The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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March 16, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here are The Korea Post news and roundup of important headlines from all major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


AlphaGo Seizes Last Victory Against S. Korea's Lee Se-dol

Anchor: After grabbing a consolation win on Sunday, Lee Se-dol, widely considered one of the greatest Go players of...

S. Korea’s Top 10 Percent Earns 45 Percent of GDP

Gov't Warns N. Korea of Unbearable Punishment

Former PM to Leave MPK to Run as Independent in General Elections

AlphaGo Seizes Last Victory Against S. Korea's Lee Se-dol

'Top. N. Korean Official Volunteered for Reeducation after Son Watched S. Korean Dramas'

FSC: Some 320,000 People Created ISAs on Monday

KOSPI Swings Lower Tuesday

Government to Fund 9.2 Billion Won in Safety Products, Services

Gov't Warns N. Korea of Unbearable Punishment

South, North Church Groups Announce Joint Prayer Ahead of Easter

Defense Ministry Doubtful of N. Korea’s Nuke Miniaturization Capability

S. Korea’s Top 10 Percent Earns 45 Percent of GDP

China Urges N. Korea to Refrain from Raising Tensions

Financial Times: HSBC Freezes Assets of N. Korea-Linked Hong Kong Businessman


Yonhap (

Korea's jobless rate spikes to 4.9 pct in Feb.

South Korea's jobless rate rose sharply in February from a month earlier due to seasonal factors, a government report showed Wednesday.

The jobless rate stood at 4.9 percent last month, up from 3.7 percent in January, according to the report by Statistics Korea. The February reading also marks a 0.4 percentage point rise from the year before, it said.

Treasury Secretary: Sanctions on N.K. only 'theory' until implementation

U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said Tuesday the U.S. is working hard to make sure that the new U.N. sanctions on North Korea are implemented, saying such measures would only be "theory until you implement them." Speaking at a House Appropriations Committee hearing, Lew said the U.S. has been holding discussions with China on sanctions implementation. Acting Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence Adam Szubin is on a visit to China for such discussions, he said.

Ruling party announces lineup for April parliamentary elections

The ruling Saenuri Party on Tuesday named candidates for parliamentary seats to be contested in next month's elections, including the party chief's two close confidants and excluding several veteran lawmakers.

S. Korean Go player doesn't think Google Al has better skills

Despite losing the tournament, South Korean Go master Lee Se-dol said Tuesday that he doesn't feel that Google's artificial intelligence (AI) program AlphaGo has superior playing skills in the ancient board game Go.

Former PM to run for parliamentary seat as independent

A former prime minister vowed Tuesday to quit the main opposition party and run in next month's parliamentary race as an independent, a move that could further deepen the factional infighting within the opposition bloc.


The Korea Herald (

AlphaGo wins match against Go champ Lee Se-dol 4-1

Go-playing artificial intelligence program AlphaGo won a historic match against Korean Go grandmaster Lee Se-dol with a ...

North Korean leader threatens imminent nuclear, missile tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un threatened Tuesday to carry out a fresh round of nuclear and lo...

Former P.M. quits Minjoo Party in nomination feud

Opposition heavyweight and former Prime Minister Lee Hae-chan announced Tuesday he was leaving ...

Unusual problems with Korean public toilets

When Jen Kim, a Korean-American in her 20s, went to use a public restroom inside a local cafe f...

Bumpy road to boardroom for SK chairman Chey

SK Group chairman Chey Tae-won faces a bumpy road for his return to the boardroom of the holding company ...

It takes a community

Despite increased preventive efforts, tragic child abuse cases continue to occur, indicating...

All-in-one account

Banks, brokerages and insurance companies have started to sell individual savings accounts, ...


The Korea Times (

Human champ loses to AlphaGo

World go champion Lee Se-dol lost the final game in a five-match series to the artificial intelligence (AI) AlphaGo program, Tuesday, by resigning after 280 moves. The historic series ended 4 to 1 in favor of the AI. In the five...

Political shakeup begins with Park's loyalist snubbed in nomination 

The ruling Saenuri Party ruled out Rep. Yoon Sang-hyun, a noted figure affiliated to President Par... 

HtinKyaw elected Myanmar president, formally ending military rule 

The 70-year-old, a longtime confidant of Suu Kyi, will take office on April 1 to become Myanmar's ...

'Taegeuk' to represent Korean government 

The government will have a new emblem based on the "taegeuk" symbol, starting May. All ministries ...

Gov't to impose mandatory parental education 

The government plans to force would-be parents to take parental education programs as part of efforts to prevent child abuse.

N. Korea is bluffing about missile re-entry capability 

South Korean military and defense analysts are questioning the credibility of North Korea’s latest claim that it has acquired missile re-entry technology nece... 


