The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June14, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Tuesday,June14, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesanda roundup of important headlines fromall major Korean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media


Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


S.Korea's 20th Nat'l Assembly Opens

The 20thNational Assembly held a ceremony marking the opening of its four-year term andlaunched official activities on Monday.

StrongWaves Suspend Operation to Lift Bow of Sewol Ferry

An operationto lift the bow of the sunken ferry Sewol, which remains deep underwater offJindo Island in South Jeolla Province for over two years, was suspended onMonday due to unfavorable weather conditions

Executiveof Volkswagen Korea Summoned for Questioning

Prosecutorssummoned on Monday an executive of the local unit of German carmaker Volkswagenas part of their expanding probe into the firm’s alleged irregularities.

USSMississippi Enters Port of Busan

DefenseMinistry: N. Korea’s Sale of Fishing Right to China is Possible

S.Korea's 20th Nat'l Assembly Opens

FSSChief Calls for Measures to Protect Service Workers

S.Korea, Israel to Launch FTA Talks on June 27

JeonseLoans Increase Sharply due to Shortage of Jeonse Supply



S.Korea, Russia agree to cooperate for denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula

Top diplomatsof South Korea and Russia reaffirmed on Monday that they will not accept NorthKorea as a nuclear weapons state and agreed to cooperate for denuclearizationon the Korean Peninsula, the foreign ministry here said.

THAADnot effective in countering N.K. nuclear attack haystacked in barrage ofwarheads: expert

The U.S. THAADsystem is a powerful anti-missile tool, but wouldn't be effective in defendingagainst a North Korean nuclear attack coming as part of a barrage ofconventional warheads, a U.S. analyst said Monday.

U.S.,S. Korea, Japan hold trilateral talks on Middle East

Seniordiplomats from the United States, South Korea and Japan held talks inWashington on Monday about increasing cooperation in issues related to theMiddle East and North Africa, the State Department said.

SamsungElectronics to hold strategic meeting next week

SamsungElectronics Co. said Monday it will hold its global strategic meeting nextweek, where top executives will share ideas on finding sustainable growth engines..


The KoreaHerald (

[EXCLUSIVE]Korean prosecutors’ inaction stalls justice for ex-Deutsche traders accused ofrigging

Key suspectsin Korea’s biggest stock price manipulation case are living a not-so-secretlife in Hong Kong and Australi...

[DECODED-MiraeAsset] The dichotomy of Park Hyeon-joo

On the Mondayafter Christmas, Park Hyeon-joo took to the podium at the just-ope...

PresidentPark focuses on good start with new Assembly

President ParkGeun-hye on Monday underlined the importance of cooperative governance in thead...

TheInvestor, a global hotline for corporate Korea and investors

English onlinebusiness news service The Investor opened Monday, with the aim of providinginve...


The KoreaTimes (

Speakertriggers debate on constitutional revision

New NationalAssembly Speaker Chung Sye-kyun said Monday that changing the currentpresidential system through revising the Constitution was a “task that must bedone,” re-igniting a long-running issue. Chung’s remarks, made in ...

NKmay have sold fishing rights to China

North Korea issuspected of having sold fishing rights to China in its territorial waters nearthe inter-Korean border, officials said Monday. The Joint Chief of Staff (JCS)said that 10 Chinese trawlers retreated from the water...

Slushfunds of Lotte owner family found 

Prosecutorsfound key documents and a large sum of cash which they believe Lotte GroupFounder Shi...


DongAIlbo (

Mr.Obama finds himself in a fix over the Orlando shooting

The deadlyshooting spree at a gay bar in Orlando, Florida, is turning into a black holeof the U.S. presidential campaigns. Dona…

MoonJae-in heads for Nepal

Former MinjooParty leader Moon Jae-in on Monday went on his journey to Nepal, where he willstay for a Himalaya trekking and ear…

Chinesefishing boats withdraw from mouth of Han River

All Chinesefishing boats, which had run away from neutral waters into North Korean coast,completely pulled out on Monday, after…

YoonJe-kyun to direct Korea-China production ‘Kungfu Robot’

Director YoonJe-kyun (47), who directed "Haeundae" and "Ode to MyFather," will direct "Kungfu Robot," a movie to be jointly pro…


ChosunIlbo (

Korean Brands Fare Poorly in China's High-EndMarket

Korean brands rank a poor sixth in the lucrative Chinesemarket for high-end consumer goods. But exports of high-end goods to othercountries in Asia are increasing thanks to the popularity of Korean TV dramasand movies in the region

Line IPO to Bring Huge Windfall for Staff

Internet portal Naver will list its mobile messagingservice Line on the U.S. and Japanese stock markets in July, bringing aroundW770 billion worth of stock option bonuses for staff. Naver decided to pursuean initial public offering of Line on both the New York and Tokyo stockexchanges next month.

Air Pollution 'to Cause Millions of Deaths inKorea'

Air pollution will cause millions of deaths in Korea by2060 and deal a huge blow to the country's economy unless it makes more effortsto improve air quality, the OECD warned last Thursday.


HankyorehShinmoon (

[Interview]Bruce Cumings on the next US president’s foreign policy

Professorisn’t thrilled with prospect of Hillary Clinton, but says Trump would be “mostdangerous president probably in American history”

With HillaryClinton and Donald Trump all but assured the Democratic and Republicannominations for the US presidential election on Nov. 8

Ilove you the way you are” ? Parents of LGBT youth give free hugs at QueerFestival

It was the2016 Queer Culture Festival at Seoul Plaza in front of Seoul City Hall on June11, and “Bbomi,” 50, was extending a warm embrace to a student who hadapproached the booth for Parents, Families, Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAGKorea). To others who visited, she raised two thumbs up and said, “We love you.It’s great that you’re here. Stay strong.”

