CHIVAS Whisky partner with 10 Korean leading hip-hop artists
CHIVAS Whisky partner with 10 Korean leading hip-hop artists
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The global whisky icon 'CHIVAS' that belongs to Pernod Ricard Korea, a global wine and spirits company, announced a new campaign with the most spotlighted 10 artists in local hip-hop scene to cheer the growth make together under its brand campaign of I RISE WE RISE.

10 hip-hop artists, regarded as the icons of success, are ‘Simon Dominic’, ‘Woo Won-jae’, ‘Coogie’ 'The Quiett', 'Paloalto', 'Ash-B', 'TOIL', 'Giriboy', 'JUSTHIS', and 'Kid Milli' who are leading the hip-hop scene in Korea and being loved by many fans in Korea.

In the pictorial campaign aligning with I RISE WE RISE campaign of Chivas, launched with a brand ambassador Lisa in March, 10 rappers who promote growth together, including 'Simon Dominic', 'Woo Wonjae', 'The Quiett' and 'Kid Milli', were divided into three crews. The three crews visited three iconic music bars ('Check, Please!', 'Kompakt Record Bar' and 'Damn Good Seoul') in Seoul, a shrine for hipsters. The three crews had photoshoots enjoying music with ‘CHIVAS’ in various ways at a bar that suits their individuality and taste.

In ‘Check, Please!’, a trendy music bar in Sinsa-dong, ‘Simon Dominic’, ‘Woo Won-jae’ and ‘Coogie’ had a photoshoot. The three artists, wearing chic all-black outfits and colorful accessories, showed that they are enjoying ‘CHIVAS 12' as well as 'CHIVAS 15'. Their cheerful mood and expressions caught the eye.

The photoshoot for 'The Quiett', 'Paloalto', 'Ash-B', and 'TOIL' was conducted in a friendly mood at 'Damn Good Seoul' located near Samgakji station. In the pictorial, they are holding a cool CHIVAS 12 highball along with the music flowing from the turntable and are having a pleasant atmosphere.

'Giriboy', 'JUSTHIS', and 'Kid Milli', called hipsters of hipsters, gathered for a photo shoot at the 'Kompakt Record Bar' in Sinsa-dong, which has an impressive modern atmosphere. In the pictorial, Giriboy wearing a red jacket with a strong leopard pattern is enjoying from 'CHIVAS 12' to 'CHIVAS 15' with JUSTHIS and Kid Milli.


In addition to the pictorial, Chivas also released a short interview video with 'The Quiett', 'Paloalto', 'Ash-B', and 'TOIL'. Through the video, they tell their stories of how they grew up and succeeded together in the common theme of music. In the video, Paloalto said, “the joy of growing together is a source that makes me constantly challenge new things,” and emphasized that the real meaning of growth is not the growth of individuals, but the growth of all as one.

Meanwhile, in March, Chivas selected 'Lisa' as their global ambassador and released the 'I RISE WE RISE' campaign, drawing great attention from the public. As an ambassador, Lisa, part of the new generation of global stars stands out in various fields beyond music and fashion, makes her the perfect person to deliver the message of Chivas, the representative whisky icon of street culture. The ‘Chivas Regal x LISA: I Rise, We Rise’ campaign video with Lisa expressed the journey of unstoppable movement toward endless growth with her voice. 

Pernod Ricard Korea (페르노리카 코리아) Pernod Ricard Korea (페르노리카 코리아)


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