The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June15, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Wednesday,June15, 2016

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Here areThe KoreaPostnoticesanda roundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

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Russiamarks the Day of Russia at a reception

AmbassadorAleksandr A. Timonin of the Russian Federation in Seoul said that the Republicof Korea is one of the most important partners of Russia in the Asia-Pacificregion and that I would like to point out that, despite complicated politicaland economic situation in the world, last year was fruitful for the twocountries’ relations.

Speaking at areception he hosted at the Millennium Seoul Hilton in Seoul on June 8, 2016,Ambassador Timonin said, “We successfully marked the 25th anniversary ofdiplomatic relations and held a complex of important joint events thusverifying the high level of our cooperation in various areas.”

AmbassadorTimonin specifically pointed out, “The meeting of President of the RussianFederation Vladmir Putin and President of the Republic of Korea Park Geun-hyein 2015 in Paris, contacts of the heads of Foreign Ministries and Chairmen ofParliaments gave further boost to our partnership and defined guidelines forinteraction in the forthcoming years.” (See excerpts from his speech at the endof this report.)

The receptionwas attended by many important guests from the Korean government and society aswell as from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. They included First Vice-Minister ofForeign Affairs Lim Sung Nam, Deputy Minister of Public Safety and Security KimGyungsoo and Deputy Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism Park Younggoog.

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Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


BeijingExpands Trade Embargo List with N. Korea

Beijing hasexpanded a list of goods banned for trades with North Korea in a furthergesture to comply with the UN Security Council’s toughened sanctions onPyongyang.

Unionof Daewoo Shipbuilding Votes in Favor of Strike

The laborunion of Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering has voted in favor oflaunching a strike as it claimed it was getting the short end of the stick amidongoing restructuring plans for the cash-strapped shipper.

Emoticonsof Pyeongchang Olympics' Mascots Distributed

The organizingcommittee of the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang is distributing emoticonsof the official mascots for the Games.

SaenuriEnhances Power of Party Chair

DefenseMinister Embarks on Trip to France

S.Korea to Remove Vietnam War Land Mines

POSCONamed World's Most Competitive Steelmaker

KOSPI,KOSDAQ Lose Further Ground

S.Korea’s Ad Market is 6th Largest in OECD



S.Korea's jobless rate slips to 3.7 pct in May

South Korea's joblessrate fell slightly in May on a rise in the number of employees in the healthand accommodation sectors, a government report showed Wednesday

Lottechairman says 'sorry for causing concern' amid slush fund investigation

The chairmanof embattled South Korean retail giant Lotte Group said Tuesday he is"sorry for causing concern" over corruption allegations and pledgedto fully cooperate with the investigation.

CheilWorldwide to jack up investment, hiring: sources

Cheil WorldwideInc., the advertising unit of the Samsung Group, plans to raise its investmentand hiring this year after its negotiations to sell a controlling stake to aFrench advertising giant fell apart, industry sources said Wednesday.

S.Korean firms to join trade fair in northeastern China

A total of 45South Korean small and medium-sized companies will show off their new productsat an international trade fair in northeastern China this week, according to aSouth Korean trade body on Tuesday.


The KoreaHerald (

[Koreato open energy supply market to private sector

The governmentwill partially open the nation’s state-controlled energy supply market to theprivate sector, as part of...

Korea’spension behemoth eyes alternative investments

South Korea’spublic pension fund will keep increasing alternative investments and reduceloca...

[FEATURE]Tackling body shaming in South Korea

AlinaShamsutdinova thinks she can’t dress up to her potential in South Korea. The23-year-old...

TheInvestor launches as business news hub

[THE INVESTOR]English online business news service The Investor (


The KoreaTimes (

WillXi Jinping invite Kim Jong-un?

When NorthKorea conducted another Musudan missile test hours before Ri Su-yong’s visit toChina, a Chinese scholar predicted, “It would be difficult for Ri to be granteda meeting with Xi Jinping.” He was wrong. Xi met with Kim...

Malaysia,Singapore will benefit most from Korean railway model

SINGAPORE -Korea will be the most ideal partner for the Malaysia-Singapore high-speedrailway project as the country is ahead of its rivals in technology, safety andtechnology transfer, a top government official said Sunday. “...

