SBI Savings Bank transforms into one of Korea’s premier financiers
SBI Savings Bank transforms into one of Korea’s premier financiers
  • By Business Editor Sung Jung-wook,Kim Myung-keun
  • 승인 2021.07.09 19:40
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SBI Savings Bank

SBI Savings Bank has kept growing with an accelerated pace and now transforming into one of the premier financial institutions in the industry. It continues to grow in the fast-changing financial environment. Now, SBI is spreading out to the world.
As an innovation leader of the financial industry, SBI Savings Bank has been making all-out efforts to serve customers with advanced financial services.

Lim Jin-gu, CEO of SBI Savings Bank
Lim Jin-gu, CEO of SBI Savings Bank

“We have a brighter future with potential. SBI Savings Bank will become a world-class financial service group providing differentiated financial services,” a bank spokesman said.
“Based on management principle, SBI Savings Bank is making every effort to be an indispensable Bank to our neighbors and communities. Other banks provide their products only, But we do provide smile to our valued customers, too,” he said.
Ethical management is a practice that requires the company to fulfill its rights and obligations as a social entity while also complying with the ethics of the market.

Chung Jin-moon, CEO of SBI Savings Bank
Chung Jin-moon, CEO of SBI Savings Bank

It implies a management that not only complies with the legal system, but also fulfills its corporate social responsibilities, which may change as time progresses.
Under the banner of ethical management, SBI Savings Bank will fairly and firmly establish itself as a fair and transparent entity that cares for both customers and vendors alike thus realizing a win-win synergy for all. 
“In addition, we promise that we will try our best to be etched in the minds of the general public as a trusted bank by obeying all laws, protecting the environment, and continuously engaging in social contributions and volunteer activities,” the spokesman said. 
SBI Savings Bank is engaged in a variety of social contribution activities as a way to fulfill its promise to realize ethical management.
SBI Savings Bank has an unparalleled ability to predict changes well ahead of others on the basis of its own accurate in-house statistical research analysis. The bank will capitalize on its own management strategy to gain the most from the ever evolving financial environment.

SBI Savings Bank office building
SBI Savings Bank office building

The bank’s major four management strategies are the management to manage statistics and probability, control of loan-scale, and make an optimal growth model and blueprint; the value-oriented management to aim at pursuing sure profits, aim at optimal value management, and to clarify the concept of profitability; profit channel expansion to diversify revenue sources, develop sustainable strategic plans, develop new products in new areas, and to extend businesses in application of IT; and reliable brand to focus on brand differentiation, strengthen enhancement and support on both domestic and international confidence, and to build the best PB center. 

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