Samsung, Viettel to launch 5G commercial trial in Da Nang, Vietnam
Samsung, Viettel to launch 5G commercial trial in Da Nang, Vietnam
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  • 승인 2021.12.14 09:30
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To demonstrate the high-performance of Samsung’s latest 5G solutions on Viettel’s trial network

Samsung Electronics and Viettel have started 5G commercial trials in Da Nang, the largest city in the Central Vietnam region, the electronics maker said on Dec. 13.

In the trial, Viettel is using Samsung’s advanced 5G solutions to power its commercial network and to enable users in Da Nang to experience the full benefits of 5G services. The companies will verify the high-performance and advanced capabilities made possible by Samsung’s 4G and 5G network solutions.

“Viettel has continued to prioritize building 5G infrastructure in key areas of the city,” said Deputy General Director Tao Duc Thang of Viettel. “Viettel will join hands to make smart city development in Da Nang more synchronous and modern, to connect broadband in multi-dimensional and safe ways, ensuring best network infrastructure for digital government development, supporting for business and growth of Da Nang.”

“We are excited to work with Viettel to bring immersive and reliable 5G services to consumers, and demonstrate Samsung’s technical leadership in Vietnam. This trial marks a big first step for the two companies’ collaborative efforts in Vietnam,” said Vice President in Network Business Ho Chi Dung of Samsung VINA.

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