The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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Feb. 17, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2016

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Here are The Korea Post news and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea this morning:

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Response of Pakistan to a question on the Korean peninsula on 12 February 2016

The following article was contributed by former Pakistani Ambassador Murad Ali in Seoul:

In response to a question, the spokesperson of Pakistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the rocket launching by the DPRK (Democratic People’s Republic of [North] Korea)* on February 8, 2016 is a matter of deep concern. Every country has the right to peaceful uses of outer space. However, in this case we have noted that the launch is in violation of UN Security Council resolutions, which require the DPRK to refrain from such actions. We have persistently maintained that the DPRK should abide by all its international obligations and all parties should avoid actions that are detrimental to the objective of the establishment of a nuclear weapons-free Korean peninsula within the framework of the Six Party Talks."



*Editor’s interpolation.



US Reinforces Deployment of Strategic Assets to S. Korea

Military authorities in Seoul said four of the latest U.S. stealth fighter jets flew over South Korea's Osan Air Base...

US Continues Show of Force Against N. Korea

US to Prep Swift Troop Deployment to S. Korea

China: New UN Resolution Should Be Aimed at Deterring N. Korea

Single-Person Homes Rise 8-Fold in 30 Years

S. Korean Nat’l Security Adviser to Meet US Officials

US Reinforces Deployment of Strategic Assets to S. Korea

Parties will Meet to Reach Agreement on Pending Bills Thursday

'Global Rating Agencies to Maintain Rating Outlooks for S. Korea'

Chinese Tourists Shop for Luxury Goods at S. Korean Department Stores

KOSPI, KOSDAQ Rise on Tuesday

'70% of Gaeseong Wages Flowed into N. Korea's Ruling Party'

N. Korea Defense Minister Issues Threat

S. Koreans Leave Joint Factory Park in N. Korea

Chinese Media Augments Warning over THAAD Deployment

China: New UN Resolution Should Be Aimed at Deterring N. Korea

38 North: N. Korea May Conduct 5th Nuke Test Undetected


Yonhap (

THAAD deployment 'appropriate step' at this point

The United States believes that the deployment of the U.S. THAAD missile defense system to South Korea would be an "appropriate step to take at this point" as it will enhance security in the region, the Defense Department spokesman said Tuesday.

China media warns more missiles against U.S. shield in S. Korea

China should deploy more missile systems in Northeast Asia if an advanced U.S. missile defense system is deployed in South Korea, a newspaper published by China's Communist Party warned Wednesday, although the U.S. missile system is aimed at strengthening Seoul's defense against Pyongyang's ballistic missile programs.

Samsung incorporates 14-nano tech in budget chips

Samsung Electronics Co. on Wednesday introduced a new system chip that utilizes the ground-breaking 14-nanometer technology for better efficiency and could be used in a wider scope of electronic devices including budget smartphones.

Brand value of Genesis gains most among major local cars

Genesis' brand value has improved significantly since Hyundai Motor Co., South Korea's No. 1 carmaker, launched it anew as a separate premium vehicle brand late last year, a report showed Wednesday.

N. Korean leader pays tribute to late father on anniversary

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has paid tribute to his late father as the country celebrated the 74th birthday of the former leader, the North's state media said Wednesday.


The Korea Herald (

Park: Nuclear ambitions will hasten N.K.'s demise

President Park Geun-hye on Tuesday urged national unity and strong sanctions against North Korea’s provocations, saying...

Bank of Korea sees room for rate cuts, but still wary

Bank of Korea Gov. Lee Ju-yeol said Tuesday that he saw room for further monetary easing to rej...

GS Home Shopping says hedge fund’s dividend demand ‘excessive’

Controversy mounted over a rare demand for dividends by a U.S. hedge fund to GS Home Shopping o...

Seensee talks state of Korea’s budding musical theater scene

Since its establishment nearly three decades ago, Seensee Company has grown into one of the cou...

Pope Francis asks indigenous Mexicans for fo...

SAN CRISTOBAL DE LAS CASAS, Mexico (AFP) -- Pope Francis reached out to Mexico’s long-marginalized indig...

Aid for Gaeseong firms

The government is working hard to provide assistance to the companies that operated in the s...

Pressure on China

South Korea and the United States are rushing to mete out strong unilateral sanctions on Nor...


The Korea Times (

Park vows to change North Korea with sticks

President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday that South Korea will continue to take harsh steps of its own to change North Korea and make it give up its nuclear weapons program. She warned that the Kim Jong-un regime will eventually col...

Conan O'Brien upsets Korean fans with bungled event 

American late-night talk show host Conan O’Brien has come under fire for allegedly cutting a fan m... 

