The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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March 23, 2016

The Korean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

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The Korea Post news:

Just in case there may be Excellencies who might have missed the important article on the Korean political situation, here is re-run of the article we published yesterday.?Ed.

Pundits see Saenuri winning 50%, Minjoo 32%, People’s Party 12%, Justice Party 6%

Who’ll win in the upcoming parliamentary elections on April 13?

By Lee Kyung-sik

Publisher, The Korea Post

The National Assembly general elections are only a little over three weeks away and Korea Gallup has recently disclosed an opinion survey on the prospects of the winning parties on the decisive day of April 13, 2016.

The results of the polls taken on March 15-17 showed the ruling Saenuri Party leading with a 41% victory followed by the Minjoo (Democratic) Party with 20%, the People’s Party with 8% and the Justice Party with 7%. Other surveys also show similar results with slight differences. They roughly average 40% for Saenuri, 25% for Minjoo, 10% for the People’s Party and 5% for the Justice Party. The remaining 20% indicate that they are undecided.

President Park Geun-hye’s popularity rating is not very high these days. However, it is higher than that of  many of her predecessors in the latter half of their tenure of office.

Beginning on March 31, the ruling and opposition political parties start their election campaign. With the undecided 20% hypothetically included in the total number of voters, Saenuri might win 50%, Minjoo32%, People’s Party 12% and Justice Party 6%.

Considering the total 300 seats of the National Assembly, including the comparative representatives of the different parties, the final tally of the assemblymen by the competing parties would be Saenuri 150 seats, Minjoo 96, People’s Party 36 and Justice Party 18.

Both the ruling and opposition political parties are experiencing severe internal strive of the nomination of the candidates for the elections, which would seriously affect the actual results of the elections.

Main opposition Minjoo Party Chairman Kim Jong-in.

He recently got a ‘free-ride ticket #2’ of the Party to enter

the National Assembly as a proportional representative member.

President Park Geun-hye is known to be trying to see her ‘own people’ to win the Saenuri Party nomination to run in the elections?as did most of her predecessors, especially former President Lee Myung-bak,who had his ‘own people’ nominated in the past election at the expense of the candidates of the then ruling Hannara Party.

In the latest Saenuri Party nomination for the upcoming elections, former President Lee Myung-bak’s righthand man, Rep. Lee Jae-oh, was dropped from the list of the Saenuri Party candidates.

The main opposition Minjoo Party is also in a similar situation. Many of the influential members of the party, the incumbent Assemblymen, were dropped from the list of the nominees to run in the race and some of them have declared that they would run in their capacity as independent candidates.

Chairman Ahn Cheol-soo of the second opposition People’s Party. Will he secure 20 seats? That is the ‘big’ question.

The second opposition People’s Party is relatively free from internal strife over the candidate nomination and this poses a measure of obstacle in the prediction of the winning parties in the elections.

So, what would be the actual results of the elections?in spite of the odds?

The decisive battle would be in Seoul and the surrounding areas of the capital zone where there are a total of 122 seats to be shared by the ruling and opposition parties. Traditionally, Seoul and the surrounding zone are the power-seat region of the opposition camp as the more educated population is there and is normally opposition-oriented politically. However, in the upcoming competition, the opposition camp is not necessarily in a very advantageous situation as it is split between the Minjoo Party of Moon Jae-in (now represented by Kim Jong-in), the People’s Party of Ahn Cheol-soo and the Justice Party of the progressive lady opposition leader Shim Sang-jeong.

Chairperson Shim Sang-jeong of the progressive Justice Party.

The party’s chances of winning the Assembly seats are estimated at six to ten.

With the exception of Jeolla provinces, the provincial regions are normally pro-ruling camp, especially the power-seat southeastern region of the Gyeongsang provinces that have a total of 65 seats. The traditionally conservative inland Chungcheong provinces, also friendly with the ruling camp, have a total of 27 seats and the similarly pro-Saenuri northeastern province of Gangwon has a total of eight seats.