PAGODAAcademy CEO found guilty of embezzlement, breach of trust 

Park wasindicted in 2013 on charges of pocketing one billion won ($849,000) incorporate money an...


DongAIlbo (

Thelist of candidates for the THAAD deployment narrows down

It was confirmedon Tuesday that the U.S. and Korea decided not to deploy the Terminal HighAltitude Area Defense (THAAD) system …

Chinesefishing boats, military police engage in seek-and-hide game at mouth of HanRiver

Chinesefishing boats that had withdrawn from neutral waters at the mouth of the HanRiver due to crackdown operation staged by t…

Kanasuginamed Japan’s chief negotiator for six-way talks

The Japanesegovernment held a cabinet meeting on Tuesday, and appointed Kenji Kanasugi (56)as director-general of the Asia-Paci…

ChooShin-soo hits home run in return match

Texas Rangers'Choo Shin-soo hit his first home run this season after returning from injury.At the visiting game in Oakland, Cal…


ChosunIlbo (

SMEs Can't Get Staff Despite Unemployment

Some 14 million out of the nation's 16 million workersare employed in small and mid-sized companies, a report shows. They were alsoresponsible for most of the new jobs that were created over the last six orseven years

N.Korean Hackers Steal Fighter Jet Blueprints

North Korean hackers have broken into the computersystems of Korean Air and other defense firms since July 2014 and stolen morethan 40,000 documents, police said Monday

8 Out of Top 12 Smartphone Makers Now Chinese

Eight out of the top 12 smartphone makers in terms ofglobal sales in the first quarter were Chinese, tilting a market long dominatedby Apple and Samsung. According to U.S. market researcher IC Insights lastweek, Samsung ranked top in terms of sales by shifting 81.5 million smartphone


HankyorehShinmoon (

HealthMinistry trying to show that S. Korea’s #1 elderly poverty is overstated

Governmentworking on analysis to factor in housing, which could end up underestimatedelderly poverty rate

The Ministryof Health and Welfare (MOHW) is at work developing a new indicator for elderlypoverty, claiming that current statistics for the senior poverty rate in SouthKorea tend to overstate the problem.

Evenin North Korea, parents open their wallets for private education

Report statesthat parents who can afford it arranging for private classes so their kids canexcel in math and Korean

Even in NorthKorea’s socialist system, which provides 12 years of free public schooling upuntil university, parents are reportedly eager to get their children tutoringin school subjects such as math and Korean

Policesay North Korean hackers stole 42,000 files containing defense info

Files camefrom chaebol, state-run enterprises and government agencies dating back to July2014

North Koreanhackers stole around 42,000 files containing defense industry information froma computer management system used by large South Korean corporations between2014 and the beginning of this year, the South Korean police learned in arecent investigation.


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Monopolies in the energy sector may bereformed

The energy sector, monopolized by such state-runcompanies as the Korea Electric Power Corporation (Kepco) and Korea GasCorporation (Kogas), will gradually be opened to the private sector.

Sketchy practices traced in DSME LNG business

Almost a week after their raid on the offices of DaewooShipbuilding & Marine Engineering (DSME)…

Probe spreads to more Lotte units

Prosecutors conducted a second round of raids on LotteGroup on Tuesday for the second time in a week amid growing allegations ofimproper business transactions at the country’s fifth-largest conglomerate

NTS pledges support to struggling SMEs

The National Tax Service (NTS) promised help on Tuesdayfor struggling companies, including easing up…  



Interview:If there’s a Brexit, is the EU doomed? 

-You pointedout the EU for not pulling their weight recently. Especially, you mentionedthat the small and destitute nations were isolated by the EU. But it ···

[Exclusive]Leaving the Cities for the Countryside: 50,000 More People Moved to Rural AreasThan Those That Left

The netpopulation inflow from cities to the countryside seeking jobs and a betterquality of life surpassed 50,000 for the first time last year. This meanstha···

[Editorial]President Park Must First Act to Restore Trust If She Wants Cooperation fromthe Opposition

President ParkGeun-hye spoke at the opening ceremony of the 20th National Assembly,yesterday. She said, "What our people ask of the 20th National Assemblyis··


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

Samsung to Invest $21 NAND ChipCapacity to Keep Its Leadership

Samsung Electronics will invest 25 trillion won (US$21.3billion) on NAND flash memory capacity by the end of next year. This is as partof a plan to dominate the market segment so that any other incumbent rivalslike Toshiba and Micron Technology as well as new entrants such as Intel andXMC of Chi... 