Korea advised to take risks for ASEAN foray 

SINGAPORE - Korea should be willing to take risks to seize opportunities created by the launch of ...

Legitimacy of Gaeseong park closure questioned 

The legitimacy of the Park Geun-hye administration’s sudden shutdown of the Gaeseong Industrial Complex (GIC) has been called into question. 

Author's wages to be seized in row over comfort women 

Professor Park Yu-ha’s wages will be partly seized starting this month after a district court acce... 

Four F-22s will fly over Korea Wednesday 

Pilots of the United States Air Force will fly four F-22 Raptor stealth fighters to South Korea, W...

Safety concerns overshadow THAAD talks 

A controversy is brewing over possible health and safety risks associated with the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), advanced missile system, as Se...


DongAIlbo (

U.S. sends F-22 fighters jets to S. Korea for muscle-flexing against N. Korea

The U.S. state-of-the-art F-22A Raptor stealth fighter jets will come to South Korea on Wednesday in yet another show of force ag…

A triple winning streak by Koreans expected at Australian Women’s Open

The Australian Women’s Open to be held for four days starting this Thursday at the Grange Golf Club will be a critical junction f…

Samsung expresses confidence in upcoming flagship smartphones

Samsung Electronics' new mobile chief Koh Dong-jin has opened up his mobile strategy through the company's official blog on Tuesd…

Food trucks to be allowed in Dongdaemun and Cheonggyecheon

Food trucks will be allowed in special tourist zones, arts museums and festival sites hosted by public institutions in Seoul. Cer…

China should keep in check N.K. first to voice an opinion about THAAD

Chinese Foreign Affairs Minister Wang-yi cited an old Chinese proverb and criticized the deployment of the Terminal High Altitude…

An uncanny friendship between kim Jong-in and Chung Un-chan

Kim Jong-in, the opposition Minjoo Party leader, and Chung Un-chan, former prime minister, are known for their 30 years of friend…


ChosunIlbo (

F-22 Stealth Fighter Jets Arriving in Korea

The U.S. Forces Korea are sending four F-22 stealth fighter jets to their air base in Osan, Gyeonggi Province Wednesday, a military source said Tuesday. The dispatch is part of a buildup of weaponry in response to North Korea's recent nuclear test and rocket launch. >> Full Text

Kim Jong-un Misses Event Marking Father's Birthday

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un missed an event at the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on Tuesday to celebrate his late father's birthday. Kim has previously visited the palace at the stroke of midnight on his father's birthday every year. >> Full Text

Nongshim Sells W10 Trillion Worth of Instant Noodles

Cumulative sales of Nongshim's popular brand of instant noodles surpassed W10 trillion over the last 30 years. This is the first time that cumulative sales of any single Korean food product surpassed that amount. >> Full Text

U.S. Expert Warns of Nuclear Arms Race in East Asia

UN Urged to Warn Kim Jong-un of War Crimes Charges


HankyorehShinmoon (

For S. Korea, getting nukes would lead to pariah status

Ruling party floor leader calls for South Korea to develop nukes, apparently without considering the consequences

On Feb. 15, Saenuri Party (NFP) floor leader Won Yoo-cheol argued that South Korea should acquire nuclear weapons and long-range missiles in the interest of national security, in a speech on behalf of his party in the National Assembly. This means that support of South Korea’s nuclear armament, which has been occasionally made by the far right, is now being openly voiced in the political mainstream.

Unification Minister admits there’s no evidence for Kaesong diversion claims

Minister of Unification Hong Yong-pyo backtracked on Feb. 15 on claims to have “documentation” showing that wages from the Kaesong Industrial Complex were being diverted to North Korea’s nuclear and missile development programs.“I didn’t say we had evidence,” Hong admitted while speaking before the National Assembly. .

Defense Ministry spokesman says for THAAD, US standards would come first

A debate erupted in the National Assembly National Defense Committee on Feb. 15 over remarks by a Ministry of National Defense spokesperson claiming that US military efficacy standards would be a “priority consideration” in the decision to deploy a Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system with USFK.Speaking at a regular briefing that morning, spokesperson Moon Sang-gyun fielded a question on whether South Korean or US standards would be adopted in judging THAAD‘s military efficacy. .