The opposition-strong southwestern Jeolla provinces have a total of only 28 seats that have to be shared by the opposition parties of Moon and Ahn.

Exerting a considerable extent of influence on the result of the elections is the people’s support rating of President Park Geun-hye. Recent surveys show that she has 40% supporting her and 45% against, which is pretty high in her favor in view of her predecessors. Perhaps this is why the main opposition party levels its point of attack on the poor economic policies of the Park government instead of downright ‘Change the Government!’ tactics.

Former Chairman Moon Jae-in of the main opposition Minjoo Party. Many Koreans think that he is

still the ‘real’ boss the main opposition party.

Another important factor exerting a great extent of influence on the elections is the voter turnout.

It was 54.2% in the last (19th) National Assembly while it was 46.1% for the preceding 18th-term parliamentary elections. Normally, if the voting rate is high, it favorably affects the opposition camp. This is because the conservative-oriented voters in the 50s and older favor the ruling camp while those in the 20s and 30s support the opposition candidates. The old people tend to go to the polls while the young ones would rather go on picnic than to the polling stations.

Rep. Lee Jae-Oh of the ruling Saenuri Party. A prominent pro-Lee Myung-bak

conservative statesman, Lee JO was dropped from the list of official Saenuri

nominees to run in the upcoming National Assembly elections.

The Saenuri party leaders want to secure a total of 180 seats while the main opposition Minjoo Party insists on winning at least more than 100 seats.

Ahn’s People’s Party must win at least 20 seats to form a parliamentary negotiating body, which, however, does not look very easy at this time.

This is because the 20 seats would entitlethe People’s Party to the 8.5 billion won state subsidy. Otherwise, Ahn would have to be satisfied with only 2.5 billion won given to the parties with less seats.

Former President Lee Myung-bak. His followers in the ruling camp were substantially dropped from the list of nominees for the 20th-erm National Assembly elections. Reports say he did the same to the then main conservative party leader Park Geun-hye in the previous general elections.


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Invitation to the DagjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNSESCO Cultural Heritage)

Your Excellency:

I am pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Kim Hong-jang of the Dangin City cordially invites Your Excellency and Madam to the DangjinGijisi Tug-of-War Festival (UNESCO Cultural Heritagte) on Friday April 8, 2016. The Korea Post organizes the tour at the invitation of Mayor Kim, which also includes a visit to the famed Hyundai Steel Mill.


Schedule follows:

0820 hours Friday April 8, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul(near Water Fountain).

0830-1100 hours: Move by Limousine Bus to Dangjin by picturesque West Coast Expressway, visiting the Hyundai Steel Plant on the way to Dangjin.

1100-1140 hours: Visit the Gijisi Tug-of-War Museum.

1200-1340 hours: Luncheon at the Hyundai Steel Guest House hosted by Major and Mrs. Kim Hong-jang of the Dangjin City.

1400-1420 hours: Wear traditional Korean costumes of the King, General and Court ladies.

1430-1640 hours: Have hands-on experience in various local cultural events, including participation in the Gijisi Tug-of-War and Rice wine- and Sake-making.

1700-1830 hours: Move back to  Seoul arriving at Grand Hayatt Seoul by 6:30 p.m.

Very Respectfully Yours


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A quick roundup of major news stories from Korean media:


S. Korea Joins Int'l Community to Deplore Terror Attacks in Brussels

Belgium and its surrounding countries have raised their terrorist threat alert to the maximum level following...

