LR Health & Beauty launches 12 new products helping family's immune management
LR Health & Beauty launches 12 new products helping family's immune management
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A 35-year-old German wellness company

LR Health & Beauty, a 35 years of heritage German wellness company, will officially launch 12 products in the Korean market for the first time in the Asia-Pacific region in March, the company announced on Feb. 22, 2021.

LR Health & Beauty Official Logo
LR Health & Beauty Official Logo


It plans to focus on the 'Aloe' product line representing LR Health & Beauty, consisting of four health functional foods and eight beauty products produced in Germany.

Aloe is one of the oldest medicinal plants that mankind has ever used, and is so highly utilized that it is called a "miracle plant." Thanks to the immune polysaccharide, a key substance in aloe’s effective ingredient, it is recently drawing new attention from consumers as the best immune management ingredient to prepare for post-COVID as it enhances immunity as well as intestinal health and skin health at once.

LR Health & Beauty's Aloe product boasts high aloe content and purity. LR selects and uses only the best aloe certified for the highest quality and purity from cultivation to finished products by the International Aloe Science Council (IASC). It is so popular in Europe that it supplies 12,000 tons of aloe annually based on flawless product and technology guaranteed by "Made in Germany."

LR Health & Beauty Korea's 12 new products
LR Health & Beauty Korea's 12 new products


In particular, all products of LR Health & Beauty's health functional food brand LIFETAKT are ‘Aloin-free’, which removes the bitter-tasting aloin ingredients between aloe gel and skin, showing strictness about LR quality. In addition, LR's unique combination of excellent taste and nutrition, which has been implemented with its own ingredient combination ratio, is unique from other companies. Thanks to this, all ages, from children to adults, can enjoy together, making it perfect for immune management for the whole family. The representative products include two types of Aloe Vera Gel ‘Honey Taste’ and ‘Lemon & Ginger Taste’ that help boost immunity in the body just by drinking three times a day.

Accordingly, LR Health & Beauty Korea has appointed former soccer coach Cha Bum-keun, who has been trusted and loved by the public by maintaining the physical condition of his active duty through thorough self-management, as the official ambassador. LR Health & Beauty Korea plans to inform consumers of the differentiation and excellence of its products through the "All Family Immune Enhancement Campaign, Practiced with Aloe Habits Three Times a Day," with, Ambassador Cha Bum-keun who is called a legend in German professional soccer.

In March, a total of the following 12 kinds of products will be sold: Aloe Vera Gel Honey Taste, Aloe Vera Gel Lemon & Ginger Taste,  Vitamin C Plus Capsules,  Cistus Incanus Tea,  Aloe Vera Skin Expert Spray,  Aloe Vera Moisturising Concentrated Gel,  Aloe Vera Protecting Propolis Cream, Aloe Vera Multi Active Day Cream,  Aloe Vera Calming Night Cream,  Aloe Vera Bubble Mask,  Hand Gel,  Aloe Vera Special Box, will be officially sold.

Additional details of information can be found on the official website of LR Health & Beauty Korea and SNS channels (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Kakao channels).

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