China adds security interests to its three principles for N. Korean denuclearization

The rift between the US and China appears to be widening after North Korea’s nuclear test, long-range missile launch and US talks with South Korea about deploying a missile defense system on the Korean peninsula.In particular, pushback from China is growing over the proposed deployment of this defense system - known as THAAD, short for Terminal High Altitude Area Defense - with China expressing its resolute opposition to the deployment and emphasizing that it will defend its national security interests.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

President vows to force North to abandon nukes

In a departure from her previous key policy regarding trust-building on the peninsula, President Park Geun-hye switched gears Tuesday in her speech before the National Assembly, calling for North Korea to abandon its weapons programs…

Foreign populations spread out across capital

Akiko Yamada, whose husband works in the Korean office of a multinational company, made a choice unlike her predecessors in Korea…

BOK continues to hold the interest rate at 1.5%

Amid growing uncertainty in global and domestic economies, the Bank of Korea (BOK) on Tuesday froze the interest rate for the eighth consecutive month at 1.5 percent…

Hyundai faces steering problem

Just last month, Hyundai Motor declared its primary goal for the year was to improve overall product quality…

Retailers roll out same-day shipping options

Same-day shipping is becoming increasingly common in Korea as local retailers work to break Coupang’s dominant hold on the social commerce market…

Kakao’s latest service tackles manufacturing

Kakao, the operator of the nation’s leading mobile messenger app, is hoping to change the manufacturing industry by directly connecting consumers…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

The Government that Cried Wolf, Cornered Trying to Come up with an Excuse for the Suspension of Operations at Industrial Complex

Minister of Unification Hong Yong-pyo (52) began scooping up the government's words that the money from the Kaesong Industrial Complex was used to develop nucl···

[Editorial] A 7-Year-Old Daughter Secretly Buried! This Calls for a Survey of All Preschoolers

A housewife in her forties ran away with her two daughters. She later beat her oldest daughter to death and secretly buried the body, only to be discovered five···

[After the Shut down of Kaesong] Government Makes Diplomatic Efforts on All Sides to Tighten the North's Financial Resources, But China and Russia Remain Adamant

The government has embarked on "omnidirectional diplomacy" with the international community to block North Korea's financial sources. In addition to maki···

Poor Report Card for···

It was long predicted that the real growth rate of South Korea's economy last year would end somewhere in the mid 2% range. The government and the Bank of Kore···

Perhaps We Watched Too Many 'Cooking Shows' on TV:···

Four out of ten students in grades 4-6 answered that they wanted to become a celebrity or sports star. The percentage of students who answered that they wanted ···


The Korea Economic Daily (

No More Giving away Money Cowered by Fear...

President Park Geun-hye said in a nationally televised address in the National Assembly on February 16, "If Kim Jong-un's nuclear ambitions were left unchecked, his regime will soon deploy nuclear missiles in real battle situations and we will be subject to fear and dread." "We will have to be dragg...

Labor-Management Agreement at Individual Firm Levels Signals Something Important

Whilst the labor reform proposal initiated by the government is moving at a snail's pace, voluntary reforms based on agreements between workers and the management at the individual company level are spreading fast. This is based on the realization that no sustainable growth is possible by indefinite...

[Market Insight] ING Life Put out on the Market by MBK Partners

ING Life, Korea's No. 7 life insurance company, will be put out on the market. According to insurance industry sources on February 16, its largest shareholder MBK Partners has recently selected Morgan Stanley as the underwriter to the deal. MBK will decide the time schedule for sale within the first...

[Market Insight] Dongbu Steel Falls into State of Complete Capital Impairment

Dongbu Steel, which is currently undergoing a corporate workout program, has fallen into a state of complete capital impairment. The company's creditors will discuss whether to make a debt-to-equity swap next month. If the swap deal is not made among the creditors in time, the stock of DongbuSteel ...


AJU Business Daily(

North Korea ready for nuke test with little or no warning: 38 North

[Screenshot captured from 38] ? North Korea is always ready to conduct a fresh nuclear test with little or no warning, although satellite imagery has yet to reveal any signs of test

China vetoes THAAD deployment in South Korea

[Courtesy of Xinhua News] ? A diplomatic row intensified Tuesday between Beijing and Seoul after a senior Chinese envoy expressed strong opposition to the suggested deployment of a US missile

Pyongyang accused of staging cyber attack on South Korea

[Courtesy of Warner Bros Entertainment] ? South Korea's police chief on Monday blamed North Korean hackers for staging a cyber attack with malicious e-mails after the nuclear-armed count…

Seoul accuses Pyongyang of diverting Kaesong wages to leader's fund

[Aju News DB] A shadowy body controlling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's slush fund was thrown into the spotlight Monday after Seoul accused Pyongyang of diverting income earned in a susp…

South Korean shares drop further as fears grip global market.

