Food and beverage industry, rushes pop-up events in fall such as Pernod Ricard Korea’s ABSOLUT GROUND
Food and beverage industry, rushes pop-up events in fall such as Pernod Ricard Korea’s ABSOLUT GROUND
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ABSOLUT is opening ‘ABSOLUT Ground’ with an innovative collaboration between ABSOLUT and Sticky Monster Lab… Embodying their campaign characters as a Sticky Monsters

The food and alcoholic beverage industry has fallen into a unique pop-up store. In particular, pop-up stores with stories that can show the brand's philosophy, history, and characteristics, not just introducing products, are increasing. In this era when pop-up stores have become a necessity, not an option, exotic concepts and stories are given to pop-up stores to attract consumers' interest.

■ ABSOLUT GROUND exposes the brand philosophy in Collaboration with design studio Sticky Monster Lab in a trendy way

▲ ‘ABSOLUT GROUND’, Pop-up store of ABSOLUT
▲ ‘ABSOLUT GROUND’, Pop-up store of ABSOLUT

More and more pop-up stores are being introduced in collaboration with other industries to visually express the brand's philosophy and show it in a trendy way. In particular, they collaborate with brands that the trend-leading MZ generation may be curious about, and introduce unique collaboration products.

ABSOLUT, a premium vodka representing Pernod Ricard Korea, recently collaborated with a design studio Sticky Monster Lab to launch a pop-up store ‘ABSOLUT GROUND MIX WITH STICKY MONSTER LAB’. The pop-up store opened in Common Ground near Konkuk University, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. In 'ABSOLUT GROUND', the characters inspired by 'World of ABSOLUT COCKTAILS', the second campaign of ABSOLUT's 'Born to Mix – Being harmonious with Absolut', is shaped into a Sticky Monster.

Also, various programs utilizing the indoor and outdoor spaces will be presented together. Representatively, you can experience a space that uses the characteristics of each character of ABSOLUT COSMO, ABSOLUT DOUBLE PASSIONFRUIT STAR, and ABSOLUT VOJITO, which represent key cocktails of World of ABSOLUT. In addition, through events such as Mix Marble, visitors can make their own cocktails based on ABSOLUT's various flavors, and also special programs are prepared to make the consumers immerse themselves in ABSOLUT.

ABSOLUT GROUND is open until September 24th.

■ JAMESON Distillery On Tour, recreated a brewery that preserves the brand heritage

▲ ‘JAMESON Distillery On Tour’, Pop-up store of JAMESON
▲ ‘JAMESON Distillery On Tour’, Pop-up store of JAMESON

There was also a pop-up store that recreated a whiskey distillery that is difficult to find in Korea.

JAMESON, the world’s No. 1 selling Irish whiskey, opened ‘Jameson Distillery On Tour’ pop-up that recreated the whiskey distillery as it was, on the 1st floor of Lotte World Mall in Jamsil. The Jameson Distillery On Tour is a global tour event, the sixth in the world and the first in Korea since it started in Lisbon, Portugal in 2020. In particular, unlike overseas events held outdoors, JAMESON's colorful identity was showcased using a large indoor space.

As a reproduction of the distillery, programs such as the 'Distillery Tour' attract attention as the visitor can understand the manufacturing process and taste the Jameson whiskey, and the visitors also participated the 'Cocktail Classes', where could make two types of signature cocktails with a professional bartender. In addition, Jamson drew consumers’ attention with ‘Highball Bar’ where can taste highballs and food pairing using Jameson whiskey and collaboration products with global workwear brand ‘Dickies’.

■ Jeju Samadasoo BE:CYCLING, connection between eco-friendly and online metaverse

▲ BE:CYCLING, Pop-up store of Jeju Samdasoo
▲ BE:CYCLING, Pop-up store of Jeju Samdasoo

There is also a pop-up store that has released offline in connection with the online metaverse that contains efforts for the environment.

The "BE:CYCLING" pop-up store held by Jeju Samdasoo was held with an eco-friendly concept to commemorate its 25th anniversary. While a branding film containing the process of Jeju Samdasoo creation and efforts for the environment was screened, metaverse contents were prepared to enjoy the heritage contents using 3D graphic contents. Along with this, the same online space was implemented in the ‘Jeju Samdasoo Theme Park’ within the Metaverse platform Zepeto, so that customers who cannot actually visit the store can enjoy various events in the Metaverse.

Jeju Samdasoo also unveiled the QR code product through BE:CYCLING. These products can be sold individually by marking mandatory notes with QR codes on non-labeled products that were sold only in packs at large discount stores or online malls.

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