The Korean daily media headlines and humor
The Korean daily media headlines and humor
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June 30, 2016

TheKorean daily media headlines and humor

Thursday,June30, 2016

Your Excellency:

Here areThe KoreaPost notices and aroundup of important headlines from all majorKorean-language dailies, TV and other news media of Korea today:

Very Respectfully Yours


Lee Kyung-sik


Korea Post Media


Moon,Ahn will soon begin their bout ‘outside the ring’

Forthe Presidential elections late next year

Ahn Cheol-sooquit the second opposition People’s Party as its co-chairman yesterday (June30). What is he really up to? Does he really mean to quit politics altogether?

It appearsthat he won’t.

AhnCheol-soo of People’s Party

In the eyes ofmany objective political observers in Korea, Ahn did well when he gave up thechairmanship of the PP because it appeared to be the only way out he could takesaving his face as much as possible as an elite middle-of-the-roader politicalleader.

At least hegave the people the impression, “Well, at least Ahn knows what to do when hehas made a mistake.”

It also giveshim a fair chance to compete with former Chairman Moon Jae-in of the now mainopposition

who is busywith ‘body building’ as an opposition Presidential candidate in the forthcomingPresidential race one and a half year away on Dec. 20, 2017.

MoonJae-in of Minjoo Party

Ahn’sunconditional assumption of responsibility for the political scandal involvinghis party is generally received well by the Korean society reflecting credit onhim in view of his candidacy in the Presidential race late next year.

An influentiallawmaker of the PP was quoted by Dong-A Ilbo this morning as saying: “It is notall that bad for former Chairman AhnCheol-soo to leave the party in assumptionof responsibility for the situation. If he continues to go low-profile afterthe resignation and work silently, I am sure that he will be given anotherchance (to challenge the Presidency).”

An influentialMinjoo Party member has reservations for such a possibility when he said,“Well, it all depends on the people whether they will take Ahn’s move at facevalue.” Then he said, “It appears that time has now come for both Moon and Ahnto work hard to determine an appropriate time and justification to announcetheir candidacy for the upcoming Presidential elections.”



Our heart-felt congratulations on your National Day in August!

Excellencies with the National Day coming in August,has our request for a full-fledged National Day interview brought to yourattention?

If not, please check with your secretary! We havemade an irresistibleoffer. Please scroll down to the bottom for full details.

(Please scroll down to the bottom for full details.)


The Korea Post tours

The Korea Postcurrently has two very important tours for the ambassadors and spouses

Asingle day tour of the 2016 Yechon World Insect Expo

MayorLee Hyun-joon of the Yecheon County of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province cordiallyinvites Your Excellency and Madam to attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016Yecheon World Insect Expo on Saturday July 30, 2016,which is attended by Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn on behalf of President ParkGeun-hye. Please check the full details of the Inviation at the bottom of thisHeadlines.

Aquick roundup of major news stories from the Korean media today:


USUmbrella Prevents South Korea, Japan From Nuclear Development: Blinken

U.S. DeputyState Secretary Tony Blinken has emphasized the importance of Washingtonmaintaining its security commitments to its allies, South Korea and Japan, as acrucial means of preserving the global non-proliferation regime.

Washington:FTA with S. Korea Induces More U.S. Exports than Most Other FTAs

U.S.government data shows that the South Korea-U.S. Free Trade Agreement(FTA) hasinduced the second largest increase in U.S. exports among a total of 13 FTAsthe U.S. has implemented so far.

WashingtonRefutes China's Claim on THAAD, Says It is Defensive

The U.S. StateDepartment on Wednesday emphasized the U.S. Terminal High Altitude AreaDefense(THAAD) battery, that it is seeking to deploy to South Korea, is purelydefensive in nature, refuting Beijing’s claim that it will undermine China'ssecurity.

PrimeMinister Hwang Discusses N. Korean Nuke Issue with Xi Jinping

People'sParty Fl. Leader Appointed as Emergency Chief

S.Korea, US, Japan Conduct First Joint Missile-tracking Exercise

KoreaConsumer Agency Advises Ikea to Recall Chests, Dressers

KOSPI,KOSDAQ Recover Further on Wednesday

S.Korea-Japan Maritime Talks Break Down



JYJ'sPark to appear before police for questioning over sexual assault allegations

Park Yu-chun,the troubled member of popular K-pop boy band JYJ, will appear before police onThursday to undergo questioning over sexual assault allegations, Seoulinvestigators said.