[Photo by YooDae-gil=dbeorlf123@] South Korean shares slid further Friday after they suffered its biggest fall in more than 3-1/2 years in the previous day, battered by a global selloff of r…

[UPDATES] North Korea seals off Kaesong complex

[Aju News DB] North Korea sealed off an inter-Korean joint industrial zone Thursday, condemning South Korea's decision to shut it down as a "dangerous" provocation



LG Electronics to Introduce Stylus 2 at MWC 2016

LG Electronics is going to introduce Smartphone ¡®Stylus 2¡? that allows customers to experience premium writing function at a reasonable cost at M...

LG Innotec Develops First Pulse Sensor to Build Its Wearable Material...

LG Innotec has put out pulse sensors and is targeting wearable markets. Its goal is to continuously supply components and material that are necessary for wearable devices...

Samsung Electronics to Release Galaxy Tab E in South Korea

Samsung Electronics is going to release ¡®Galaxy Tab E¡? Tablet that is optimized for entertainments and can

Apple Applies EMI Cover for Major Chips of iPhone 7

Apple is applying a technology that blocks off electromagnetic waves to iPhone 7.

It is a measure to increase device¡?s performance while decreasing electromagnetic interference to major chips and to


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

BOK’s minority opinion calls for rate cut

South Korea’s central bank left the key interest rate unchanged on Tuesday, a decision made by a split panel with one of seven board members calling for a rate cut by 0.25 percentage point.

Biotechnology refueling dynamism for the Korean Inc.

Dynamism used to be a signature description for the South Korean economy. Its dramatic rags-to-riches transformation from a basket ...

Eugene PE to take over Korea Asset Pricing

South Korea’s Eugene Private Equity (PE), a subsidiary of Eugene Investment & Securities Co., will buy out Korea Asset Pricing Co., ...

OCI Materials renamed to SK Materials with pledge to be global leader

OCI Materials Co., the world’s top manufacturer of specialty gas used for semiconductors and display panels, is renamed to SK ...

Pantos Logistics wins global shipping orders from AB InBev, eBay

Pantos Logistics Co., a logistics unit of South Korea’s large conglomerate LG Group, announced Tuesday that it won an international ...


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The Korea Post news:

3D customized total replacement and stem cell treatment

YonseiSarang Hospital stands out in specialized treatment of joint patients

What part of the body is most frequently used in man’s every-day life?

Perhaps it comes in the order of neck, waist, shoulders and legs. Many people complain pain in the neck that comes from the fast-increasing use of smart phones. Then come the patients who complain pain in the neck that comes also from excessive use of smart phones.

Also on the fast increase are people suffering from obesity from lack of exercise who complain pain in the waist and knee joints. People who spend much time on computers also complain pain in the shoulders.

(The Korea Post is organizing a tour of for the ambassadors and madams to this Hospital on Friday March 4, 2106 where the diplomats are offered a free medical check-up. Please scroll down to the end of this article for a detailed itinerary. Please scroll down to the end for a detailed article and more photos on the Hospital?Ed.)

Dr. Koh Yong-gon, CEO and president of YonseiSarang Hospital

These working people are treated at the neurosurgery and orthopedic departments of the hospitals.

There are so many hospitals in Korea that treat patients suffering from joint and spine problems and naturally competition among them is very keen.

Among them is the YonseiSarang Hospital in Seoul. This hospital was established by the graduates of Yonsei University in Seoul, a most prestigious private university in Korea, and has been growing very fast in spite of the keen competition among hospitals. YonseiSarang specializes in the treatment of patients suffering from joint and spine problems. The Hospital is one of the largest in Korea that specialize in the treatment of patients suffering from joints and spine.

Established in 2003, the Hospital has a motto and slogan reading, “We provide the best treatment and give hopes to the patients!” Thus the Hospital tries to free the patients from the pains and worries of their spine and joint.

The YonseiSarang Hospital is well known not only among the Seoulites but also the people in the countryside. This is why a large number of patients visit the Hospital also from all parts of the country.

PresidentKoh Yong-gon (M.D.) of the Hospital makes it a rule to visit the patients in the countryside once or twice each month, who have undergone treatment at his hospital, to see how they are faring after their treatment at his hospital as well as providing the local people with medical consultation.

The Hospital has doctors specializing in the many different fields such as knees, shoulders, feet, spine and various other parts of the human body and this is why the Hospital is so widely known among the patients for fast recovery from their problems.

The YonseiSarang Hospital is located in the Gangnam District south of the Han River in Seoul, and has a staff of a total of over 300 persons, including 20 doctors.

Two main buildings of the YonseiSarang Hospital in Gangnam District in Seoul

The Hospital makes substantial investments in R&D, which makes distinction from otherhospitals covering spine and joints.

