The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June10, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday,June10, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesanda roundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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A quick roundup of major news storiesfrom the Korean media today:


BOK Cuts Rate to Record Low amidShipbuilding WoesVideo

Anchor:The Bank of Korea surprised markets by lowering the key interest rate to arecord low one-point-25 percent on Thursday. The central bank appears to havemoved preemptively before full-fledged restructuring begins in thefinancially-troubled shipbuilding industry, which will lead to a massive lossof jobs.

OurKim In-kyung has more.

Combustion Test of KSLV Engine SuccessfullyHeld for 75 Seconds

Acombustion test of a 75-ton engine that goes into the Korea Space LaunchVehicle(KSLV)-II was successfully held at the Naro Space Center in Goheung, SouthJeolla Province on Wednesday.

TheKorea Aerospace Research Institute(KARI) said that it completed assembling aprototype of the first 75-ton liquid fuel engine and conducted a combustiontest that lasted 75 seconds. In last month's test, the combustion lasted 30seconds.

Main Opp. Chung Sye-kyun Elected asNational Assembly Speaker

Anchor:Rep. Chung Sye-kyun of the main opposition party has been elected as the newspeaker of the National Assembly. A deputy speaker has each been selected fromthe ruling and minor opposition camps as previously agreed upon by rivalparties.As our Kim Bum-soo reports, the newly chosen parliamentary speakerpledged to regain the public's trust.

New Speaker Submits Papers to Leavethe Minjoo

Main Opp. Chung Sye-kyun Elected asNational Assembly Speaker

Main Opposition's Chung Sye-kyunElected Assembly Speaker

Hyundai Mobis Obtains Temp Licence toTest Self-Driving Car

Domestic Construction Orders Up 11%YoY in April

KOSPI Dips on Thursday



U.S.House speaker says U.S. shouldn't let Asian alliances to 'atrophy'

U.S. HouseSpeaker Paul Ryan said Thursday that the U.S. should not allow U.S. alliancesin Asia to "atrophy" and the top U.S. foreign policy priority in theregion should be to counter the threat of North Korea.

Pyongyangdefense chief blasts counterparts for talks on N.K. nukes

North Korea'sdefense chief on Thursday blasted his counterparts from South Korea, the UnitedStates and Japan for their recent talks on cooperating to counter Pyongyang'snuclear threats.

Prosecutorssay Volkswagen sold vehicles with unauthorized exhaust pipes

Seoulprosecutors said Thursday Volkswagen, faced with an emissions cheating scandal,appears to have sold thousands of vehicles with unauthorized exhaust pipes.

Ruling,oppositions parties celebrate 16th anniversary of inter-Korea summit

South Korea'sruling and opposition party officials gathered on Thursday to commemorate the16th anniversary of the first summit between Seoul and Pyongyang, amid theprolonged deadlock in the inter-Korean relationship following the North'srecent provocations.


The KoreaHerald (

Formeropposition party leader elected as new speaker

The NationalAssembly elected the main opposition party’s Rep. Chung Sye-kyun as its newspeaker on Thursday, catapul...

BOKslashes base rate to new historic low

The Bank ofKorea on Thursday slashed the key interest rate to a new historic low in a surprise...

FTCto raise asset ceiling for conglomerate watch list to 10 tln won

The SouthKorean antitrust watchdog said Thursday that it will raise the asset ceilingfor its ...

Suspectsplotted gang rape of female teacher: police

Policeconcluded Thursday that the gang rape of a female teacher in an island villagewas a pre...


The KoreaTimes (

Whichdish would represent Seoul?

Jeonju inSouth Jeolla Province claimed the ownership of bibimbap, a mixed bowl of ricewith vegetables. Chuncheon, Gangwon Province, took dakgalbi, chicken with hotsauce and vegetables, and Uijeongbu in Gyeonggi Province claim...

Navy,marines called on to bust illegal Chinese fishing

Politicalparties are mounting calls for the military to dispatch Navy ships carryingmarines to the West Sea to stop illegal fishing by Chinese boats in SouthKorean waters. The calls reflect public concern about the growing in...

S. Korealodges protest with China over illegal fishing Two Chinese skippers face arrest for fishing at NLL  Chinese fishing boats' requests for access toS. Korea's EEZ dips in 2016

Howslow is Kim Jong-un's smartphone?