Vietnamesemurder suspects to arrive in S. Korea

Two Vietnamesefishermen accused of murdering two South Koreans aboard a vessel in the IndianOcean will be brought to South Korea later Thursday to face trial, the foreignministry said.

Seoulstocks open higher on US gains, stimulus steps

South Koreanshares opened higher Thursday, tracking gains in U.S. stocks amid expectationsthat a new stimulus package along with market stabilization steps will ease theimpact of Britain's vote to exit from the European Union. The benchmark KoreaComposite Stock Price Index (KOSPI) rose 9.68 points, or 0.49 percent, to1,966.04 in the first 15 minutes of trading.


The KoreaHerald (

AhnCheol-sooresigns amid party's kickback scandal

Reps.AhnCheol-soo and Chun Jung-bae, the two cochiefs of the opposition People’sParty, resigned from their posts Wed...

N.K.leader given new state title at key parliamentary meeting

North Korea'sparliament on Wednesday bestowed a new state title upon the North's leader KimJo...

Seoulsees decline in cosmetic surgery demand from China

Earlier thisyear, Beijing’s state-run media China Central Television aired a four-minutenews...

IsNaver a news medium?

When ChoiSun-kyung, a 29-year-old office worker, hops on the subway to go to wo...


The KoreaTimes (

Gov'twants Korean to succeed AIIB post

The governmentsaid Wednesday that a Korean should succeed Hong Ky-ttack, vice president ofthe Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), who government officials sayis stepping down from the post. Hong, a former chief of th...

Koreacondemns terror attack on Turkey, vows cooperation to eradicate terrorism

Korea onWednesday condemned the terror attacks that happened in Turkey, vowing that itwill keep working with the international community in eradicating terrorism. OnTuesday (local time) suicide bombers attacked Istanbul's Ata...

Renownedfuturist Alvin Toffler dies at age 87 

Alvin Toffler,American writer and futurist widely acclaimed for publishing books about thechange...

Seoulstocks open higher on US gains, stimulus steps 

Korean sharesopened higher Thursday, tracking gains in U.S. stocks amid expectations that anew stimulus package along with market stabilization steps will e...

NKassembly awards Kim Jong-un new title to tighten his leadership 

The Presidiumof the Supreme People's Assembly (SPA), the country's rubber-stamp parliament,decided to appoint the North's leader as the chairman of a newly-... 

People'sParty falls into crisis as Ahn resigns 

The co-leadersof the minor opposition People’s Party - Reps. AhnCheol-soo and Chun Jung-bae -re...


DongAIlbo (

Brexit:'Canceling Brexit will cause even more damages'

When themajority of the British public voted for Brexit on June 23, which shocked thewhole world, 61.3 percent of the approval …

Allthree major political parties under ‘emergency’ leadership

For the firsttime ever, South Korea’s all major political parties are under an “emergencysystem,” as AhnCheol-soo and Chun Jun…

Gov'tto withdraw honors given to relatives of N. Korea's founder

The Patriotsand Veterans Affairs Ministry said on Wednesday it will seek to cancel ordersof merits, national foundation medals …


ChosunIlbo (

Kim Jong-un Gets Another New Title

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been named chairmanof a newly restored organ called the Commission on State Affairs. Theappointment came in a closed-door session of the Presidium of the SupremePeople's Assembly on Wednesday.

Study Links Heavy Drinking to Higher StomachCancer Risk

Heavy drinking increases the risk of stomach cancer,according to a recent study. The study found that those who drink alcohol everyday, or for more than 31 years, are 1.5 times more likely to develop the cancerthan nondrinkers. 

New Kid Arrives on Budget Carrier Block

Korea's newest no-frills carrier Air Seoul conducted atrial flight between Seoul's Gimpo and Jeju on Tuesday ahead of its officiallaunch next month. Air Seoul is the budget arm of Asiana Airlines and plans tofly regularly between Gimpo and Jeju. 


