“We try to increase ties, friendship between Korea, other countries”
“We try to increase ties, friendship between Korea, other countries”
  • By Business Editor Sung Jung-wook, Kim Myung-keun
  • 승인 2021.07.09 19:00
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Korea Racing Authority

Chairman Kim Woo-nam of the Korea Racing Authority (KRA) is a very special person in the fact that he makes it a rule to increase international cooperation and friendship between Korea and all the wcountries of the world. In 2021, Chairman Kim attended the opening ceremony of the world rehabilitation riding federation (HETI 2021 Congress).
Chairman Kim makes it a rule to attend and participate in all such international meetings and other events to boost the image of Korea to the outside world as well as the horse-racing orgnizations in Korea.

Kim Woo-nam, chairman of Korea Racing Authority
Kim Woo-nam, chairman of Korea Racing Authority

Korea Racing Authority is the sole racing authority in Korea by KRA Law, and is under the supervision of the Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. KRA aims to contribute to the national finances through horse racing, and to promote support projects for fishing and agrarian villages as well as various social activities, with its earnings. Recently, KRA initiated its support of equestrian events as part of its efforts to expand the businesses in Korean horse industry, which had been focused on horse racing.


KRA is committed to helping people make good use of their leisure time and to developing Korean horse industry so as to enhance the dignity of Korean horse culture.

Objectives include:

To upgrade Korean horse industry
To strengthen social responsibility
To reinforce the foundations for sustainable growth
To establish advanced corporate cultures

Korea Racing Authority headquarters building
Korea Racing Authority headquarters building

Operating horse racing
Promoting improvement and multiplication, development, popularization, utilization, and training of horses, popularizing equitation, and performing businesses to promote horse industry
Establishing and operating simple sports and recreational facilities in the racecourses
Conducting businesses similar to horse racing, such as livestock racing
Providing scholarships to the children of fishermen and farmers, and carrying out projects to improve the welfare of fishing and agrarian villages, and of the neighboring areas of the racecourses and off-course betting outlets
Conducting local and overseas businesses, including services using professional skills related to the operation of horse racing
Investing in corporations dealing with horse racing operations and related businesses, and providing them with support. 

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