Seoul Supports Brussels' Effort to Fight Terrorism

S. Korean Embassy in Belgium Runs Emergency Task Force

Seoul Warns N. Korea Against Rhetorical Attack on President Park

Seoul, Tokyo Agree to Swiftly Implement Deal on Wartime Sex Slavery

Seoul Warns N. Korea Against Rhetorical Attack on President Park

Seoul, Tokyo Agree to Swiftly Implement Deal on Wartime Sex Slavery

Main Opposition’s Top Officials to Sign Collective Resignation

Customs Service to Certify Custom-Cleared Products to Boost Exports

Moody's Maintains S. Korea's Credit Rating at Aa2

Survey: Street Food Top Choice among Foreign Tourists

N. Korea Threatens to Remove S. Korean President

KCNA: N. Korean Leader Observed Missile Firings

N. Korea Unveils Footage of Mock Coast Invasion of South

US Official Proposes THAAD Talks with China

N. Korea Appears to Have Conducted Ground-Based Missile Test

UN Presses Tokyo to Prosecute Those Responsible for Wartime Sex Slavery


Yonhap (

S. Korea to toughen monitoring on Zika virus

South Korea will improve its monitoring infrastructure on the Zika virus as the country has confirmed its first case, the government said Wednesday.

The government and the ruling Saneuri Party agreed during an emergency meeting to strengthen the monitoring of passengers returning from Zika outbreak countries and share related information between health authorities.

'Descendants of the Sun' hits Americas

South Korea's TV hit "Descendants of the Sun" has become the most-searched latest TV series on a U.S.-based global video-streaming site in the Americas, the service said Wednesday. The 16-episode series has been shown exclusively by Viki ( in the region for the past four weeks. With the first eight episodes uploaded, it has become the most-searched of the world's 50 latest TV series available on the site, the service provider said.

SKT offers 5-day free service for foreign travelers

South Korea's top mobile carrier SK Telecom Co. will provide foreign visitors here with an opportunity to experience its services free of charge, company officials said Wednesday.

No confirmed South Korean victims in Brussels blasts: official

There are as of yet no confirmed South Korean victims related to Tuesday's bombings in Brussels, Belgium, that left dozens of people dead and some 200 injured, a Seoul government official said Wednesday.

Scholars, entrepreneurs favored for outside directors

South Korea's major business groups preferred scholars and those from the business circle over retired public officers as outside directors this year, data showed Wednesday, amid criticism over their widespread practice to expand their networks in the government.


The Korea Herald (

Islamic State claims deadly bombings in Brussels

Islamic extremists struck Tuesday in the heart of Europe, killing at least 34 people and wounding scores of othe...

South Korea confirms first Zika case

South Korean health authorities said Tuesday a man who recently returned home from Brazil has b...

North Korea's saber-rattling is no bluff: ministry

The South Korean military Tuesday said that it sees North Korea’s nuclear programs, ballistic ...

Pony, trendsetter of K-beauty

Pony -- real name Park Hye-min -- is one of the most popular Korean makeup gurus, with 981,144 ...

Mirae Asset chairman still ‘thirsty for dea...

Just days after it inked a $2 billion deal to take over a bigger rival, Mirae Asset Securities is looking...

Shady price rises

There is an urgent need for economic policymakers to pay more attention to irregular growth ...

Park flip-flops

Recent remarks by President Park Geun-hye on her economic outlook are drawing accusations of...


The Korea Times (

Samsung welcomes top US court review on Apple row

Samsung Electronics welcomed the top U.S. court’s decision, Tuesday, to consider its appeal of a ruling that the Korean company infringed on Apple’s design patents. Samsung has sought to cut the $548 million in damages it paid A...

US envoy attacker adds jail term for assaulting prison officer 

A local court on Wednesday sentenced the 56-year-old man, who attacked the top U.S. envoy to South Korea last year, to an additional 18 months in prison for a...

SKT offers 5-day free service for foreign travelers 

In the "Enjoy Mobile Korea" program, 250 foreigners arriving in South Korea will be able to use unlimited voice calling services and up to 5GB mobile data thr...

S. Korea to toughen monitoring on Zika virus 

South Korea will improve its monitoring infrastructure on the Zika virus as the country has confirmed its first case, the government said Wednesday.