President Dr. Koh says: “We have developed a ‘3D customized total replacement system’ which has substantially improved the existing system--solving various problems in the existing system.” He said, “Furthermore, the YonseiSarang Hospital is known for the largest number of papers published overseas on the subject of ‘autologous adipose stem cell’ which is a system where cell is extracted from the patient’s buttocks, abdomen and thighs (where there is much fat) and injecting them into the knee joint.”

“Thus,” says Dr. Koh, “We have successfully differentiated ourselves from other hospitals in terms of superiority of the doctors’ competence and skills.”

Furthermore, the YonseiSarang Hospital has an International Medical Treatment Team making itself an internationalized hospital and public relations efforts are being made for a wider dissemination of this information.

Dr. Francesco Perdisa from Bologna University in Italy (fourth from right) poses with the doctors of the YonseiSarang Hospital at the time of his visit to the Hospital for a joint research on stem cell.

As a result of this development, an increasing number of patients are visiting from various countries of the world, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China and the United States. The Hospital is also preparing to establish in various countries of the world rehabilitationcenters and cell treatment centers for the treatment of the local patients.

At present, the Hospital has coordinators who speak fluent foreign languagessuch as Russian and Mongolian as well as English, which greatly helps in eliminating languages barriers faced at the time of treating patients of different nationalities.

CEO Dr. Koh (right) poses with Dr. Allan Mishra from Stanford University during a joint research

Also, doctors come to the Yonsei Hospital from various countries of the world, including Indonesia, Germany and Mongolia to learn the advanced medical skills from Yonsei. The YonseiSarang Hospital also concluded a medical cooperation agreement with various hospitals in Italy, Japan, China and Malaysia.

The YonseiSarang Hospital plans to establish for the first time among the joint-spine hospitals in Korea a Stem Cell Institute to free the knee-joint patients from their pain and anxiety and to help them have new hopes. At this hospital, cell is extracted from the fatty part of the human body such as buttocks and abdomen and injected into the joints of the patients, especially the senior citizens, who suffer much pain due to aged and over-taxed cartilage. The injected cells cause regeneration of the cartilage. Extensive studies and researches are being conducted at the Hospital in that area.

At present, the new method is being used for the patients suffering from knee bone problems but the range of its use is expected to be expanded to the shoulders, spine and other parts of the human body.

Aresearcher of Stem Cell Institute is doingane xperiment.

Another epochal development of treatment method is through the use of ‘tailor-made’ 3D man-made joint, which was developed for the first time in Korea. The artificial joint enhances the accuracy of operation as it is done after completely checking the state of the patient.

In contrast with the existing man-made joint where the ready-made joints are used, the newly developed 3D order-made joints are created through the use of a new method where the joint of the patient is ‘reconstructed’ based on MRI photography where the patient’s knee bone is reconstructed through 3D printing. This helps the creation of an artificial knee bone that is best fit to the patient.

The new method reduces the possible complication to the minimum compared with the existing method, and substantially reduces the operation time. The life span of the man-made joint, too, is more than 25 years compared with the 15 years of the existing ones. This is why the new artificial joints at the YoniseiSarangHospitalare very popular among the knee patients.

Patients from Russia, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan at the entrance of the YonseiSarang Hospital

Too, the YonseiSarang Hospital is equipped with special rehabilitation center facilities where the patients experience much shorter period of rehabilitation compared with other hospitals. This greatly helps the patients shorten the period of rehabilitation as well as the recovery period of the patents after operation. The patents greatly appreciate this and many of them have written letters of appreciation to the doctors who have treated them.

The RehabilitationCenterof the YonseiSarang Hospital is making preparations to enter Ulan Baatar, the capital city of Mongolia, in 2016 and this will be extended to Kazakhstan and Russia.

Mongolian staff members at the YonseiSarang Hospital booth at the 2015 Mongolian International Health Fair.

The Hospital has been selected by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a Joint-specializing Hospital and a Globalized Hospital for Overseas Operations.

The Hospital has also won a Grand Prize in the field of joints for three consecutive years in the Medical Korea program organized by the Ministry of Health and Welfare from 2009 to 2011.

The YonseiSarang Hospital continues to make extended efforts to maintain the status of the most qualified hospital in the treatment of joints and spine.

Rehabilitation Center at the YonseiSarang Hospital

A doctors from Siloamal Int'l Hospital in Indonesia visited the YonseiSarang Hospital to discuss the possibility of a joint research with the YonseiSarang Hospital.

