Pernod Ricard Korea recruits participants for the ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’ training in September
Pernod Ricard Korea recruits participants for the ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’ training in September
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Leading the way for sustainability in the Korean bar industry

Pernod Ricard Korea, the Korean unit of the global wine and spirits company Pernod Ricard, announced that it is recruiting September participants for its sustainable bar operation training program ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’. Indeed, beyond outlets that Pernod Ricard Korea knows and works with its salesforce and our wholesaler partners, this program is designed to everyone in the bar industry, even if not PRK customers. Starting today(August 1st), the program is open for applications on the Pernod Ricard Korea website.

The Bar World of Tomorrow is a professional training program operated by the Pernod Ricard Group for bar owners and bartenders around the world with a view to helping establish a more sustainable bar culture. The program is open to bartenders aged 19 or above, as well as those working in the hospitality and service industry, and university students in related majors.

The program is a one-day session that includes the contents such as ▲the meaning and importance of sustainability, ▲how to source sustainable ingredients, ▲how to minimize waste of resources, ▲career sustainability, and ▲how to provide responsible service. After the workshop, there will also be time to discuss participants' insights on sustainable bar operations, providing an opportunity to strengthen networking within the bartender community.

Pernod Ricard Korea also invited two bar owners who run eco-friendly bars in Seoul as speakers to share practical and professional practices in operating sustainable bars. Leo Seo, the owner of bar ‘Bar Jangsaeng’ in Nonhyeon, which serves cocktails using local ingredients, and Park Jisu, the owner of ‘ZEST’, a zero-waste bar in Cheongdam, join the training to share their tips on the sustainable practices that can be applied to bar operations.

In addition to the regular training program, Pernod Ricard Korea has also launched the ‘T-Talk’ program, a follow-up session to provide a place for continuous and in-depth discussion on sustainability and responsibility in the bar industry. The program, which is targeted for the program graduates, has received a positive response as they can share their insights on how to implement sustainable and responsible bar operations in practices.

Frantz Hotton, Chairman & CEO of Pernod Ricard Korea, said “Every year, we observe the spectrum of inquiries and attendees expanding, and realize that ‘sustainability’ is an important topic in the Korean bar industry. As a leading company in the wine and spirits industry, Pernod Ricard Korea feels responsible and will continue to work with our local partners to build a sustainable and responsible bar culture in Korea.”

Since its launch in January 2020, a few hundreds of legal drinking aged bartenders, managers, and university students in related majors have completed the ‘Bar World of Tomorrow’ program. The training is being conducted not only in Seoul but also across the country, including Jeju and Busan. In addition, multiple dozens of outlets have participated in the program, making it one of the leading programs for sustainable bar operation.


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