N. Korea warns of retaliation against Park 

North Korea threatened Wednesday to wage a retaliatory war against President Park Geun-hye in the latest show of defiance against tougher sanctions and joint...

Terrorists strike Brussels airport and subway, killing 31 

Belgium raised its terror alert to the highest level, diverting planes and trains and ordering people to stay where they were. Airports across Europe immediat...  [Photo] Brussels terrorist attack


DongAIlbo (

North's new multi rocket launcher poses fatal threat to S. Korea'

North Korea’s state media outlets reported on Tuesday that North Korean leader Kim Jong Un conducted onsite advisory inspection o…

Korea's first Zika virus case reported

The quarantine authorities' guidelines to respond to people suspicious of Zika virus infection were not mobilized properly in hos…

Novels created by AI

As usual, the guy stood beside me. He is K, a new member. “Did you hear the news yesterday?” “About what?” “About jobs for humans…

Obama, Castro confirm? long way to go' before normalization of ties

U.S. President Barack Obama, who was on the second day of his historic tour to Cuba, met with Cuban President Raul Castro at the …

Han Kang makes Man Booker Prize list with 'The Vegetarian'

“I felt composed and happy as I was nominated with writers that I like.”A Korean novelist Han Kang (aged 46) said with bashful sm…

Why US could not stop China becoming communist in 1945?

'Usually, your enemy's enemy is your friend. However, if your friends are ideally different from one another and yet pretending th…


ChosunIlbo (

N. Korea 'Was Testing New Multiple Rocket Launchers'

The projectiles North Korea fired into the East Sea on Monday came from a new 300-mm multiple rocket launcher, the official KCNA said Tuesday. KCNA said it was the "final test launch" of the new weapon ahead of its field deployment. >> Full Text

Korea Reports 1st Zika Infection

Korea saw its first case of Zika on Tuesday when a man from Gwangyang, South Jeolla Province was confirmed to be infected. The Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said the man, who is in his 40s, went on a business trip to the northeastern Brazilian state of Cear? from Feb. 17 to March 9. >> Full Text

Korea's Household Debt Grows at 2nd Fastest Pace in World

Korea's household debt last year grew at the second-fastest rate among 19 emerging economies. The Institute of International Finance analyzed the debt loads of emerging countries and found that Korea's household debt to GDP ratio stood at 87.75 percent. >> Full Text

N. Korean Propaganda Shows Cheong Wa Dae Going Up in Flames

N. Korea Urges

S. Korean Opposition Parties to Unite


HankyorehShinmoon (

Politician or royalty? Prime Minister gets driven onto train platform

Questions raised after Hwang Kyo-ahn disrupts passenger flow to board KTX from his official car

On the evening of Mar. 20, an office worker surnamed Kim who was on a KTX high-speed train from Seoul to Busan, saw something unexpected outside of the window. Two big cars were driving across the platform, where passengers were getting on and off the train. The two automobiles stopped in front of train cars No. 1 and No. 2 and let out men in suits, who blocked passengers hurrying to board the train in time. Then, a man got out of the rear seat of a black Hyundai Equus and leisurely walked onto train car No. 2 and into first class.

Spending money like they’re possessed” - going all out for special high schools

“Mothers: The difficult and small-class-size courses that Seoul National University likes are at the special purpose and autonomous private high schools. Starting in 2021 [the year current second-year middle school students enter university], there is likely to be an assessment system where everyone with just 90 points or more on their high school record gets an ‘A.’ The answer is clear: special purpose and autonomous private high schools at all costs.”

A persistent decline in the number of stay-at-home mothers

The number of South Korean stay-at-home mothers has declined over the past two years. According to data from Statistics Korea on Mar. 21, a total of 7.09 million stay-at-home mothers were counted last year, down 58,000 from the year before. The number rose steadily from 6.38 million in 2000 - the first year related statistics were tallied - to 7.30 million in 2013 before declining to 7.14 million in 2014 and 7.09 in 2015. The total for Jan. and Feb. 2016 was also down 93,000 from the same period last year.

