“We ask Nobel Prize winners where the fruits of healing are”
“We ask Nobel Prize winners where the fruits of healing are”
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Says Director Seo of Pyungkang Korean Medicine Hospital in Seoul

By Special Feature Editor Kim Hyung-dae

The following article is based on an interview with Director Seo Hyo-seok of Pyungkang Korean Medicine Hospital in Seoul.—Ed.

Director Seo Hyo-seok of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital
Director Seo Hyo-seok of the Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital


From 1901 to date, the number of Nobel Prize winners have exceeded 200 over 120 years. However, atopic, rhinitis and asthma are still incurable diseases, and also COPD and pulmonary fibrosis are still fatal diseases. So far as of this day, we have only watched the back of the Nobel Prize winners entering the Hall of Fame. However, so far not one of them has ever come out with the fruit of healing showing their front.

Certainly, the Nobel Foundation has been awarding the much-coveted prize in with the hopes that on the basis of their excellent research efforts they would make more efforts based on that research to cure the chronic diseases of mankind and save mankind from the disease of death. However, the severe lung disease and fatal allergy patients take us to the grave of despair. It could be the same if there would come 100 more such winners in the future.

Why are the results of these disastrous diseases repeating? This is because modern medicine is obsessed with the so-called ‘Maze learning’ in the opinion of many learned people. The maze is complex, and the deeper you go, the more confused. Eventually, they lose their exit. No one came out.

If science fails to overcome the labyrinth by repeating trial and error endlessly, it must now be solved with common sense. Now is the time for us to use our common sense. Everyone has the common sense. We must breathe to live. We breath with our lungs. However, our lungs are becoming dirty. Several decades of years of usage, the lungs become a trash site. Surprisingly, once the ‘trash’ is removed from the lungs, there disappear rhinitis, asthma and atopy. COPD and lung fibrosis, too, do not cause fatality.

Now we respect this common sense and come to the conclusion of a new healing called “lung cleansing.” When many doctors and scientists come to the common recognition of this, the 7.7 billion people on our planet can enjoy new blessings free from diseases. We hope that such a day will come soon thanks to the wise people of the world.

We hope that such wise people will introduce the original Pyunkang Medicine that has cultivated the fruit of healing through clear common sense medicine free from the maze of dissertation medicine.

Director Seo has received many plaques of citations for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of health through Korean (Oriental) medicine.
Director Seo has received many plaques of citations for his outstanding contribution to the promotion of health through Korean (Oriental) medicine.


Step1. What is the physical constitution?

First, let's look at the constitution. Some drugs are prescribed, but some people get better but other people do not see much improvement even though they use the same medicine. In the Oriental medicine, the person's constitution is divided into several different aspects and the prescription is different. Deepening on the different constitution, difficult diseases such as rhinitis, asthma and atopy cannot be cured completely. Some hard-to-cure allergic diseases have been thought to be incurable, but both Oriental and Western doctors have alleviated their conditions—although these diseases were considered something as ‘not completely curable.’

However, Director Seo Hyo-seok of the Pyeon Kang Hospital comes up with a new claim. He says: “When the waste accumulated in the lungs, which controls immunity, disappears, there will disappear rhinitis, asthma and atopy. Depending on a person’s immunity index, treatment results will be fast or late. When you eagerly clean our lungs, our healthy lungs receive plenty of energy from the atmosphere and distribute them to the white and red blood cells. Red blood cells convert carbon dioxide into oxygen in the lungs and send them to the whole body, and white blood cells move around the body along the blood vessels and activate phagocytosis. Lymphocytes fight pathogens outside the blood vessels and can easily overcome rhinitis, asthma, and atopy from the point of lung cleaning.

If someone becomes irritable due to certain foods, it is not because of his/her constitution. As trash accumulates in the body, the ability to identify immunity decreases, and it is mistaken for a harmful substance, causing allergies, and there is no responsibility to the food. Therefore, if our immune identification ability improves by strengthening our lung functions, then we can say: “Spinach is okay, peanut is okay, and even pollen is okay.” In this way, the allergens that we used to experience in the past are judged to be harmless to our body, and the hypersensitivity reaction disappears.

Our lungs, which are rated to be the “best of our five intestines,” strengthen the lung function to the highest level of the body's immunity and help heal our diseases naturally. With this understanding, we learn that the constitution of our body does not bear much meaning, and there is no need to be worried about the allergens anymore. .
Step2. What is immunity?

Some 2400 years ago, there was an outstanding doctor named Hippocrates. There is a word left in his last will as a man who devoted his whole life to the protection and improvement of the health of man. He said: “Immunity is the best doctor.” This statement for the improvement of human health has become a legend and remained for 2,400 years. However, at that time, there was no way to discover the immune mechanisms acting on the human body because there was no microscope.

Director Seo reads a book. He extensively studied Oriental medicine.
Director Seo reads a book. He extensively studied Oriental medicine.


After that, with the development of science, it was discovered that many astronomical microorganisms live in the human body, and there are red blood cells and white blood cells. But when they fell ill, people looked outside their bodies instead of looking for a way to fix them inside. They asked: “Where is the medicine to cure this disease? Where is the doctor who can cure this disease?” However, the more difficult it was to heal, the more wasteful it was.

The best doctor is inside our body. In particular, when our lungs are cleaned and cleared, the tonsils that protect our neck become strong, and they discharge healthy lymphocytes and bright white blood cells, defeating numerous bacteria and viruses, and cure my diseases. With this new idea, according to the director-doctor of the Pyunkang Hospital in Seoul, he is known to have successfully treated 155,000 incurable patients for over 50 years. “The people find sickness very difficult, but the truth is always simple,” says Dr. Seo.

