Physiogel wins 2020 Korea Consumer Awards
Physiogel wins 2020 Korea Consumer Awards
  • James Lee
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Physiogel, established as a skincare brand with high consumer satisfaction

Physiogel, the skin care brand of GSK Consumer Healthcare, has won the top prize in the “2020 Korea Consumer Awards,” which was organized by the Korea Consumer Association.

According to a Physiogel official, the company was named the No. 1 consumer brand skin care category after receiving excellent reviews in consumer satisfaction, reliability and favorability for the brand’s quality, service and price. 2020 Korea Consumer Awards are awarded to companies that have been working to enhance consumers' rights and quality of life.
During the interview with The Korea Post media, the official urged that the company has continued research and trust in the skin for more than 165 years, showcasing a variety of products based on Physiogel’s own biomimic technology and scientific intensive technology. Biomimic Technologies, which strengthens skin barriers, contains a substance similar to lipids in the skin’s moisture barrier, preventing loss of moisture in the skin and protecting the skin from external irritant factors.
"With the enthusiastic support of consumers, it seems to be an opportunity to renew our records every year and to prove our brand power again." The official urged that Physiogel will repay its support through various activities in 2020.


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