For prestigious university admission, S. Korean students and parents in a war for information

“It was in the process of trying to build my extracurricular and make a stronger application that I really sensed how much of a ‘dirt spooner’ I was.”“Yu Si-yeol, 19, used a popular coinage used in South Korea lately to describe people from underprivileged backgrounds. This year, he started at a private university in Seoul after graduating from a general high school in nearby Gyeonggi Province. He’s also from a single-parent household where finances are tight.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Deal mends Minjoo’s rupture

The main opposition party’s power struggle subsided Tuesday after the former chairman, Moon Jae-in, managed to persuade the newly recruited campaign chief to stay on. The Minjoo Party of Korea’s bold attempt to reinvent itself before the April 13 general election faced a crisis just three weeks before the poll, as speculation grew that Kim Chong-in, the interim leader of the party and the campaign chief…

Traveler to Brazil is the first Zika case in Korea

Korea reported its first case of the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which is especially dangerous for pregnant women, according to health authorities on Tuesday…

HMM asks creditors to help stabilize company

Hyundai Merchant Marine (HMM) is attempting to get creditors more involved with the company in a bid to save the ailing shipper…

In drawing up budgets, gov’t will focus on jobs

As youth unemployment worsens, the government has decided to realign its budget to expand job opportunities for young people…

Pangyo ‘start-up campus’ opens

Pangyo, an affluent suburb near Seoul, will house the country’s largest start-up incubator center, becoming home to famed venture capital firms…

Foreign financiers are urged to grow in Korea

Zhin Woong-seob, governor of the Financial Supervisory Service, appealed on Tuesday to leaders of foreign financial institutions to find new growth in the Korean market…

KRX takes action in Codes situation

Korea Exchange, the nation’s stock board operator, said on Tuesday it will suspend trading on stocks that have an insufficient number of tradeable shares…


The KyunghyangShinmoon(

Pollutants from Yongsan Base Neglected: Pollution in Surrounding Areas Increases 13-Fold

The concentration of the toxic chemical, petroleum hydrocarbons in the groundwater near the U.S. military's Yongsan base in Seoul has increased by almost thirt···

For the Gladiator, the Salaried Worker

The man who named the post-war employment pattern of Japanese businesses "lifetime employment" was U.S. business theorist James Abegglen. In his 1958 book, Th···

[D-23 to Parliamentary Elections: The Minjoo's Controversial Nominations for Proportional Representation] A Number of Candidates with Ambiguous Positions and Moral Faults: Even Party Members Cl

The Minjoo Party of Korea released its list of candidates for proportional representation in the April 13 parliamentary election on March 20, triggering a heate···

The Arrogance of the Pro-Parks Making Light of the Public

The arrogance and blind pursuit of power displayed by the pro-Park members of the Saenuri Party have gone too far. The ruling party is suffering internal discor···

Moon Jae-in 'Unexpected Profits,' Ahn Cheol-soo 'Good Defense,' Park Won-soon 'Sad Results'

Future opposition candidates for the presidency, Moon Jae-in, former leader of the Minjoo Party of Korea; Ahn Cheol-soo, co-leader of the People's Party; and P···

Kim Moo-sung and Lee Hahn-koo Collide Head-on over Candidate Nominations

On March 16, Saenuri Party leader Kim Moo-sung said, "The decisions concerning some areas with single candidate recommendations and priority recommendations we···


The Korea Economic Daily (

Up to 50,000 Shipyard Workers May Lose Jobs

As new orders dry up in Korea's major shipyards, the job crisis of shipbuilding employees is deepening further. At this rate, industry officials estimated, as many as 40,000-50,000 unemployed workers would be produced within three years from now in the nation's big-three shipbuilders including Hyund...