The most important thing is 'breathing'. We can live even if we can't eat for two months if we have water, but we can't stand just three minutes without breathing. Air is the most precious thing. Nevertheless, people are not interested in free things, but only in eating things that cost money. What a pity. People in the world think diamonds are valuable, but they don't think of air, water, soil, and sunlight that they can't live without. Among them, breathing is the best for life. Because disease is in living life and it is in your breath. If you take clean, good, and clear breathing, the disease disappears.

When the baby is in the mother's womb, the lungs are very pretty. Across races and borders, every baby's lungs are pinkish and beautiful. When a baby is born with the crying sound of "eungae," the lungs, which had been folded in the mother's stomach, open wide and accept the atmosphere. This is when life begins. Energy is generated when a large energy full of space enters life and enters the lungs through the nose, organ, and bronchial tubes. All the energy we live in is the source of this atmosphere. In the West, this is called air simply because it is empty, but in the East, the life phenomenon in and out of life is called "breath," which is the great energy surrounding the Earth.

Unfortunately, three years after birth, the beautiful lungs turn gray. If you breathe with your nose, dust such as fine dust, ultrafine dust, car smoke, sand wind, etc. will enter. Anyone's lungs get dirty without exception. But no one knows this, no one cares about it. When garbage is piled up in the lungs, the disease comes to you, and you end your life by “taking the last breath."

So what's the difference between dirty and clean lungs? When the first precious guest, red blood cells come to the dirty lungs, they take dirty oxygen. Of course, you feel heavy and tired. When the second precious guest, white blood cells come, they cannot open their eyes because of a pile of trash, and they don’t know even if germs and viruses pass by. On the contrary, when red blood cells come to the clean lungs, they receive clear and clean oxygen. Naturally, the body is light and not tired. When white blood cells come to the clean lungs, their immune identification ability increases, making their eyes brighter.

White blood cells that have recovered bright eyes identify all 200 or more flu viruses, find all dozens of pneumonia bacteria, and protect my body like an ironclad. This prevents pneumonia and prevents the flu. In fact, they don't miss cancer cells. For everyone, 5,000 cancer cells that occur every day are found without making mistakes. This is the new idea of brightening the eyes of white blood cells. Brightened eyes of white blood cells now detect harmful bacteria in the body. There are as many as 100 trillion microorganisms living in the human body. Microorganisms are not my body, but another creature that lives with me.

If you look closely at the microbial world, harmful bacteria and beneficial bacteria are fighting every day. Hazardous bacteria cause inflammation such as vascular inflammation, enteritis, and neuro-inflammation, while beneficial bacteria relieve inflammation. So they have to fight. The two are the same in size with 20 trillion to 20 trillion, so the fight does not end. The number of intermediate bacteria is the largest 60 trillion won, but they are so resourceful that they do not fight hastily. They are just watching "Winning is on our side." However, when the eyes of white blood cells are brightened, harmful bacteria are found, cooperated with beneficial bacteria to drive them out, and beneficial bacteria win. At this time, if even the intermediate bacteria, who was watching, joins beneficial bacteria, the coalition will be born. In six months, all microorganisms in the body are filled with beneficial bacteria. The immune system is completed only when white blood cells and microorganisms, which are pure immunity in the body, cooperate. Completed immunity exerts amazing power.

That is, the disease will be disappeared, and you could live comfortably for the rest of your life without it. So far, the healthy life of 100 years old has been a land of happiness, a land of blessing that only those who possess extremely good DNA and born into a long-lived family can go. However, now everyone can go. This is the gift of completed immunity.

Currently, the COVID-19 virus dominates the lives of people all over the world. There is also a great fear of the strain of the mutant virus and the unknown diseases that may continue to emerge. How can we defend against new diseases that do not tolerate humans when it is so hard to cope with the single COVID virus?

The only answer is “clean lung.” Cleaning the lungs to maximize the function of the tonsils completes the immunity. Only when a person has the best immunity is the answer to the new respiratory organ and lung disease. If we stop the social system as we do now to fight against disease every time, the sacrifices that occur are too great. The best answer and the only exit are for each individual to have a strong immune system and to keep his or her daily life in his or her place.

Step3. What is aging?

"Getting old" also needs to be redefined. People vaguely think that they are getting old from 70 to 80 and 90 years old, and they think, "It's not long before I live because I'm old." However, getting older does not mean getting more ages. Age is just a number. Biologically aging means that garbage is accumulated in the body. So there is an order when you come, but there is no order when you go, but the person with a lot of trash goes quickly.

Then we can be young again if we can throw away the trash that is piled up in our bodies. If you clean your lungs, even the garbage accumulated in every corner of your body will be cleaned, making your skin clear and clean, and living a brisk life until you are 99 years old is a basic. The era of three digits of human life is coming. Remember, we don't grow old when we get old, but we grow old as much as the garbage in our bodies.

As such, when diseases disappear to the mankind, they can now be applied to animals living in the same age. This is because all living things that breathe through the lungs have a way of breathing, and if they strengthen their tonsils that keep the breathing, the immune identification ability of all animals, including cows, pigs, and chickens, will be revived to prevent foot-and-mouth disease and AI. This will free livestock from antibiotics and anti-inflammatory and banish diseases from the planet. Since all diseases are common, animals will live healthy until the day they live, and they will be provided as safe food for mankind.

This is the utopia achieved by the completed immunity that Pyunkang Korean Medicine Hospital is dreaming of. When the 100-year-old era opens naturally, any modern people who have learned the secret of clean lungs will go to 100 years old. If you control a disease with medicine, you must be a slave to medicine for the rest of your life. However, if white blood cells with bright eyes heal our illness by cleaning our lungs, we can live a long and healthy life. Therefore, I would like to add a word to Hippocrates' famous saying.

'God-given highest level of medical immunity, completed with clean lungs!'

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