So with suchpoor speed, why do North Koreans use smartphones? Is it just a show ofprivilege given to those with proven loyalty to North Korean leader KimJong-un? And what does Kim do with his smartphone?

N. Korea ranksnear bottom among countries in Internet speed


DongAIlbo (

Austrian'grandma angels' receive honorary Korean citizenships

Two Austriannuns who have devoted themselves to treating leprosy patients for over 40 yearson a remote island off Korea's south…

'Ombudsmancommittee' launches at Samsung's chip plant

The"ombudsman committee" was officially launched Wednesday to pursuecomprehensive diagnosis of Samsung Electronics' chip plant …

MLB:Kim Hyun-soo, Kang Jung-ho hit 2 hits each on Tuesday

Ihave torn apart all scouting reports that I wrote in the spring camp.” In theU.S., a growing number of people are writing "le…

Japanese‘homemaking master’ advises on how to arrange things in order

Minimalism isa prevailing trend these days. People who are not good at keeping things inorder have lost ground in our living. Y…


ChosunIlbo (

Geologists to Drill IntoJeju Volcano

Geologists plan to drill into Mt. Halla on Jeju Island inorder to determine the age of the volcano. The Jeju World Nature HeritageCenter said Wednesday it will conduct the research until 2019 in conjunctionwith the Korea Institute for Geoscience and Mineral

Prosecutors Find Evidence of EmissionTampering by Volkswagen

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office saidWednesday it has discovered evidence that Volkswagen tampered with emissiontest results submitted to a government agency over a two-year period

Tesla Denies Battery Deal with Samsung SDI

Electric carmaker Tesla on Wednesday denied reports thatit is forging a deal for battery supplies with Samsung SDI. Tesla Motors CEOElon Musk tweeted on Wednesday that speculation over the deal with Samsung SDIis wrong and that Panasonic will exclusively supply batteries for the Model 3and Model S


HankyorehShinmoon (

Parkcommemorating martyrs for democracy opens in Icheon

Place to honordemocratization movement run into hurdles in recent years due to conservativegovernments

A parkcommemorating the lives lost in the battle for democracy against South Korea’spast military dictatorships opens on June 9. The opening comes 15 years after a2001 decision on ten commemorative projects for the democracy movement.Thememorial park occupies a 150,674 square-meter plot of land in Eonong, a villagein Icheon, Gyeonggi Province. Built at a cost of 46.6 billion won (US$40.3million), it includes a memorial building and a graveyard for 136 individualslegally recognized as having been involved in the democracy movement.

USand China agree yet to agree on specifics of expert group

The separatesession on sanctions against North Korea that took place during the Strategicand Economic Dialogue between the US and China that was held in Beijing on June6 and 7 was requested by the US because of concerns that China was relaxing itsstance on the sanctions, sources say.According to multiple interviews conductedby the Hankyoreh on June 8, the group of “experts” that US Secretary of StateJohn Kerry said on June 7

Comfortwomen foundation to start work in July, former minister says

Former SouthKorean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan, who is playing a leading role in thepreparatory committee for establishing a foundation to implement the comfortwomen agreement reached by the South Korean and Japanese governments on Dec. 28of last year, said that the foundation will likely be established around themiddle of July.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

BOKcuts interest rate to an all-time nadir of 1.25%

The Bank ofKorea (BOK) unexpectedly slashed its key interest rate from 1.5 percent to anall-time low of 1.25 percent on Thursday, the first cut in 12 months, to helpthe floundering economy. The news took local markets by surprise, since manyanalysts had expected a cut in July or later. The BOK made the cut only a dayafter the central bank…

Mountainsmay be attracting murderers: cops

When a55-year-old female hiker was found dead this week on a mountain in Uijeongbu,Gyeonggi…

Assemblyopens only two days after deadline

Korea’s 20thNational Assembly held its first plenary session Thursday, after squabblesabout appointments…

Restrictionson big groups will affect much fewer

The Fair TradeCommission (FTC) has raised the bar on categorizing conglomerates in Korea…



TurningTheir Backs and Not Listening: Lame Duck Treatment Begins from Inside

President ParkGeun-hye's grip over state administration is crumbling from inside. Rulingparty members are openly turning their backs on Cheong WaDae. The ps···

[AgreementReached on Key Positions in 20th National Assembly] Saenuri Chose Key StandingCommittee, the Minjoo Party Secured "Symbol" of Election Victory

