2021 Seoul Int’l Buddhism Expo to be held on Nov. 11
2021 Seoul Int’l Buddhism Expo to be held on Nov. 11
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As an online/offline hybrid exhibition

The 2021 Seoul International Buddhism Expo will open on Nov. 11 as an online/offline hybrid exhibition.

A total of 300 booths featuring traditional and Buddhist industries, eco-life, and vegan lifestyles will be showcased, and up to 40% discount event will be held along with the ‘Mindful Market’ on live commerce.

The following is the details of the event announced by the organizer.

Poster of the 2021 Seoul International Buddhism Expo
Poster of the 2021 Seoul International Buddhism Expo

The era of eco-friendliness is over.

Now is the era of mandatory environment where we must think about the environment.

While the entire human race is facing crises such as the climate crisis and COVID-19, the 2021 Seoul International Buddhism Expo, which seeks a Buddhist-style green life, will open on Nov. 11.

This year's Seoul International Buddhism Expo, held under the theme of 'Green Life, Wisdom for Sustainable Life', will be held from Nov. 11 to 14 at the offline Seoul Trade Exhibition and Convention Center (SETEC) and the online website (https:// bexpo.kr/) and the application at the same time.


Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Seoul International Buddhism Exposition
Opening Ceremony of the 2019 Seoul International Buddhism Exposition

The Seoul International Buddhism Expo is the largest industrial exhibition of Korean Buddhism hosted by the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism and organized by the Buddhist Newspaper and Bulgwang Media. 
Unlike last year's only online exhibition, this year's events were designed to welcome visitors both online and offline.

An industrial exhibition will be held involving 300 booths from 200 companies that practice Buddhist values such as eco-friendly ecological architecture, vegan fashion, vegan cosmetics, eco-life products, upcycling and plant interior. 
In addition, three thematic exhibitions, special exhibitions, relay lectures, live commerce, and stage programs, which encompass Buddhism, art, and environment, are introduced as hybrids.

In the offline fair where thorough quarantine is carried out, visitors can experience the Buddhist green life with their own eyes and hands.

In addition, everything introduced in the fairgrounds is configured so that it can be accessed and viewed anytime, anywhere through the online website.

In the case of the online website, it is not only the exhibition, but also the product description and price specification, so that it can be linked to a transaction between the consumer and the seller.

Meanwhile, the online home shopping live commerce, which is being broadcast live at the exhibition hall on Nov. 11, is attracting attention with up to 40% discount event.
In line with the broadcast time, the products of three companies, including the fragrance brand ‘Ilji Incense’, and the plant candle brand ‘Seonhaeng’, are on sale at a discount of 20-40%.

The sale of the winning works of the 2021 Traditional Culture Excellent Product Contest, which is exhibited every year at the Seoul International Buddhism Expo, has also been converted into a revolutionary way.

The winners of these contests will be commercialized through ‘crowdfunding’ on the website of the Seoul International Buddhism Expo.

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