Namwon City to become a 'Leading City for Drone and Urban Air Traffic (UAM)' through the 2023 Namwon World Drone Festival.
Namwon City to become a 'Leading City for Drone and Urban Air Traffic (UAM)' through the 2023 Namwon World Drone Festival.
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Korea's first ever FAI Championships...a great race in the skies,

'A Global World United by Drones'

Concurrently held with expo and international drone industry conference.

Namwon City is sprinting ahead by selecting 'aviation' as its future blue ocean industry, and following its success in hosting the '2023 World Drone Racing Championship' for the first time in Korea, the city is well on its way to becoming the world's 'leading city for drone and urban air traffic (UAM)' this year.

This is through the '2023 Namwon World Drone Festival'.

# 2023 Namwon World Drone Festival has already started with a preliminary competition!

First, Namwon City held the 'FAI Drone Racing Preliminary (PRE) Competition' at Namwon Sports Town for three days from August 11, raising the prelude to the event before the full-scale competition in October.

Organized by the Korea Aerospace Association and the Korea Model Aeronautics Association and sponsored by Namwon City, the FAI Drone Racing Preliminary (PRE) Competition, the FAI-sanctioned World Cup of drone racing, attracted 70 competitors from six countries (Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand).

Competitors earn FAI Drone Racing points through the competition, and if they finish in the top 16 in the point accumulation ranking, they will have the opportunity to compete in the Drone Racing Championship.

The competition began with practice flights, followed by an award ceremony for the first and second place finishers in the 2022 drone racing points, rule meetings, and two days of intense drone racing.

In the preliminary competition, Kim Min-chan took first place, followed by Lee Min-seo in second, Michael Chi ZAFIROV (Hong Kong) in third, and Kim Min-jae in fourth, proving that Korea is a drone racing powerhouse.

# Korea's first thrilling drone racing competition in the sky!

The '2023 Namwon World Drone Festival' will be held at Namwon Sports Town for four days from October 6 to 9 under the concept of 'New Wonders, Namwon!

The '2023 Namwon World Drone Festival' consists of various programs including ∆2023 FAI Namwon World Drone Racing Competition, ∆2023 Global Drone Industry Expo, ∆2023 Korea Drone Performance Namwon Festival, and ∆2023 Namwon World Food Truck Festival.

Among these, the best viewing point is the '2023 FAI Namwon World Drone Racing Competition', the most prestigious competition authorized by the FAI (International Aviation Federation) to be held in Namwon for the first time in Korea.

As the most prestigious competition in drone racing, the event is expected to attract 500 athletes from more than 40 countries and 1,000 industry representatives, with more than 80 million viewers.

In addition, the E-Drone Racing Cup will be held in Namwon City for the first time in the world.

Registration ( will be open from August 21 to September 24,

Competitors and those interested in drone racing will be able to get a glimpse of the tracks of the drone racing championship through the E-Drone Racing Cup qualifiers from September 1 to September 24.

# Check out domestic and international drone industry trends at the drone expo

At this Namwon World Drone Festival, the '2023 Global Drone Industry Expo' hosted by the Korea Aerospace Safety and Technology Institute will also be held.

This fair will be held in conjunction with the International Drone Industry Conference under the theme of'A Global World United by Drones', and the exhibition hall will be decorated with drone-UAM policy hall, corporate hall, drone demonstration city hall, etc.

In addition, the 'Drone Industry Conference' will be held at the same venue as the fair, covering topics such as drone sports and overseas drone policies.

Meanwhile, Namwon City will organize the '2023 Korea Drone Performance Namwon Festival' to hold K-POP concerts, drone light shows, and opening and closing ceremonies, and as a side event, the S/W Future Fill Creation Festival, where you can experience various experiences such as flight simulators, aerial rocket launches, model aircraft production, and metaverse, and 50 experience booths such as Namwon Aerospace Experience.

Namwon Mayor Choi Kyung-sik said, "We will successfully lead the '2023 Namwon World Drone Festival' to contribute to the development and revitalization of the aviation and drone industry in Namwon City." "We will continue to prepare and promote the event so that many people can enjoy the new leap and change in Namwon." He also said.

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