Invitation to the Ambassadors and Spouses to the Tour of YonseiSarang Hospital

CEO & Doctor Koh Yong-gon of YonseiSarang Hospital in Kangnam District south of the Hann river cordially invites

the Ambassadors and their Spouses to a tour of various facilities of his Hospital on Friday March 4, 2026. Itinerary follows:

10:00-1200 Hours: Arrive at Hospital, introduction between the host and guests, presentation of a memorable gift to each

Ambassador, video showing on Hospital, tour of hospital facilities, medical check-up for diplomats,

question and answer session and various other interesting programs for the ambassadors and madams.

10:10-1330 Hours: Luncheon hosted by the CEO-President for the ambassadors and madams

1330-1700 Hours:Tour of various facilities of the Hospital and medical consultations.

For questions on the Tour, please call Ms. Kim Jung-mi at 2298-1740/2, 010-3388-1682, or

Chairman Lee Kyung-sik at 010-5201-1740 (English)


At the Iranian National Day reception

Korean guests more than double the number at other functions

“We were informed that President Park Geun-hye has been planning her visit to Iran in the near future, which is going to be the first-ever such a state visit in the long record of relations between the two countries,” said Ambassador Hassan Taherian of Iran in Seoul at the National Day reception he hosted at Lotte Hotel in Seoul on Feb. 16, 2016. Then he said that the Presidential visit will surely open a new chapter in the bilateral relations and will provide ample opportunities for better understanding between two countries and have a positive impact on Iran-Korea cooperation as well (excerpts from the speech toward the end of this article).

The luncheon reception to celebrate the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution was attended by an estimated 700 Korean and international guests as well as most of the ambassadors in Seoul, which, in the case of the Korean guests, was nearly double the number guests at previous such functions.

Why the sudden increase of interest in Iran in Korea?

Korea used to enjoy the so-called ‘Middle East Boom’ through the construction companies and trading firms and Iran was one of the prominent countries in the Middle East where the Korean companies actively took part in the economic development in the region.

The unusually large attendance of the Korean and international guests at the party is also partly due to the personal popularity of Ambassador Taherian who has a long and close connection with Korea. Also he is accredited to North Korea as Iranian ambassador and is in a good position to help improve the inter-Korean relations.

Attending the reception were many prominent Korean government and business leaders. Among them were Minister Chung Chin-youb of Health and Welfare, President Sung Nak-in of Seoul National University, Chairman Lee Hae-dong of the Busan Metropolitan Council, Directors-General Park Young-sik of the Ministry of Health & Welfare and Lee Sang-jin of the Ministry of Trade Industry & Energy, Director Kim Jae-jeong of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transportation, and leaders of many leading Korean business companies (see list at the end of this article).

From the Seoul Diplomatic Corps came many ambassadors with their spouses (see list at the end of this article).

Excerpts from the speech of Ambassador Taherian of Iran:

I am honored to welcome you at the celebration of the National Day of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We meet today to commemorate the 37th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran that falls on 11th of February.

37 years ago, the people of my country in a series of massive demonstrations and popular political movements under the wise leadership of Imam Khomeini overthrew the dictatorial regime of Pahlavi and elected and established the new system of the Islamic Republic which is based on modern Iranian-Islamic civilization and religious democracy.

Significantly this year, the anniversary of the victory of our Islamic Revolution has coincided with another victory for the Iranian nation and government in the international scene. This new achievement is the success of our government to manage and conclude one of the most complicated diplomatic crisisof this decade which was the Iran nuclear program dossier. Iran succeeded to reach a historical nuclear accord with six world power, turning the Iran nuclear program from an unnecessary crisis into a platform for cooperation. By putting some limitations on its nuclear activities and accepting the highest level of transparency and inspection on its nuclear program, Iran once again demonstrated clearly that never ever intended to build atomic bomb.

The negotiation settlement to the Iran nuclear program is a Victory for diplomacy and helped to remove the shadows of war and pseudo threats from our region. Most importantly, this settlement provides the opportunity for the region to focus its attention on current real and dangerous threat which is terrorism and violent extremism, which threatens everybody.

By the relocation of the economic sanction, the amount of interest in Iran has been unbelievable. We have hosted more than 50 foreign trade delegations to Iran during the last two or three months.

Located in the central part of Eurasia, Iran, blessed with rich civilization and culture, has long enjoying of geostrategic importance because of its central location in Eurasia and Western Asia and its proximity to the Strait of Hormoz. Iran with a diversified economy and broad industrial base, huge natural resource, young and educated population, large domestic market, access to the regional market and increasingly sophisticated infrastructure providing the foundation for an emerging economy which offers endless investment opportunities to local and international investors.

