INTER-PURE, a leader in the eco-friendly industry
INTER-PURE, a leader in the eco-friendly industry
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In Myeongwol-ri, Hallim-eup, a quiet village in the west of Jeju Island, an environmentally friendly project is underway for several pig farmers. In Buan-gun, Jeollabuk-do, sludge removal and odor reduction technologies are also being implemented, and in Gwangpyeong-ri, Jeju, various environmentally friendly efforts are being carried out to increase productivity by providing odor- reducing agents and enhancing immunity to pigs that are in the midst of growing season, significantly reducing mortality.

One such person who is quietly doing eco-friendly business without making any noise is Lee Jung- bok, CEO of Interpure.

Jung-bok Lee, CEO of Interpure
Jung-bok Lee, CEO of Interpure

Lee started his eco-friendly business eight years ago, in 2015.

Although it is a business that no one else is doing and is not known to the public, Lee believes that it is a necessary business that must be done in order to combat the increasingly serious global pollution and diseases caused by environmental degradation, and to produce high-quality pork.

As soon as Mr. Lee started his company, the eco-friendly business was like a sail in a gentle breeze, with work pouring in from all over the country.

Not only in Korea, but countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Germany have expressed interest in Interpure's environmental projects and are consulting to import them.

The categories of environmental projects are endless.

The business scope is wide beyond imagination, including the production of livestock odor reduction devices, water pollution prevention, eco-friendly mineral farm additives, organic materials, mortality reduction through enhanced livestock immunity, rust removal, water pollution prevention, and alkalization of acidic soils. ....

Factory Foreground
Factory Foreground

Going green also helps boost human immunity. It has a preventive effect on all living things, including animals and humans, such as preventing the coronavirus pandemic.

Mr. Lee has been doing a lot of research in this area and has a lot of know-how.

As a result, he was awarded the Jang Young-Sil Science Prize in 2016, followed by the World Atopic Association Grand Prize and the "Proud Korean Personality Award" in 2019.

the end of 2019, we were honored with the World Luxury Brand Award. Everywhere he goes, he is winning awards and his business is thriving.


It was a small business that started in a quiet village in Jeju Island, but as the days go by, its chants have become known not only in Korea but also abroad, and its growth is skyrocketing.

Reminiscent of the biblical phrase, "The beginning is small, but the end will be great," Interpure's green initiatives are burning like an active volcano.

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