The threemajor ruling and opposition parties quickly concluded negotiations on keypositions in the twentieth National Assembly, which had been in a stalemate,···

ForeignMinister Yun Byung-se to Visit Russia on June 12 after Cuba: Going All In toBring North Korea to Its Knees, But Risking Becoming a 'Diplomatic Orphan'

The ParkGeun-hye government's ultimate move, as the government heads toward the end ofits term, appears to be an attempt to bring North Korea to its knees. ···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

Bankof Korea Cuts Benchmark Rate by 0.25%p to 1.25%

The MonetaryPolicy Committee of the Bank of Korea decided to cut the benchmark interestrate on June 9. This is just one day after the government announced arestructuring plan for the shipbuilding and shipping industries. The committeeheld a meeting at the central bank's headquarters building in ...

MostMarket Participants Expect More Rate Cut in Sept. or Oct.

As the Bank ofKorea unexpectedly reduced the benchmark interest rate on June 9, many marketparticipants are keenly interested in whether the central bank might do thesame in a few months later. Indeed, there were several such occasions in whichthe bank cut the interest rate with a two-three mont...

E-Martto Jump into Soju Market by Acquiring Jeju Distillery

E-Mart,Korea's largest discount retail operator, will move into the soju (vodka-likedistilled beverage) business. The company said on June 9 that it has signed aprovisional contract with JejuSoju, a small distillery based in Jeju Island, atthe price of about 30 billion won.JejuSoju produces an...

[MarketInsight] KKR Eyes NewCore Gangnam after Deciding to Acquire Kim's Club

KohlbergKravis Roberts & Co., an American private equity firm currently in talks toacquire discount retailer Kim's Club, has entered a negotiation to take overthe Gangnam store of NewCore Outlet as well. Industry analysts said this is asign that E-Land, the owner of both properties, is willing t...


AJUBusiness Daily(

Pyongyangdiscloses IDs of female defectors 

Pictures ofthree female defectors were posted in Uriminzokkiri's report [Screenshotcaptured from Uriminzokkiri] North Korea has posted the identities of tworestaurant workers and a thi… 

Prosecutorsseek charges against nine more over humidifier deaths 

South Koreanprosecutors have sought warrants to arrest nine more people, including six fromtwo major discount chains, in an investigation into deadly humi… 

UScargo plane skids off runway, no casualties 

A US cargoplane run by UPS, the world's largest package delivery company, has skidded offthe runway at South Korea's main gateway west of Seoul, damagingfacilitie… 

IAEAaccuses Pyongyang of reprocessing nuclear fuel: Yonhap

North Koreacould have started reprocessing spent nuclear fuel to harvest plutonium fornuclear weapons, the International Atomic Energy Agency said. "The DPRK(North Kor… 



SamsungElectronics to Sell Limited Edition of Galaxy S7 Edge Injustice Edition on the13th

SamsungElectronics is going to sell limited edition of 1,000 Galaxy S7 Edge InjusticeEdition Package on the 13th through its online store. Store price is $1,035(1.199 million KRW) and Batman Injus

LSISCo., Ltd. to Mass-Produce Its Portable Chargers for Electric Vehicles Soon

LSIS Co., Ltd.has obtained ISO26262, which is an international standard for vehiclefunctional safety, for its portable chargers (cord set) for electric vehicles.(Referred to 19th page of Electronic Times on the 8th of June)

CrucialTecto Supply Its Fingerprint Recognition Modules to Super-High-Priced Smartphones

CrucialTec issupplying its fingerprint recognition modules to super-high-priced Smartphonesthat are specialized for security.


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Bankof Korea cuts base rate to new all-time low of 1.25%

The Bank ofKorea (BOK) on Thursday stunned the market with its first rate action in ayear, slashing the benchmark interest rate by a quarter of a percentage pointto a new record low of ...

MiraeAsset plans to invest 10 trillion won to foster Korean startups over 10

South Korea’sMirae Asset Financial Group plans to invest 10 trillion won ($8.7 billion) overthe next 10 years in startups ...

DSMEwins $587 mn order to build 2 LNG carriers, 2 VLCCs

DaewooShipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co. (DSME), the world’s second largestshipbuilder, won orders worth 676.3 billion won ...

VWaccused of tampering with test reports to speed up shipment to Korea

The SeoulCentral District Prosecutors` Office said on Wednesday that they havesufficient evidence that German carmaker ...


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