Iran and Korea established the diplomatic relations in 1962. Throughout these years, the two countries maintained a relatively friendly and strong relationship. The presence of the Tehran Street in Gangnam district of Seoul as well as the Seoul Street in North of Tehran, are the symbol and remainder of long friendship between the two countries.

We have had a number of official meetings recently, among them, the last year visit of the South Korean Minister of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to Tehran. Fortunately, we were informed that Her Excellency, President Park, Geun-Hye, has been planning her visit to Iran in near future. This is going to be the first ever such a state visit in the long record of relations between the two countries. Surely, the upcoming presidential visit will open a new chapter in the bilateral relation and will provide ample opportunities for better understanding between officials and will have a positive impact on Iran-Korea cooperation, as well.

As far as the trade relation between the two countries is concerned, we always value and support particularly business relations between our two countries. Korean companies have a long record of involvement and successful activity in Iranian market and working in many infrastructure and construction projects in Iran. They enjoy a very good reputation as the reliable and confident partner and this is a valuable asset for their future activity in the Iranian market.

By the end of this month, on February 29, the Korea-Iran Joint Economic Commission is scheduled to be held in Tehran. Simultaneously and alongside with this Commission, there is going to be a Business Forum by the participation of huge number of businessmen from the private sector of both countries.

I believe the lifting of the sanctions, provides a plenty of opportunities for Korean firms to resume or increase their activities in the Iranian market. 

We welcome and will encourage the Korean companies to boost their business in Iran.

In closing, I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all of you for your attendance in our reception and hope you enjoy your time with us today.

Ambassador Hassan Taherian of Iran (third from left) cuts the celebration cake with Ambassador Hong Jong-Kyung of  Gyeongsangbuk-do Province for International Relations and Minister Chung Chin-youb of Health and Welfare (left and second from left),

Chairman Lee Hae-dong of Busan Metropolitan council, President & CEO Kim Jung-rae of Korea National Oil Corp. and CEO Jeon Sang-heon of Chungbuk Free Economic Zone Authority (four to sixth from left)

Ambassador Hassan Taherian of Iran and Minister Chung Chin-youb of Health and Welfare (seventh and eighth from right, respectively, at front row)

pose with the ambassadors at the reception.

From left: Ambassador DatoPaduka Haji ModhRosli Bin Haji Sabtu of Brunei Darussalam, Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post,

Ambassadors Rodolfo SolancoQuiros of Costa Rica, Vikram Kumar Doraiswami of IndiaandDatoRohanabintiRamli of Malaysia;

Chief Executive Counselor Choi Soon-hong of LS IS and AmbassadorSylvestreKouassi Bile of Cote d'Ivoire

Attractive figurines and other art objects on display at the reception venue

Mrs. MahManeshTaherian (spouse of the ambassador of Iran) and their son, Mahdi Taherian

Partial list of ambassadors attending the reception:

Ambassadors Mohammad SaleemSayeb of Afghanistan, Derragui Mohammed Elamine of Algeria, Albino Malungo of Angola, Elisabeth Bertagnoli of Austria, RamziTeymurov of Azerbaijan, Md. Zulfiqur Rahman of Bangladesh, NatalliaJhylevich of Belarus, Guadalupe Palomeque de Taboada of Bolivia, DatoPaduka Haji ModhRosli Bin Haji Sabtu of Brunei Darussalam , PetarAndonov of Bulgaria, Tito Saul PinillaPinilla of Colombia, Rodolfo SolancoQuiros of Costa Rica, SylvestreKouassi Bile of Cote d'Ivoire, GreciaFiodaliciaPichardo of Dominican Republic, Oscar Gustavo Herrera Gilbert of Ecuador, Milton Alcides Magana Herrera of El Salvador , Gerhard SABATHIL of Delegation of The Europan Union,  MattiHeimonen of Finland, Carlos Victor Boungou of Gabon, Rolf Mafael of Germany, NikolozApkhazava of Georgia, Gabor Csaba of Hungary, Vikram Kumar Doraiswami of India, Bessho Koro of Japan, Omar Al Nahar of Jordan, Mohammed Chraibi of Morocco, DatoRohanabintiRamli of Malaysia, Mohamed Salim Alharthy of Oman, ZahidNasrulah Khan of Pakistan, Irineo Raul SilveroSilvagni of Paraguay, Raul S. Hernandez of the Philippines, Krzysztof Majka of Poland, Calin Fabian of Romania, Alexander AndreevichTomonin of Russia, MamadouNdiaye of Senegal, Zoran Kazazovic of Serbia, Milan Lajciak of Slovak Republic, Nozuko Gloria Bam of South Africa, Gonzalo Ortiz Diaz-Tortosa of Spain, Niroshani Manisha Dias AbeywickremaGunasekera of Sri Lanka, JoergAloisReding of Switzerland, KiromovSalohiddin of Tajikistan (CDA), Mohamed Ali Nafti of Tunisia, HakanOkcal of Turkey, Andrea Veronica BaisGastaldi (CDA) of Uruguay, BotirjonAsadov of Uzbekistan, Ms. Yadira Hidalgo de Ortiz of Venezuela (CDA), Mumba Smyth Kapumpa of Zambia