Ara Canal to Open for Cruise Traffic in 4 Years after Completion

"Ara Canal," the 2.3-trillion-won artificial waterway connecting the Han River with the west coast, will be finally open for cruise ship traffic. Park Won-soon, Mayor of the Seoul metropolitan city government, said in a recent interview with reporters, "We will begin cruise services linking the Yell...

Shinsegae to Open "Starfield First Hanam" Outdoor Shopping Mall in Sept.

Shinsegae Group said on March 23 that it would name the soon-to-be completed outdoor shopping mall under construction in Hanam, located in the eastern outskirts of Seoul, as "Starfield First Hanam" and the mall would be open by September this year. The Starfield First will feature entertainment and ...

Prez Park Discusses Ways for Further Economic Ties with Visiting Thai Deputy PM

President Park Geun-hye met on March 22 in the Presidential Palace Somkid Jatusripitak, Thai Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs. At the meeting, the two leaders discussed ways for economic cooperation between the two countries, a Cheongwadae spokesperson said. Deputy Prime Minister Jatusripi...

Doosan Bobcat Takes First Step for Listing in Korea

A small American construction equipment maker Doosan Bobcat which Doosan Infracore purchased in 2007 took its first step to be listed on the Korean stock market by signing a lead manager contract. Doosan Bobcat aims to be listed by September 2016. Its parent Doosan Infracore expects to raise more th...


AJU Business Daily(

North threatens to attack South Korean president

In one of its most salient threats this year, North Korea warned Wednesday of a direct attack on South Korea

North Korea's new rocket launcher ready for deployment: KCNA

North Korea released video footage showing an imaginary shelling of the offices of US and South Korean presidents Tuesday as state media warned its new, large-caliber

South Korea reports first Zika virus patient

South Korea on Tuesday reported the first case of a patient infected with the mosquito-borne virus during his recent trip to Brazil, but health auth…

North Korea fires short-range projectiles into sea

North Korea fired five short-range projectiles into the sea Monday in a show of force, military officials said, after its leader Kim Jong-un vowed to push for the lau…

North Korea's quiet but active push to develop SLBM: 38 North

With global attention chained to Pyongyang's long-range missiles, there has been a quiet but active push to develop a submarine-launched



LG Electronics Introduces Gram 15

LG Electronics introduced paper art video on the 22nd that emphasizes light weight of LG Electronics¡? new laptop called Gram 15. LG Electronics introduced...

Samsung Electronics Releases SUHD TVs with 2nd Generation Quantum Dots...

Samsung Electronics held ¡®SUHD TV Media Day¡? Event at its company building in Seocho on the 22nd and announced opening of generation of Q...

Samsung Is a Business That Makes Fourth Most Investments into Artificial...

Samsung is surveyed as a business that makes fourth most investments

Oversupply of LCD Panels to Continue until 2018

There are predictions that global oversupply of LCD display panels will continue until 2018. It seems that panel manufacturers will speed up process of industrial restructuring by changing produced


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Samsung Electronics unveils new SUHD TV

South Korea’s electronics behemoth Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled its new quantum dot-based SUHD TVs on Tuesday, a year after it first introduced the quantum-dot TV series to vie with organic light-emitting diode (OLED) TVs.

GS E&C lands $1.46bn deal to build world’s largest vehicle garage in Singapore

GS Engineering & Construction Corp. (E&C) bagged a deal worth about 1.99 billion Singapore dollars ($1.46 billion) from ...

Eugene Group to up stake in Tongyang up to 25%

South Korea’s largest ready-mixed concrete company Eugene Group declared that it will participate in management of Tongyang ...

Seoul Viosys files patent lawsuit against U.S.-based Salon Supply Store

Seoul Viosys Co., an ultraviolet (UV) light-emitting diode (LED) solution firm that is a subsidiary of South Korea`s LED ...

S. Korean gov’t, retailers join forces to launch annual grand shopping event

The South Korean government plans to hold an annual grand sales event year in close concert with retailers to offer more ...


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