Poland has a long string of important events this year to promote Korean-Polish ties
Poland has a long string of important events this year to promote Korean-Polish ties
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Ambassador Majka of Poland in Seoul discloses

Ambassador Krzysztof Majka of Poland in Seoul hosted a New Year’s Lunch with the Korean media representatives at the Seoul Club in Seoul on Feb. 1, 2017 with the participation of the representatives of various media in Korea, including The Korea Post, publisher of three English and two Korean-language news publications.
At the meeting, Ambassador Majka introduced various interesting programs of Poland for this year, and heard the opinions of the representatives of the Korean media. Here are excerpts from the remarks by Ambassador Majka:

Ambassador Krzysztof Majka of Poland in Seoul (center) speaks to the Korean media representatives introducing the calendar of the events to be hosted by his embassy this year. He is flanked on both sides by the representatives of Poland and the Polish embassy in Seoul.

2017 will be a busy year with many interesting events. Alongside the annual events in which Embassy participates in, there will be new projects reaching beyond Seoul. Within the first six months, the spotlight will be placed on the second edition of the “Polish Day in Seoul”, festival of Polish culture.
For a day, on April 30th, Cheonggye Plaza will be transformed into colorful family fair inviting all visitors to discover Poland. The event will promote Polish culture, language, as well as various Polish products available in Korea. Visitors will not only be able to sample and purchase a variety of Polish products including cosmetics, pottery, aronia-derived items, but also taste Polish food and experience Polish culture and tradition in the center of the Korean capital. The project will be organized with and supported by the LOT Polish Airlines.
Polish Embassy will continue its cooperation with Korean Universities. We will continue working together with the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) on the Polish Language Speech Contest, which will take place in the fall.
We also plan to extend our projects to Daegu with Keimyung University and Kyungpook National University, where we plan to organize “Polish Culture Days”. Photo Contest “Poland in the Eyes of Koreans” will be a project that actively engages participants and allows them to express themselves and their experiences in Poland through photography. The Photo contest will be followed by an exhibition of the prize-winning pictures that we expect to capture the beauty and the essence of Poland.

Korean media representatives attentively listen to Ambassador Majka (left foreground) introducing various interesting events of his country. Publisher-Chairman Lee Kyung-sik of The Korea Post media is seen third from the Polish ambassador, foreground.

Embassy will also continue to support students of the very active Department of Polish Language at HUFS, in particular those who created a group performing Polish traditional dances. At the invitation of Polish Minister of Culture and National Heritage, student members of the performance group “Mazurka” will have an opportunity to travel to Poland to participate in dance and Polish culture workshops. During this three-week stay in Poland they will have an opportunity to perfect their performing skills through workshops of traditional Polish dances and other classes such as the history of music.
Among other cultural events, Polish Embassy plans to organize a series of Polish film screenings, which will present, among other films, the documentary “Kim Ki Dok” followed by the discussion with the director of the film. Screenings will take place in Seoul, Daegu and Busan. Polish films will also be shown at the EUNIC Film Festival Culture, Busan Film Festival and DMZ Documentary Films Festival. Culture, art and history of Poland will be further promoted by an exhibition to commemorate Józef Piłsudski (1867-1935), Polish statesman who served as the first chief of the Polish state after regaining of independence in 1918. The exhibition will be a part of the 100th anniversary of the independence of Poland. Another new project of 2017 will be EU Village-Green Bridge, which aims at bringing awareness to the measures taken at the level of the EU and the Member States to tackle climate change and to promote green economy. Planned to be hosted at the Sky Garden opposite Seoul Station in late May, the event will also feature more general-themed display about EU member states, including Poland.
Polish education will be promoted during “Study in Europe” fair (in spring), as well as during the series of lectures, “EU & Poland Go to School” in schools around Seoul (throughout the year).
The Embassy will also continue to take part in charity bazaars and other international festivals, presenting its booth with Polish products and official promotional materials.

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