor export performance, Korea's economic growth rate fell below the 2-percent level in two years. The Bank of Korea announced on January 26 that last year's real gross domestic products grew 2.6 percent (preliminary). This is 0.7 percentage point lower than the previous year's 3.3


AJU Business Daily(

South Korea's new patrol vessel around disputed Socotra rock

[Courtesy of Republic of Korea Armed Forces] South Korea will deploy a new 5,000-ton patrol vessel in waters off its southern coast to bolster its territorial claim over Socotra, a submerged ro…

Pleasure boat sunk in Hangang River

[Captured image from Twitter] A pleasure boat sunk in Hangang River on Tuesday, near Sungsoo Bridge. A total of 11 people were rescued without casualty. Stern of the ship started to sink a…

Cyber alert heightened against North Korean hackers

[Aju News DB] North Korea is suspected of having stepped up a cyber attack on South Korea with malicious e-mails since the nuclear-armed country claimed to have tested a hydrogen bomb earlier…

US student detained in North Korea for 'hostile' acts

North Korea on Friday announced the arrest of a US college student as the United Nations Security Council is working on a new resolution for tougher sanctions against the communist state over its nuclear test this month..Warmbier Otto Frederick, …

Turbulence on the horizon of Korean peninsula

[Aju News DB] The Korean peninsula heads for a turbulent confrontation as South Korea locked the horns with North Korea Friday over its latest nuclear test which has led to a spike in cross-bor…

North Korea military backed by 300 drones

[Aju News DB] North Korea has strengthened its military surveillance force with a fleet of 300 drones, which are still relatively unsophisticated but could present a security challenge for Sout…

Kim Jung-un's right-hand man resumes public activity

[Courtesy of Xinhua] ChoeRyong-hae, once seen as North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's right-hand man, has resumed his public activities, ending his three-month



MOLIT Partners Up with 21 Organizations for Demonstration of Drones

A day when unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) can transport freights, fly towards bridges that are difficult for people to approach, and inspect safety of high voltage l...

[Exclusive] Renault-Samsung’s Electric Vehicle Catches Fire Due to Igni...

There was fire incident involving Renault-Samsung¡?s electric vehicle ¡®SM3.Z.E.¡? that was driving on a street from MudeungsanMountain&i...

DongbuHiTec Makes Good Performance That Results in Withdrawal of Publ...

DongbuHiTec, which is a semiconductor contract manufacturing (foundry) business, had made its


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

S. Korean Hyundai Motor to up 2015 cash dividend by 33%

Hyundai Motor Co. said it will boost cash dividend payout from last year’s earnings by 33 percent to bolster shareholders’ value despite poor performance. The company plans to propose a ...

Posco plans to build a steel mill in Iran’s free economic zone, Gov`t

South Korea’s top steelmaker Posco is expected to push ahead with a plan to build an integrated steel mill in Iran capable of ...

Tax authorities to crack down on overseas tax evasion

Tax authorities have embarked on a large-scale war on overseas tax evasion by some Korean individuals and companies. The National ...

Kia Motors to launch more green cars, focus on sales boost in emerging markets

Kia Motors Corp. plans to expand its eco-friendly car lineup amid growing demand for green cars worldwide while seeking to resume its ...

Property investment in the U.S. and Europe promising: Blackstone Group head

Higher U.S. interest rates and the economic slowdown in China would create new investment opportunities in long-term perspective, ...

Korean hospital proves effectiveness of voice-detection health monitoring

Seoul National University Bundang Hospital has developed the so-called ubiquitous healthcare monitoring system with a voice ...

Seoul sees highest net outflow of 137,000 populations last year

The Seoul metropolitan city posted a net outflow of 137,000 residents last year, the highest in 18 years, due to housing problems, ...


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