NorthKorea to have largest food shortage since 2011

In 2015, NorthKorean farmers produced much more soybeans, cereals and other non-staple cropsthan the previous year to compensate for the sharp decline in the rice and cornharvest. Despite this, North Korea’s food shortage this year is expected to beabout 690,000 tons, the largest since 2011..


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Park calls for era of cooperation

President Park Geun-hye promised Monday to respect theNational Assembly as a partner in state affairs, as the legislature held anopening ceremony to start its term. The opening ceremony for the 20th NationalAssembly took place in the morning, and Park delivered a speech stressing theimportance of cooperation in politics. Her speech was criticized by rivalpolitical parties for being tired and overly familiar…

Probe into Lotte reveals payments to twoShins

The headline-grabbing investigation of Lotte Group made asignificant breakthrough Monday…

Creditors get tough on Hanjin Chairman Cho

Creditors of troubled Hanjin Shipping continue to demandmore of Hanjin Group and its chairman…

KEB Hana finishes integration of IT systems

KEB Hana Bank said on Monday that it has completedintegration of the IT systems of the former Korea Exchange Bank…   



"DoYou Like Baseball? Then Let's Live Together!" Share Houses with Themes

A (26), acollege student, lives in a share house (shared housing) in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.Woozoo, a social enterprise, manages the house, and the house's six o···

[Editorial]South Korean Workers' Rights Received the Lowest Rating for Three ConsecutiveYears

South Korearecorded the lowest rating five for the third year in a row in theInternational Trade Unions Confederation (ITUC) Global Rights Index. This indexi···

[Afterthe Comfort Women Agreement] Kim Bok-dong Heading to the UN Human RightsCouncil, “Other Countries Think It‘s Over Because Our Government Says It’sOver”

At 12:30 p.m.on June 3, a woman in her thirties swung a hammer at the "Girl ofPeace" statue, the comfort women monument, which had been gazing at wherethe ···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

Brexit Fear Leads to Aversion toward EmergingMarket Risky Asset

Asian markets in Japan, China, and Hong Kong, as well asin Korea were in retreat. The KOSPI index was down on the day by the largestmargin in four months, losing everything it has gained for the month in justone day's session. All across the world, emerging markets were buffeted byth...

35 Regulations Strangle Korea's NewIndustrial Sectors

A study said 47 percent of regulations (35 out of 75) inrelation to the corporate sector including those on new industrial sectors suchas drone delivery are not found anywhere else in the world including China andJapan. According to the Korea Economic Daily based on a comparative study onthree E...

Can Exports Finally Rebound in 18 Months?

After long months of sluggish performance, Korea’sshipments overseas are showing recovery in June 2016. The Korea Customs Serviceannounced on June 12 that the nation’s exports for the period from June 1 to10, 2016 totaled US$13.88 billion, up 5.7 percent from the same period of theprevious yea...

Hyundai Heavy Industries to Turn GroupConstruction Unit into Subsidiary

Hyundai Heavy Industries is set to spin off itsnon-essential business units in earnest. The company said on June 12 that itsent out an official letter to the labor union that it would take the affiliatespecializing in the company's construction projects independent. Theconstruction unit has 994 ...


AJUBusiness Daily(

Thousandsmarch through central Seoul in Queer parade

Thousands ofpeople marched through central Seoul Saturday in a gay pride parade, wavingrainbow flags and shouting slogans that called for social care of South Korea'ssexual minority community.

FormerHanjin Shipping chairwoman appears in court

The formerchairwoman of South Korea's largest container carrier Hanjin Shipping appearedin court Tuesday for an investigation to determine the validity of a warrantsought by prosecutors on charges of using insider information to sell stocks.

Prosecutorslaunch fresh raid into Lotte Group

Prosecutorslaunched a fresh raid Tuesday into South Korea's fifth largest family-runconglomerate, Lotte Group, a day after the group indefinitely put off theplanned listing of its hotel and duty-free operating unit.

JYJsinger-actor Yoochun sued for sexual assault

South Koreanactor Yoochun, a JYJ member, has been sued for sexually assaulting a femaleemployee in an adult entertainment bar. His agency called it "maliciousblackmailing".



South Korea’s Lighting Industry to StartDeveloping Smart Lights

South Korea’s lighting industry is starting to compete indeveloping Smart Lights. As IoT is becoming a hot trend in industries,businesses are speeding up in commercializing products that can implement SmartHome that is either connected to Smartphones or internet.

Samsung Display to Stop Producing Part of LCDPanels for Monitors and Laptops

Samsung Display has decided to stop producing part of LCDpanels for monitors and laptops to consider operation efficiency of productionline and profitability of price of panels. While it is pushing to supply curvedLCDs and OLEDs for monitors and laptops, it is going to reorganize its LCDbusiness based on high-value products such as large TVs that are 40 inches orbigger.

Samsung Electronics to Announce Its New IoTPlatforms and Packaging Solutions at Investors Forum

Global investors who are interested in SamsungElectronics are going to gather in Seoul on the 20th.

SamsungElectronics made an announcement on the 13th that it will be holding ‘SamsungInvestors Forum 2016’ at Conrad Hotel in Yeouido.


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

Shinfather-son suspected of collecting yearly tribute from Lotte units

In major andunprecedentedly speedy development in the crackdown on Lotte Group on a numberof business and financial irregularities, Korean prosecutors said Monday theysuspect group ...

LGChem wins a large-scale desalination filter order in Oman

South Korea’sleading chemical maker LG Chem Ltd. secured an order to provide seawaterfilters for the Sohar Seawater Reverse ...

S.Korean pres pledges state support for laid-off dockyard workers from June

Theshipbuilding industry which may have to shed over 30,000 once under stringentrestructuring plan would come under special ...


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