India in ROK
India in ROK
  • Joy Cho
  • 승인 2023.08.23 15:04
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DyNSA Vikram Misri called on RoK


in Seoul today.They reiterated commitment to strengthen - ties, incl in defence, economic security,S&T, critical tech, etc. DyNSA conveyed that looks forward to visit of H.E.

(right)Foreign Affairs H.E. Park Jin (left)Deputy NSA of India Mr. Vikram Misri 



for G20 Summit next month.

(right)Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) Minister Mr. Eom Donghwan.(left)Deputy NSA of India Mr. Vikram Misri 

DyNSA Vikram Misri met RoK DAPA Minister Eom Donghwan today. They discussed - cooperation in defence industry & technology, and agreed to convene the next DRDO-DAPA Steering Committee Meeting soon. DyNSA invited companies to invest in Defence Corridors.


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