DongAIlbo (

Toshiba in final talks with China's Midea to sell white goods unit

Japan's key consumer electronics brand Toshiba is in the final stage of talks with Chinese major home appliance manufacturer Mide…

Four Seasons Seoul benefits from hosting AlphaGo ? Lee games

“Google is also one of our key clients but I could not but support Lee Se-dol as a human being," said Four Seasons Hotel Seoul’s …

China’s state-run news agency makes a serious typo

Xinhua, China’s state news agency, called President Xi Jinping the “last leader” by mistake, instead of the “top leader,” Hong Ko…

Korea mulls quota for screening domestic art films

The government plans to introduce a system for mandating movie theaters to fill part of their screening time with domestic arthou…

Cheapest Galaxy S7 priced at 0 ? 0 in Korea

The three major mobile telecom providers, SK Telecom, KT, and LG Uplus, started selling the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, Sam…


ChosunIlbo (

Elderly Account for Half of All Medical Spending

Medical spending among the over-60s accounts for half of the total as Korean society ages rapidly. A whopping W57.95 trillion was spent on medical treatment last year, and W27.99 trillion or 46.8 percent was for patients over 60. >> Full Text

N.Korean Diplomats Live on the Breadline

North Korean diplomats are so underpaid that they have in some cases resorted to growing beansprouts to make ends meet or forgone life-saving medical treatment. North Korean Ambassador to Italy Kim Chun-guk recently died of liver cancer there because he could not afford a check-up. >> Full Text

Incheon Airport to Get Capsule Hotel

Incheon International Airport is to get a capsule hotel and self check-in counters as part of measures aimed at boosting passenger traffic, it said on Monday. Incheon airport plans to build the 67-room capsule hotel by the end of this year. >> Full Text

Many Koreans Still Intolerant of Foreigners

Big Conglomerate Jobs Dwindle for 1st Time Since Asian Crisis


HankyorehShinmoon (

Yonhap News Agency dragged down by pro-government bias

Journalists at publicly-funded agency complain that management controls appointments and tone of reporting

The mood at South Korea’s mainstay news agency is becoming increasingly demoralized over unfair, pro-administration reporting and punitive reassignments.After Park No-hwang took over as CEO of Yonhap News in Mar. 2015, he immediately stirred up controversy with his visit to Seoul National Cemetery and flag-hoisting ceremony.

With AlphaGo, a new era has been inaugurated in Go”Alpha

Go stayed cool. After calculating a strong chance of winning, it didn’t capture the stones that were there for the taking. For AlphaGo, winning big wasn’t the point. Winning was - even meant half a house. While the pros had to acknowledge the drive for victory, there were also whispers among them as the series wore on that the “romance of Go” described by grandmaster Lee Se-dol was evaporating before their eyes.

Report: three quarters S. Korean billionaires inherited their wealth

In South Korea, 74% of billionaires did not make their own fortunes but instead inherited their wealth from their parents, a new study shows. This bucks a global trend in which new billionaires tend to be self-made.Last month, the Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics (PIIE) in the US analyzed the list of billionaires published each year between 1996 and 2015 by Forbes.

Samsung ranks third in brand value survey

A recent survey showed Samsung ranking third in the word for brand value at 99 trillion won (US$83.2 billion).The British brand assessment valuation company Brand Finance published an annual report on Mar. 14 for the top 500 global brands in 2016. Samsung ranked behind only Apple and Google.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

AlphaGo’s victory raises questions on AI in future

Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm AlphaGo won the final game on Tuesday in the historic best-of-five series over world Go champion Lee Se-dol, robbing the human race of a second victory after Lee’s surprise triumph on Sunday. The Tuesday match confirmed that the self-evolving computer program…

Kim Jong-un vows another nuclear test soon

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un said Tuesday that his country would test a nuclear warhead and ballistic missiles “in a short time.”…

AlphaGo ready for next triumph

On the ratings site of the world’s top-ranked Go players, a distinctive name - Google AlphaGo - appeared for the first time on March 14.…

LG, SK vow support for their smaller suppliers

Some conglomerates are planning to invest in smaller suppliers and start-ups with high business potential. …

Groups plan to build Korea’s largest mall

Three major groups signed a memorandum of understanding on Tuesday to collaborate in building Korea’s largest shopping complex in western Incheon.…

Saenuri nominates former mayor

Former Seoul Mayor Oh Se-hoon returned to the political arena Tuesday, seizing the ruling party ticket over his formidable rival in the primary.…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Bad Blood Between Chang Chun-ha and Park Chung-hee Flows to the Next Generation

The Korean-American pastor, which the National Election Commission reported to the Prosecutors' Office because of a newspaper ad seeking "judgment on Park Geu···

Kim Jong-in Gets Rid of Pro-Roh Dominance and Replaces the Mainstream: Signs of Factional Conflict