Commercial Banks Cut Deposit Interest Rate inDroves

Following the Bank of Korea’s reduction of its benchmarkinterest rate by 0.25 percentage point to 1.25 percent, commercial banks arefollowing suit, reducing their deposit interest rates. The banks instantlyreduced their deposit rates as a way to reduce the burden from the spreadbetween deposit ...

Hyundai Motor Introduces Chinese Market-onlySonata Hybrid

Hyundai Motor has unveiled a new Sonada Hybridcustom-tailored to Chinese consumers. Beijing Hyundai, a joint venture betweenBeijing Automotive Group and Hyundai Motor, held a new car launching ceremonyon June 13 at its No. 2 plant in Beijing. At the event, the Chinese-Koreancompany showed off th...

LG Chem Supplies Large-scale Water TreatmentFilters to Oman

LG Chem is set to supply a massive amount of watertreatment filters, used to desalinate sea water, to Oman. LG Chem announced onJune 13 that it signed a deal to supply more than 20,000 water treatmentfilters to the sea water desalination plant which Sohar SWRO is building inSohar in Oman. The d...


AJUBusiness Daily(

Scottishcoach sacked by Seoul football club

Martin Rennie,former head coach of the Vancouver Whitecaps in Major League Soccer (MLS), wassacked by a South Korean second-tier club on Wednesday.

Prosecutorsseek arrest warrant against former Oxy CEO

Prosecutorshave sought an arrest warrant for the head of Google's branch in South Korea,in an investigation into deadly humidifier disinfectants.

Rapesuit against Yoochun dropped, investigation continues

young womanhas dropped a suit against South Korean K-pop idol Yoochun, but a policeinvestigation continues into an alleged rape case in the bathroom of a privatemembership bar in Seoul's most affluent Gangnam district.

Courtrejects warrant to arrest former Hanjin Shipping chairwoman

A court hasturned down a warrant sought by prosecutors to arrest the former chairwoman ofSouth Korea's largest container carrier Hanjin Shipping who has been accused ofusing insider information to sell stocks before the company was put undercreditor-led restructuring.



Samsung Electronics to Extend Its ProductionFacilities for 3D NAND-Flash Memories

Samsung Electronics is going to extend productionfacilities for 3D NAND-Flash memories at its 17 Line of semiconductorfacilities in Hwasung by investing $2.13 billion (2.5 trillion KRW). Its strate

KT M-Mobile to Start Free Cellphone RentalService

KT M-Mobile has started a free cellphone rental serviceon the 14th. Corresponding models will be iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, Galaxy S5,Galaxy Note 3, and G3 Cat.6. Customers can join this service through online byregistering their new phone numbers or transferring their old phone numbers.

Samsung Display and LG Display to ExpandRange of Uses for OLEDs

Samsung Display and LG Display have begun to expand rangeof OLED markets. While Samsung Display has started mass-producing OLED panelsfor laptops, LG Display has secured Xiaomi as its first foreign customer inSmartphone markets in where LG Electronics was its only customers for LGElectronics’ G-Flex. Although they are not mass-producing huge amount as ofright now, it is meaningful that they both have entered markets that theyweren’t able to enter before.


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

LotteChemical suspected of instrumental in creating slush funds

South Koreanprosecutors are investigating allegations that Lotte Chemical Corp. (formerlyHonam Petrochemical) siphoned about 20 billion won ($17.1 million) offshorepossibly for group ...

S.Korean gov’t to liberalize utility and pull out of overseas resources

The SouthKorean government would relocate and reorganize 29 public institutions, a movethat could affect and scale down 3,500 ...

SamsungBioepis eyes return on biosimilar drug investment

SamsungBioepis Co., a biotechnology research and development unit of Samsung Group,said the biosimilar drug for diabetes that ...


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