HankyorehShinmoon (

Timeto root out the workplace cruelty at the prosecutors’ office

A promisingyoung prosecutor recently took his own life. In his suicide note, he complainedof job pressures, but his conversations with friends on Kakao Talk suggest hewas also suffering from daily ..

USsays North Korean missile reentered earth’s atmosphereUS says North Koreanmissile reentered earth’s atmosphere

The US DefenseDepartment confirmed on June 27 that the Hwasong-10 ballistic missile recentlytest-launched by North Korea traveled into space and reentered the atmosphere.“We saw the missile launch..

Forvictims’ families, Sewol commission is their last hope

ImYeong-aelost her son Oh Joon-yeong in the 2014 Sewol ferry sinking. On the morning ofJune 28, she stood at a press conference outside the Sejong Center for thePerforming Arts in Seoul to oppose ..

What’sthe real reason the Sewol left port that night?

It has beenofficially confirmed that the Sewol ferry was carrying 410 tons of iron barsmeant for construction at the time of the sinking. The government acknowledgedthat 278 tons of these iron bars..


JoongAngIlbo(conservative): (

Ahn steps down as co-chairman of the People’sParty

AhnCheol-soo, a tycoon-turned-lawmaker and a likelypresidential candidate, quit his position on Wednesday as co-chairman of thecountry’s third-largest political party, after its April general electionvictory was tainted by a campaign kickback scandal. Rep. Chun Jung-bae,co-chairman of the People’s Party, also stepped down with Rep. Ahn… .

35% of Korea’s couples are sexless, surveysays

Mr. Kim, a 59-year-old office worker in Busan, says heand his wife have a lifestyle they don’t talk about much…

Samsung’s Q2 operating profit could reach 8trillion won

Samsung Electronics could post close to 8 trillion won($6.8 billion) in operating profit for the second quarter…



Sewol Allegedly Loaded with Steel Beams forNaval Base in Jeju

The Sewol was loaded with hundreds of tons of steelbeams, some to be used in the construction of the Jeju naval base, at the timeof the tragic accident, which···

Even if the Government Releases 20 TrillionWon, Economy Expected to Grow by Only 2.8%

If a car owner scraps an old compact car and purchases anew vehicle by the end of this year, she will receive up to 1 million won inindividual consumption tax···

Samsung's Organizational Culture to ChangeLike Google

Samsung Electronics will launch massive innovations toits human resource (HR) management to create an organizational culturebefitting its identity as a global···


The KoreaEconomic Daily (

Part of Daewoo Shipbuilding May Be Handedover to Samsung Heavy top news

The creditors of Daewoo Shipbuilding & MarineEngineering will push forward with a plan to hand the company over to SamsungHeavy Industries for an eventual merger. This is based on an idea that theywould separate Daewoo's shipbuilding and offshore plant units into a goodcompany and a bad one and ...

Pfizer to Build $350 Mil. Biologic DrugCenter in China

Pfizer Inc., the world's largest multinational drugcompany, would build a biologic drug facility in China, Bloomberg reported onJune 29. The biotech center, to be established in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province,at the cost of US$350 million, is scheduled to be completed by 2018. This is athird time f...

Interojo'sClalen Aims to Become the World'sTop-5 Contact Lens Supplier 2016-06-30 01:31

Rho Si-chul, president and CEO of interojo Inc., beganhis contact lens manufacturing business at a not-so-young age of 46 years. Atthe time, he looked for a business item that's technology intensive, steadilyrising in demand, and not dependent on large companies. One day, he was visitedby


AJUBusiness Daily(

Defensechief negative over Google's request for map se…?

A Googlemapping service icon.[Courtesy of Google] South Korea's defense chief hasvoiced a negative view over US search engine Google's request to …

Taeyeonenters top ten of Worldwide iTunes …

Taeyeon, aGirls' Generation member, entered the top ten of Worldwide iTunes Album Chartwith her new mini album "Why". …

Yoochunsummoned for questioning over sex scandal

South Korea'sdisgraced K-pop star, Yoochun, who has been sued for a series of bathroomraping, will be questioned Thursday over his high-p…



LG Innotec Develops Flexible Pressure Sensor

LG Innotec has developed a pressure sensor that isflexible as fiber. This sensor senses force that is exerted from outside. LGInnotec (CEO Park Jong-seok) made an ...