Kim Jong-in (76), head of the Minjoo Party of Korea's emergency committee concluded his efforts to replace the current lawmakers by reorganizing the pro-Roh fa···

Government Initiated Campaign Seeking 10 Million Supporters for the Enactment of Economic Bills Ends Up Stranded

The campaign seeking 10 million signatures for the enactment of bills to help people's economic activities initiated by 38 economic groups including the Korea ···

Men Driven by the Competition for Survival Explode with Misogyny

A survey revealed that more than half of the young men and male adolescents sympathize with misogynic views such as doenjangnyeo and kimchinyeo. More than o···

Supreme Court Gives Wings to the Terrorism Prevention Act

The Supreme Court freed the operator of a web portal that submitted the personal information of its member, such as name, resident registration number, and tele···

[Crisis on the Korean Peninsula] Similar to the “Fat Man” Dropped on Japan in 1945, 'Possible Nuclear Weapon,' 'Cannot Be Mounted on Nuclear Warhead'

What is the silver ball disclosed by North Korea as a “miniaturized nuclear warhead”? According to the March 9 edition of the RodongSinmun, First Secretar···


The Korea Economic Daily (

[Market Insight] NPS Shifts Its Investment Strategy toward Passive

Korea's pension funds are shifting their stock investment strategies from "active management" by which they actively invest in promising stocks recommended by fund managers toward "passive management" that passively follow index movements like those of exchange-traded funds (ETFs). This change of in...

Korea’s Share in the U.S. Market Hit Highest Thanks to FTA

Korean products’ share in the United States market reached 3.20 percent last year, the highest since 3.31 percent in 2000. Key factors behind the increase in Korea’s share in the U.S. market include the Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement which took effect on March 15, 2013. The Institute for Internat...

Duty Free Shop Operators Review Legal Action against the Government

The five companies which acquired the licenses to operate duty-free shops are reviewing the idea of taking legal actions against the Korean government’s latest announcement to increase the number of licensees. The companies said, “After promising in October 2015 that it would not grant any more ne...

[Market Insight] Asiana Procures 460 Bil. Won Fund by Issuing ABS Based on Future Ticket Proceeds

Asiana Airlines will issue asset-backed securities worth 460 billion won (US$385 million) on March 24, with future trade receivable as underlying assets. According to investment banking sources on March 15, Asiana is set to issue 20 kinds of asset-backed securities on condition that it would pay bac...


AJU Business Daily(

Anxiety grows among residents on front-line island

Anxiety is growing across South Korea as North Korea has ratcheted up apocalyptic threats following its nuclear and long-range rocket test

North Korea pledges more nuclear and missile tests

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has issued an explicit order for the launch of more rockets capable of carrying nuclear warheads, state media said Tuesday, defy…

South Korea vows to lead international sanctions against North

South Korean Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se called Monday for a diplomatic push to force North Korea into negotiations on denuclearisation through the strict imp…

South Korean actor Song comes back to Japanese fans

South Korea actor Song Il-gook will come back to Japanese fans, years after televisions there blurred his name for his involvement in a thorny territorial

Crusty Pyongyang fires missiles, freezes South Korean assets

North Korea went crusty Thursday, firing missiles into the sea and unveiling



Yonsei University’s Research Team Develops Next-Generation Processing...

Research team led by Professor Kim Hyun-jae of Yonsei University¡?s Electrical and Electronic Engineering Department made an announcement on the 14th that ...

Galaxy S7 Has More Mobile Number Portability than Galaxy S6

Positive trend is showing up for Galaxy S7 as number of daily average MNP (Mobile Number Portability) of Galaxy S7 is surpassing 25,000 during early-stage of its release...

Amount of Loss for LCD Businesses of Samsung Display and LG Display to...

As transaction price for LCD is decreasing continuously, it is

Artificial Intelligence to Change Industrial Map

Trend of Google¡?s artificial intelligence (AI) AlphaGo is changing South Korea¡?s industrial map. This is a global war without any gunshots to prepare for so-called ¡®4th Industrial Revolution¡?. S


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Pre-orders for Galaxy S7 series appeared to outpace those of predecessors in U.S., Europe

Samsung Electronics Co.’s latest Galaxy S series S7 and S7 Edge pre-orders appeared to have outstripped those of their predecessors’ in the U.S. and Europe

Simone joins hands with MBK Partners to acquire GST AutoLeather

South Korea-based Simone Ltd., a globally leading original design manufacturer (ODM) of world’s renowned luxury handbags...

Foreign real estate brands rushing to the Korean housing rental market

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., CBRE Group, and other international real estate services providers are entering the Korean housing...

S. Korea’s erae Automotive to supply auto parts to Maserati

South Korea’s car parts maker, erae Automotive Systems Co., said Monday that it will supply its heating, ventilation and...


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