Global Whisky Icon CHIVAS, Launching Collaboration Set with representative multi-entertainer in hop-hop scene Simon Dominic
Global Whisky Icon CHIVAS, Launching Collaboration Set with representative multi-entertainer in hop-hop scene Simon Dominic
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Special collaboration between CHIVAS and Simon Dominic, representing the domestic hip-hop scene

CHIVAS, a representative global blended whisky of Global wine and Spirit company Pernod Ricard Korea, introduced limited-edition sets in a special collaboration with Musician Simon Dominic, who represents the domestic hip-hop scene.

Simon Dominic is a rapper belonging to the hip-hop and R&B label AOMG, who has consistently shown his own character through various broadcasting activities as well as music and is now an irreplaceable artist in Korean pop music culture.

It is already the third collaboration between CHIVAS and Simon Dominic. Starting with a photo shoot for the "I RISE WE RISE" campaign, they will join the limited-edition set collaboration following the "CHIVAS REGAL GIL" Korean Music concert performance, which was completed earlier this year. In particular, his passion for music and his interaction with fans in "CHIVAS Regal Gil" were the inspiration for this collaboration.

This limited-edition set features box designs that includes lyrics of Simon Dominic's representative songs, which incorporates Simon Dominic's musical philosophy, for each whisky, including 12 years old, 13 years old(Rye, Bourbon, Sherry), 15 years old, and 18 years old. In addition, each blend package uses CHIVAS' signature colors such as red, blue, purple, and gold to provide lively wave patterns, giving a strong mood. This patterns express CHIVAS as a blended whisky, which is even more special with the touch of "Rarebirth," who works across various fields, including graphic design and product design as well as album artwork.

In addition, different lyrics for each blend are all written by Simon Dominic, with the meaning of music philosophy and " I RISE WE RISE" that CHIVAS aims for. The 12 years old CHIVAS package includes "I will live only for music. That's my guide to success", the 15 years old package includes "New game will be started once our pleasure comes back" and the 18 years old package includes " I will live my life, never losing the confidence" which will bring inspiration to the young adults generation, and his fans too.

The CHIVAS 12 years old, 13 years old(Rye, Bourbon, Sherry), and 15 years old packages also make a special highball glass with Simon Dominic's autograph. Each package box also comes with a design poster featuring the lyrics of Simon Dominic's album in calligraphy. The CHIVAS package, which has a different design for each whisky blend, is expected to stimulate the desire of Simon Dominic fans as well as whisky collectors.

In particular, the 15 years old CHIVAS package also collaborates a ball cap with special price from the fashion brand "Darkroom Studio." Darkroom Studio is a brand co-founded by Simon Dominic and designer Jung Yong-mok, Kim Yong-jin and tattooist & model Han Seung-jae, and features signature logos of "Darkroom". The ball cap included in the CHIVAS 15 years old package is a contemporary prestige street fashion item with a combination of leather straps and gold embroidery in black corduroy.

This collaboration with Simon Dominic is a project that symbolizes "growth" and "success" pursued by CHIVAS beyond the release of this limited edition. “Both CHIVAS, which is an icon of blended whisky, and Simon Dominic, who has proven popularity in the global beyond Korea, are brand and artist who have grown and succeeded in their fields through creative and artistic experiences”, said Miguel A. Pascual Pernod Ricard Korea. He also said, "This encounter has a message that conveys positive inspiration to the public and encourages challenges to success and growth. It is also expected that the meeting between music and whisky will provide a unique and special experience for whisky lovers and music fans, he added.

Meanwhile, CHIVAS' 6 variations of collaboration sets with Simon Dominic will be available at major department stores, hyper markets and convenience stores nationwide starting from this Chuseok season.

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