Partial list of Korean guests attending the reception:

Chairman & CEO B.S. Park of Korea Registry of Shipping, President & CEO Kim Jung-rae of Korea National Oil Corp., General Manager Son Jin-seck of Daewoo Shipping & Marine Engineering, President SohnMyong-sei of Health Insurance Review & Assessment Service, Chairman Cho Hae-hyeong of Nara Holdings Corp., Head of Team Lim Tae-hoon of Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries, Vice President Heo, Sun-haeng of GS E&C, President & Chief Executive / Civil & Infra Lee, Sahng-ki of GS E&C / Seoul, President Kim, Kwang-min of Union Flow Control System Group, Director Kim, Jae jeong of Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation, CEO Jeon, Sang-heon of Chungbuk Free Economic Zone Authority, Chairman & CEO Shin, Jae Hyun of West Aisa Economic Forum, Vice President Kim, Young ho of KCC, President Lee, Young chan of Korea Health Industry Development Institute, President Sung, Nak-in of Seoul National Univeristy, CEO Park, No hwang of The Yonhap News Agency, Director Joon Lee of LOTTE Engineering & Construction, Director General Hwang, Hyeon-gyu of KHIDI, CEO Kim, Jae-sik of Hyundai Development Co., Director Lee Kap-soo of Korea Times, President Lee Jin-sook of MBC, Daejeon, President & CEO Kim, Jae-sik of Hyundai Development Company, President Choi, Du-youlof FTE(Fluid Thermal Engineering), Vice President Lee, Soo-yeon of DAELIM, Executive Vice President Yun, Won-sok of KOTRA, Director General Park, Young-sik of Ministry of Health & Welfare, Chairman Lee, Hae-dong of BUSAN METROPOLITAN COUNCIL, Director General Lee Sang-jin of Ministry of Trade Industry & Energy


Many countries lock horns to woo sanction-lifted country

Korea should try to show how she can do best for Iran

By Lee Kyung-sik

Publisher of The Korea Post

Following the lifting of sanctions against Iran, many countries of the world are seen locking horns with one another to be the first to enter the country for economic cooperation.

The first and obviously the most active country seems to be France who invited President Hassan Rouhani to visit France on Jan. 28, 2016. Korean-language media reports indicate that the leaders of Iran and France signed contracts totaling some 30 billion Euro (about 40 trillion Korean Won), including the purchase of 118 Airbuses.

According to an article by former President Joohum Lee of the Korea National Diplomatic Academy (KNDA) published by MaeilKyungje on Feb. 15, 2016, President Rouhani of Iran has also visited Italy, in advance of his French contacts, and singed contracts totaling some 16 billion Euro (22 trillion Korean Won). According to Lee, Iran has special relations with France and Italy.

In 1997, Italy invited former President Mohammed Khatami of Iran to visit Italy and has thenceforth been pursuing a pro-Iran policy.

France provided political asylum to the late former Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeiny of Iran in 1979, and has been maintaining close ties of friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Approaching Iran for increased cooperation are not limited to France and Italy. Germany, the United States and China are also making extensive efforts to join the ‘Iran rush.’ Among the three stands out China. President Xi Jinping of China wants to rebuild a ‘New Silk Road’ to connect the Arab world and Europe through Iran.

As soon as the international sanction was lifted on Iran, President Xi visited Iran before any other head of state. Xi did not ask for money but traded automobiles, missile parts and textile goods for Iranian oil. The arrangement helped China make a big jump to the status of Iran’s biggest trade partner.

In contrast, the United Kingdom, who had monopolized the Iranian oil market until the 1950s, has become a target of total disregard. Reports say that the UK failed to change the negative image of its old ‘oil majors’ in the new surroundings.

So what should Korea do in this situation?

Former President Lee of KNDA suggests that Korea should try not to lose time. Korea should realize that she is neither a very close country to Iran nor one who is so far away. Korea should try to come up with attractive offers for Iran compared those of the competitors. For this purpose, Korea needs a systemized vision. Korea should come up with a concerted plan of cooperation with all the competent business companies to show Iran an attractive picture that other countries can’t.


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