APP Attended FPD China 2016 to Go AfterChinese Markets

To enter Chinese markets, APP exhibited atmosphericplasma equipment for cleaning and others at a huge display exhibition that washeld in China. APP made an announc...


MaeilBusinessNewsKorea ( )

LGInnotek develops textile-type flexible pressure sensor

LG InnotekCo., an electronic device components making unit of South Korean conglomerateLG Group, succeeded in developing a ...

SamsungElectronics develops technology in miniaturizing 5G equipment and

South Korea’stech giant Samsung Electronics Co. unveiled more milestones to stay at the leadin setting the standard for the ...

Koreanoutdoor brands bow out as outdoor craze fizzles out

South Korea’soutdoor apparel brands are pulling out of the market one by one as Korea’soutdoor craze fizzles out. According to the fashion industry Thursday, FashionGroup Hyungji Co. ...


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Invitationto the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo

Iam pleased to inform Your Excellency that Mayor Lee Hyun-joon of the YecheonCounty of Gyeongsangbuk-do Province cordially invite Your Excellency and Madamto attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo onSaturday July 30, 2016, which is attended by Prime Minister Hwang Kyo-ahn onbehalf of President Park Geun-hye. Please visit:/news/view.html?section=161&category=181&no=1303for details of the Expo.

Theitinerary of the Tour is as follows:

1330hours Saturday 30, 2016: Meet at Grqand Hyatt Seoul (near the Water Fountain).

1330-1630hours: Move by Limousine Buses to Main Venue of the Inspect Expo.

1630-1700hours: Visit the Main Theme Hall of the Expo, Amusement Park, IndustrialPavilion, and the Parblue Garden.

1700-1715hours: Move to the Dinner Banquette Hall of the Yecheon Wedding Hall.

1715-1815hours: Attend Dinner hosted by Mayor and Mrs. Lee Hyun-joon.

1830-1900hours: Attend the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Yecheon World Insect Expo.

1900-2200hours: Move back to Seoul arriving at Grand Hayatt Seoul.

VeryRespectfully Yours




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Ourheart-felt congratulations on your National Day in August!

Alas! It is already that time of the month againwhen The Korea Post busily preparesfor the publication of a National Day Special Report for the countries withtheir National Day falling next month. Here is our request for an interview theExcellency with the National Day falling in the month of August:

Our heart-felt congratulations on the National Dayof your esteemed country in August this year!

The Korea Post, 31 years old this year, publishes:(1) an English print monthly (, (2) a real-timeKorean-language Internet newspaper (, (3) a Korean-languageprint biweekly newspaper (, (4) anEnglish e-daily, and (5) an English e-daily newsletter.

At this time, I would like to have an extensiveinterview with Your Excellency for a Special Report on your country in ourAugust 2016 issue (published at the end of the preceding month by all the abovefive media units. On the assumption of Your Excellency’s kind consent, Ipresent our interview questionnaire as follows:

1. What are the important developments scheduledbetween Korea and your country, including the possible visit of your Head ofGovernment to Korea.

2. What is the volume of bilateral trade, itsoutlook in the next 12 months?

3. What are your competitive field of industry andproducts attractive to Korea and what are Korean products and services thatyour country might wish to import?

4. Who are the Korean companies (other thanJaebeol business groups) actively engaged in the promotion of economiccooperation between Korea and your esteemed country?

5. What are the areas in your country where youwant Korean companies to invest and what are the areas where you wish yourbusinessmen to invest in Korea?

6. Please introduce your Head of Government indetail, including major achievements.

7. What is your view of Korea and the Koreanpeople before and after your arrival here?

8. What are the attractive tourist destinations ofyour country?

9. Please introduce yourself in detail, includingyour career, family and hobbies.

10. Please add whatever other details that wemight have left out from the questionnaire.

After your answers to the above basicquestionnaire are ready, I would like to visit Your Excellency in person withmy photographer and editor for photo-taking and whatever other details become availablein the course of the interview. Our phone numbers are 2298-1740/2 and mypersonal cell phone is 010-5201-1740.


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